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 Harry & louis,NRJ Muzik Awards 2013
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Source: Harry & louis,NRJ Muzik Awards 2013
Harry & louis,NRJ Muzik Awards 2013
harry & louis
nrj Muzik awards 2013
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After allsoppa won FOTM, i caught up with her to see how she was feeling!!!xxx

1. How do anda feel about being voted One Direction FOTM?
ALLSOPPA: I feel Over The Moon, Shocked, Happy, Very Pleased That I've Been Voted FOTM, Their My Fav Boyband & They Mean The Entire World To Me & A Whole Lot lebih ♥

2. Who is your favourite member? Why?
ALLSOPPA: I Don't Fink U Even Need To Ask Me This But Here Goes...
Zayn Jawaad Malik Is Ma Fav Member Of 1D cUZ ....
Zayn Is Super Talented (Ave U Heard Him Sing "Wiv U" sejak Chris Brown & "Let...
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X Factor's One Direction boys have got us reeeeally excited about their tour!
X Factor stars One Direction drove peminat-peminat crazy in Scotland - imagine what the tour will be like?!
Posted: Wednesday 29 Dec 2010

X FACTOR'S coolest new boyband One Direction have got us dreaming about their tour.
We screamed for One Direction every single week of the X Factor 2010.

And the boys were back on stage in Scotland last night reminding us peminat-peminat exactly why we Cinta them so much.
Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn drove the crowd crazy at the HMV Picture House in Edinburgh, belting out Viva La Vida, Forever Young, Torn, Chasing Cars and Only Girl (In the World).
And the lads are now getting excited about their potential UK stadium tour.

Niall tweeted: "Our first trip to scotland it was absolutely incredible, can't wait to come back for the tour."

Well we can't wait to see anda lovely lads. Bring. It. On.
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It was now Friday, which meant Carter only had to suffer one lebih hari of torment from Harry.

She hopped out of katil and tugged her body into the en-suite bathroom and got ready.


She skipped downstairs to where Liam and the rest of the boys were.

“Morning boys.” She smiled, scratching her head sleepily.
“You’re up early Carter!” Louis chuckled.
“Really?” she quizzed, unsure of what time it was.

“Yup! Do anda want to go to the cinema later?” Niall inquired, flinging his arm over her shoulder.
“I can’t, I’ve got soccer.” She reminded him. He nodded understandably.

“Ah the...
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