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Louis- anda were at Holister with your friend, walking towards the back of the store where all the 'shoes' were. anda noticed a tall, tanned handsome blue eyed boy with a fabulous yorkshire accent wearing a stripey white and blue t-shirt, chinos and toms. anda whispered to your friend "Hey, he looks so familiar." anda and your friend slid behind a clothes trolly and peaked round the side. The boy turned round when he herd your whispering. "OMG, it is him. It Louis Tomlinson. Act cool....he's spotted us."
Louis starts walking towards you, smiling. "Hey love, I seen anda there something...
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Rubbing his hands together, Liam shifted nervously in his seat. The boys sat in silence. “Maybe I should go up to her?” Liam suggested, earning a nod of approval off the boys. He bit his lip and stood up, glancing at each of the boys before jogging upstairs. Knocking lightly on the door, it swung open, creaking slightly. Surprised that it was actually unlocked, he stepped inside to see that the room was vacant. “Carter?” he whispered, but he received no response.

He ran back downstairs and entered the sitting room. “Guys, she’s not here.” He told them. Shrugging, the boys looked...
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Harry: "ONE DIRECTION! ONE DIRECTION! ONE DIRECTION!" anda heard girls chanting from the hotel lobby. anda groaned, rolling over in your bed. How were anda supposed to sleep being in the same hotel as the famous boy band One Direction? anda were on the third floor, and anda could hear the peminat-peminat all the way in the lobby. All of a sudden, anda heard shrieking and girls shouting, "Zayn! Louis!! Over here!" With that, anda threw your covers off and grabbed a hoodie. anda threw it on with a pair of plaid pajama shorts and stormed out the door of your hotel room, not caring what anda looked like. Sure, you...
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Weeks passed, and everything was going swell. Harry came over every hari to hang out with the boys and Carter. Will called over every so often also, and got on very well with the boys, especially Louis.

Carter’s memory was slowly coming back. She remembered lebih and lebih early memories each hari with the help of the boys. She confided in them quite often and also remained closest to Zayn. Liam was taken aback sejak Harry’s persistence with Carter. He never wanted to leave her side. It was like they were joined at the hip. Any time Carter was feeling slightly down, it was Harry she would call...
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