[Water 7, The Peaceful City]

Ace finally unwrapped the chains from around the former Captain. It had been a long, boring trip; he had to hold the chains around the Captain for the whole two days it took them to reach their destination, which, Ace wasn't even sure of yet, though it did look cool. There were a whole lot of canals and a lot of water; Ace had never seen a place like this before, though, once he saw the canals he realised that this must be Water 7, quite a famous city. Then, he remembered what it was famous for. Apparently, according to his father, Water 7 was famous for the shipbuilders there, which, once Ace had telah diberi this Captain over, he would be able to buy a ship - 20 million beri was a lot of money.

'Right! Get up!!! You're coming with me... Thanks, I guess, for taking me here, anda guys' Ace added as an afterthought to the members of the crew, the crew of the former Captain he was dragging with him.

'No problem...' the first mate said. 'At least anda didn't take our boat. Though, anda could have if anda wanted, but anda were much too nice and naive for that... anda kinda remind of someone, but I can't really think right now...'

'Well, see ya!' Then Ace dragged the Captain off the bot and jumped onto the pathway, seterusnya to the nearest canal.

'Excuse me, sir... Would anda like to hire a Yagara Bull?'

Ace frowned. 'A what...?!'

'A Yagara Bull, sir. They are our means of transportation, here in Water 7.'

'Oh, I see. Yeah, I'll hire one. How much?'

'1,000 beri.'

Ace's jaw dropped. 'One thousand beri??!! I don't have that much money on me... I've only got about seven hundred, atau so... Although, I'll let anda in on a secret... This guy is the Captain of a pirate crew... When I take him to the Marines, they'll give me twenty million beris for him... So, anda take me right to the Navy base and I'll pay as soon as I have the money?'

The girl shrugged. 'I can't really just leave like that. I'll have to go and get someone to mind the kedai while I'm gone. Be right back, sir.'

A few moments later, she came back with an older lady.

'This is him, madam. He berkata he'll pay as he gets out of the Navy base... He berkata the other one is a pirate captain and he's going to take him to the marines to get 20 million beri... Do anda believe him, madam?'

The lady looked him over, up and down. 'Not really, but I'll go with him and I can lapor him if he does try and cheat us... anda see, if he really was carrying a pirate captain and we didn't get him to the Navy base, it could cause some trouble... Besides, he'll be easy to find... anda usually never get bounty hunters in Water 7... Let's go!'

They got into the boat-like compartment on the back of the Yagara lembu, lembu jantan and set off, presumably in the direction of the Navy base. After about five minutes, the lady looked at him and started to talk.

'Is he really a pirate captain? He looks a bit too weak to be one, if anda ask me... I can see why a muscly, young man like anda managed to defeat him' she berkata flatteringly.

'Yeah, he was pretty weak. I beat him in about a minute, just from using one attack. It's surprising how easy it is to defeat someone when anda change anda body into basically any material in the world, though...' Ace dropped off, when he realised that she was looking slightly shocked.

'Did-did anda eat one of those cursed fruits...?'

'Yeah. Anyway, we're here, lady. If anda really don't trust me, anda can come with me. I won't try and cheat you.'

'Okay... I guess.'

They walked in and Ace requested the immediate attention of the base commander, traded the Captain for the money, then they left again.

'See? I told anda I wouldn't try and cheat you. here's your money. Anyway, could anda perhaps take me to the shipyards? I want to buy a boat!'

In her amazement, she nodded and then finally lead the Yagara lembu, lembu jantan in the direction of the shipyards.

When they arrived, Ace nodded to her, gave her an extra hundred beris, then waved her away.

(To Be Continued)