10 hours after escaping from the marines, we come back to our Heroes and his comrades as they come upon Loguetown.

" Wow this is amazing! It's sucks that it was the hometown of that dreadful emas Roger that my stupid father admires so much." states Hanzo.

" Don't make statements like that. We may childhood friends, but that won't stop me from punching anda for insulting your father like that." exclaimed Spade.

" Let's get back on track here guys, we're here to get supplies for our journey, and we all have our own tasks." says Jane.

" That's right! Hanzo, you're getting the food, spade you're looking for repair supplies, Jane you're getting the medical supplies, and Paul is getting ammunition and other arms. I on the other hand will watch over the ship." Jones orders.

" Of course anda would get it so easy, you're just so darn lazy." states Paul.

" That's so tru... wait a minit anda idiot, it's not my fault anda guys aren't very serious about getting supplies.Hmph!" complains Jones.

" Well Traynor took initiative, and went to get our cooking supplies and clothes as well. Though that's probably because he doesn't trust Hanzo with it." says Spade.

" That's right! hei wait a minute, that idiot doesn't trust me, how dare he. I'm so gonna prank him when we meet up again!" exclaims Hanzo.

The group separates for 3 hours, and when they meet up everyone but Hanzo returns.

" Where did that irresponsible idiot captain of ours get Lost this time!!!" shouts Traynor," he's always getting lost, atau getting sidetracked from the task at hand!"

" Calm down, just let him be, he'll get here when he gets here. He is the captain after all, and it's not like we have to worry." says Spade.

In the center of Loguetown.

" So your a pirate, anda seem to young to be one. How old are you?" asks a pirate.

" I'm 16 turning 17 in one month, also there's no rule for how old anda have to be to be a pirate. Don't mix me in with you're kind of pirate, I want to retrieve my dad from his stupid adventure. I don't care about all that Pirate King stuff. After I get my dad back, i'm going to become a Warlord and help the government, because my mom is a vice admiral." balas Hanzo.

" So we've got a traitor to the title. Alright boys let's teach him what real pirates are like!" exclaims the captain of the Rawak bunch of pirates.

" Oh so anda wanna fight then, ok then!" says Hanzo, " well let's see, 1, 4, 8, 14. anda have 14 crew members plus yourself so I guess i'm gonna need to be a little serious."

" anda stand no chance boy." states a pirate.

" Yes I do! Water Machine Pistols!" shouts Hanzo.

Hanzo's hands shoot out highly pressurized water like little bullets, that would individually be stonger than a single cannonball.

" He's a devil Buah user?! He's a monster run!!!" shouts the pirate captain.

" Yep, I ate the Mizu Mizu no Mi. I'm a water man. I can control any form of water, and my body is like water." exclaims Hanzo with a grin.

" RUN, before he gets you!!!" shouts the pirate captain.

" Where to anda idiot?! This world is surrounded sejak wonder. AHAHAHAHAHA!" Hanzo points out.

" He's right there's nowhere to go, we surrender." says the pirate captain.

" No harm done boys, i'll just turn anda in. I'm sure i'll receive a fair sum of Beli." balas Hanzo.

At the Marine office.

" I'm here to turn in these men, how much they worth?" states Hanzo.

" Well it se... hei wait you're that kid that caused trouble sejak stealing from those Marines just off the coast! You're under arrest." exclaims the marine captain.

"Oops, that might have been a bad call! Oh wait the guys are so gonna kill me for this, I'm really late!" states a saddened Hanzo.

To Be Continued