Oc's info

Name: Roanoa Mizu

Age: 14

Birthday: June 26th

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 128

Hair: Waist length green hair usually in a ponytail, with black dog ears on top.

Eyes: Brown, change with devil fruit.

Body type: Shorter than most her age, slim, muscular, black dog tail, with a small chest.

Clothes: Black hoodie over white tank-top with bleeding hati, tengah-tengah design. Dark blue shorts with black tali pinggang with a sword on the right hip and twin daggers strapped to the back. Dark blue gloves with white straps.

Devil Fruit: Kemono - Kemono Buah (Beast-Beast fruit). Allows her to change into any animal and can swim for 5 minit (only if the animal is a reptile of fish) before drowning.
Weapons: Twin daggers, Pure white bladed sword, throwing knives.

Strengths: Speed, Close combat skills, Anger.

Weaknesses: Short stature, slightly weaker due to age and height, Anger.

Personality: Cautious of people even if they are good, nice until anda insult her atau her friends, passionate about fighting, Can be childish also, some anger problems.

Background: Separated from her brother 5 days after birth Mizu was raised sejak a wise old swords man in the east blue. Mizu knew nothing of her family atau where she came from until Zoro showed up on her island. They instantly saw the resemblance between them and quickly rushed to ask Mizu's caretaker why they looked similar. While Mizu was shocked to hear this she was also quite happy as was Zoro who thought he would never see his sister again. 3 days after this Mizu agreed to leave with Zoro to explore the east blue with him. Though shortly after their departure they landed in their current predicament.

Family: Roanoa Zoro