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 Harry Styles 2014
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Harry Styles 2014
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This One Direction foto contains jersey, t shirt, baju tee, tee shirt, jersi, and baju t. There might also be potret, headshot, closeup, and headshot closeup.

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hei gusy please read and coment thxx ENJOY

"Please welcome One Direction" Simon stepped of the stage smiled and clapped.
"Oh I just wanna take anda any where anda like, We could go out any hari atau night, Baby I wil take ya there,baby I will take ya there yeah" berkata Zayn pointing at Zara and smiling and winking at her. "Omg hes so cute" whipserd Zara to herself.
"Oh tell me tell me tell me how to turn your Cinta on anda can get get anything anda want, baby just shout it out baby just shout it out shout it out yeah" berkata Harry smiling at Ellie who was blushing like mad. Then Liam sang his bit,then chrous...
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One Direction GQ interview! JLS have their own range of condoms. Would anda create your own? Louis: We’re not going to go down that road.. Harry: Though we are all for selamat, peti deposit keselamatan sex. Louis: We’re all about femidoms. That’s the future. That’s an exclusive right there! Zayn: Why should we have to carry them? [laughs] Do anda get chatted up a lot on tour?

Liam: Honestly, because we’re taken from the venue to the hotel and whatever else anda don’t really see much in between. We don’t really go out, but this tour will be different because we’re all 18 now.. Niall: supermarket, pasar raya sweep! So this...
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Holy cats! I bit the inside of my bottom lip as the car was managing well on the streets. Of course Louis was the cause of this catasrophe.

''Hanna-boo,what are anda staring at?'' Louis asked innocently

I glared at him,''Nothing,boo-bear''

Harry gasped,''You replaced me!?''

''No,you're Hazza bear'' I pouted

Louis and Harry pretended to give each other death glares. Liam was driving perfectly fine now. He was staring up ahead,glancing once at a while at Louis. The scary part was Liam had duct tape under his seat....

''IT'S STILL FUCK-'' Harry began

I gasped,''Hazza!! Watch the language!''

Harry laughed....
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Jullisa’s POV
    I stared at my walls and all my photo’s/posters and drawings that hung on them. I was shaking/shivering from laying on my cold, hardwood flooring. I was laying in a little pool of my tears.
It hurt to inhale in and out, I could feel the bruise’s beginning to form. I sat up and winced with each move. I wiped the tears away with the back of my hand’s. I walked over to my mirror and began to pull off my drenched clothing. I striped off my top, and then my pant’s. Tears began again when I noticed the bruising and traced over the new bruise’s. I also...
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Will Little Mix bintang Perrie Edwards wake up to a bunch of Ros this Valentine’s Day?

Forget Harry Styles and the ins and outs of his Cinta life. Zayn Malik is the one hogging the relationship spotlight this week, refusing to pasti atau deny whether he’s actually dating atau not, leading to speculation that there is in fact a Little lady in his life… atau Little muffin to be precise.

In a baru-baru ini Cambio video blog, the heartthrob set tongues wagging when he hinted that he might be treating someone to an Xtra special gift this Valentine’s Day.

While his fellow 1D stars professed their Cinta for...
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JIMMY Carr hammered One Direction before makan malam, majlis makan malam at the GQ Awards last night.

He approached the lads, with a slightly sinister question: "Evening boys. Is there a kids' meja, jadual for anda tonight?

"Have they got the high chairs in for you? What's this? Buy one suit get four free? What's on the kids' menu? ikan fingers and chips?"

Band member Louis Tomlinson didn't sit back and take it.

He fired back: "What's that shirt? Are anda working as a nurse during the day? anda look like you've escaped from a mental institution."

But it was all in jest. Five versus one – if it had seriously kicked off it would have been like death sejak monkeys in Toy Story 3.
I told Amy, Rebecca and even hannah! I text them all the same thing:
"Got big surprise 4 u! B at my huz for 8!!" SEND
Ahh i couldnt wait! Michelle had landed and would be here in about 5 minutes. About 2 hours ago, me and mum went to the furniture store and bought Michelle a katil the exact same as mine! Thank god because my room is too big and it will fill it out!I cleared out my junk, sarap closet and that could be Michelles wardrobe, I dragged the bedside meja, jadual from the box room in and put it seterusnya to michelles katil which was now beautiful thanks to me and mums emergency shopping spree for covers and...
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