Mizu’s POV

I sat there in a damp dark cell thinking, thinking of how to escape. Finally coming to a decision I transformed in to a mouse. Crawling between a crack in the door I made my way to the stairs but, of course I got Lost a few times. Don’t blame me this place is lebih maze like then anything. When I finally got to the stairs I heard a whoosh and some screaming. My best guess is straw hat and tikus face but, I have no time for this. Running as fast as I can I come to a stop in front of a door with a fresh air smell to it. Again crawling through a crack I found myself outside. I could see Axe man a few feet away.

"Surround the base! Don't let that straw hat escape!" Shit straw hats in there. That must have been the whoosh I heard earlier.

"Roronoa Zoro…I've heard of your name from a long time ago, but do not underestimate me. Before my great strength…you're just garbage! READY!" The guards raised the Pistol ready to api, kebakaran and in the instant it was as if time slowed. Zoro can't die I need him he's all I have left.


-2 months after leaving the island Mizu grew up on.-

Mizu-13    Zoro-17

The crisp ocean air hit my face as I walked out of our hotel room. Zoro promised to help me train today! I’m so excited this is the first time we are training together. Oh I hope he doesn’t go easy on me. Zoro’s a lot nicer then he seems, even I thought he was scary when I met him.

Zoro came walking up to me breaking my train of thought as he said, “Mizu letter for you.” I instantly had the letter in my hand and was running to the dock before Zoro could blink.

    The letter had to of been from Master. He’s the only one who still sends letters. Opening the letter I couldn’t believe my eyes there was a picture and a note, the note saying, ‘Mizu I’m sorry to inform anda of this but, Master Jo is no longer living but, he wanted anda to have his sword. I included a picture of it but, the sword will take a while to get to you. Again I’m sorry anda had to hear this we all wish it wasn’t true. –Unio’ Tears came to my eyes at the end. Master was like a father to me, he raised me when I got separated from my family. Why did he have to go. Strong arms suddenly wraped around me and a rough voice whispered in my ear, “It’ll be okay. We’ll get through this.”

-Flashback over-

Please straw hat, save him.

"FIRE!" Axe dude shouted as Pistol fired and again time slowed and I watched a straw hat landed in front of the bullets taking the hit, atau so I thought. The bullets stretched his skin like rubber before flinging them back at the guards shouting, "It's no use!" He then started laughing. Yea he's weird. What kind of human is he?

"What kind of human are you!" Zoro yelled voicing my thoughts.

Luffy turned chuckling, "Hehe I am…the on who will become the pirate king!" He then held out Zoro's and mine swords. "Look which one is your treasured katana? I couldn't figure it out, so I brought all six of them."
"Three belong to me because I use three katanas." Zoro said.

"Resisting the marines here together with me will make anda an outlaw! atau maybe anda want to die here?" Axe dude shouted.

"Are anda the offspring of the devil…Forget it…rather than dying here…why don't I accede to your request…and become a pirate!" Zoro stated to straw hat. So Zoro's going to be a pirate? Then I'm going to be a pirate.