Whitebeard's death, the end of an era. The tides of the New World began to change into something even lebih chaotic than it already was. The new generation of pirates. They should have been fresh meat for the veterans that inhabited the saat half of the grand line, but things aren't always this black and white. The New World began to crumble at the hands of these young pirates and the newly born Yonko, Blackbeard. But beyond all this was an even lebih pressing issue. Sengoku, the marine Fleet Admiral, resigned from his position. Who would take his place, well that was still to be decided. Aokiji, the Blue Pheasant, was personally recommended sejak Sengoku to be his replacement; but the higher-ups had different plans. They needed someone tougher, lebih ruthless, someone who would instill fear into the hearts of anyone who challenged their authority. Yes, the man who personally executed the son of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Akainu, the Red Dog, a man among men. Surely he would fit this position perfectly. This decision ripped the marine hq in two. Both parties had a strong influence and none of them seemed to hold any advantage. So to settle it once and for all Akainu challenged Aokiji. The winner would be the Fleet Admiral no soalan asked. Their battleground, the now dead island of Punk Hazard. This is the untold story of that battle.

"Hmph... I never expected anda to accept this so easily Kuzan. I thought you'd be too lazy and give up the position as soon as I mentioned a fight." Akainu's face was ever unchanging; even in the presence of a fellow Admiral and 'friend' he still held a menacing scowl on his face.

"Fighting anda is a pain in the keldai but... I would've felt worse if I just let anda take it. I may not look like it, but I'm willing to work hard to make sure that man's will moves forward." Aokiji's words were spoken as lazily as ever, but even with such a sluggish tone a sense of determination could be felt. It was clear that in that moment he was being serious.

"That man," Akainu's expression changed slightly to one of pity "you mean Garp? Don't bring up meaningless names around me."

"Argh... don't talk about him like that. That man, along with Sengoku; those two, will always be the greatest Marines who ever served. So anda better not mock him again." Anger something Aokiji rarely expressed, emanated from him.

"I'll say whatever I want about him. He was weak, and weak men can never be called great."

"You bastard..."

"Then what would anda have done? That kid Ace, he was emas Roger's son and Garp took him in without telling anyone. Not only that but even under his watch that kid became a pirate and served under Whitebeard. If Garp wasn't weak he would have known better and killed that child before he could have caused any trouble."

His words were cruel, but even so, Akainu was right in his own way. If Garp had not taken in Ace and instead reported it to the higher-ups then the entire war with Whitebeard would not have happened. But still...

"That doesn't make him weak. It makes him something you'd never be Sakazuki. No matter how strong anda are and will become, no matter how much authority anda hold. You'll never be... human."

"Absolute justice Aokiji. Have anda forgotten about this? In order to protect the world, even if we are viewed as tyrants, we must sometimes do things that are unthinkable and inhuman. Even if we are hated sejak the people we are sworn to protect we must uphold absolute justice."

"And that's exactly why I won't back down here. You're absolute justice isn't the only kind of absolute justice we can uphold."

"Then what? Would anda have made the same decision he did?"

"Maybe. But if there's one thing I'm sure of right now, is that I can't serve under you."

"Hmph... the feeling's mutual."

"Well I've berkata just about all I've had to say. So I guess we should just settle this then."

"Fine sejak me but don't beg for your life when this is all done."

And so it began. Words were no longer needed. Everything would be settled on that island. Everything would be decided there, and the future of the marines, whether it be the absolute justice that Akainu upheld atau the justice that Aokiji believed in, all that would be decided there.