In the world of pirates during the Great Pirate Era, in a small town in East Blue, there lived a young man. His name was Walker D. Hanzo, a young man who's body gained extraordinary power and could turn into water and control water as well after eating the Mizu Mizu no Mi. His dream is to find his father that travelled to the New World as a pirate, and to convince him to abandon his dream of becoming the Pirate King.

Now we focus on the hero of our story as he journeys with his comrades to the Grand Line.

" Hanzo anda idiot, why did anda steal from the marines?!" shouts the man that is the vice captain of Hanzo's crew, Dread Spade.

" I'm sorry, but it's nothing we can't handle after all. When we get close to the ship, we'll just beat them all up! Ahahahahahah!" exclaims Hanzo.

" Well the problem isn't beating them, it's making an enemy out of the World Government that's the problem!" states Traynor, the cook of Hanzo's crew.

" Don't worry, it's not like we're gonna get a huge bounty for our first crime. Cheheheheheheh!" blurts Wendell Jane, the doctor of Hanzo's crew.

" We're almost there! It's really close by." cries Watcheye Paul, the crew's sniper.

At the ship.

" Alright guys, get everything ready for our adventure, I'll be enough to handle these marines." says Hanzo.

" Aye Captain!!!" shouts the crew.

" Look what we have here, some newbie pirate who thinks he can take us on." states a marine.

" Don't say I didn't warn you! Great Tidal Smack!!!" shouts Hanzo.

With that a giant tidal wave swept onto the land, defeating 50 marines in one swoop.

" I berkata I was enough anda idiots! Ahahahahaha!" exclaims Hanzo, " alright men, let's set sail for the Grand Line!"

" Yes sir!" says the ships navigator, Tidal Jones.

With this the adventures of a dangerous man begin!

To be Continued.