Of course we know who's responsible for the Great Age of Pirates! It isn't the stupid World Government, they're actively trying to get rid of all the pirates! It was Gol D. Roger! After travelling to the end of the Grand Line, finding One Piece and becoming the King of the Pirates, Roger turned himself in and the Marines executed him in an attempt to prevent and discourage others from becoming pirates. Then, just before he was executed, Roger berkata those famous words that spawned dreams and ambitions in the hearts of millions for decades to come: "My wealth and treasures? If anda want it, I'll let anda have it... cari for it! I left all of it at that place.” We already know this! This artikel is completely wrong, stupid, and pointless! Why is it even here??

That is a valid rhetorical soalan that I have asked on your behalf, and the answer to it is simple: It isn’t that simple.

The words of one man about to be executed started a whole world-wide phenomenon of criminal behaviour? That sounds like a story, and that’s exactly how Roger’s execution is portrayed in One Piece. It’s a great story about a great man who changed the world. But it goes deeper than that. No one can change the world unless the world already wants to change. Roger may have provided the spark, but for the flame to have grown as it did, for it to have become the enormous inferno that it is during the time of the Worst Generation and the Battle of Marineford, the kindling and fuel already had to have already been there, just waiting for a spark to ignite it.

The first soalan I will ask of you, dear reader, is that, if Roger started the Great Age of Pirates, where did all the pirates before that come from? Roger, Whitebeard, Whitebeard’s old crew before he was a captain, Shiki, Brook, the Rumbar Pirates, the pirates that killed the Rumbar Pirates, Fisher Tiger, Doflamingo, Dorry, Broggy, the Kuja Pirates, Chinjao, Red Foot Zeff, Squard, and Shakky are all known to have been pirates before Roger was executed (and the senarai would be about ten times longer if I listed off all the known characters from within each of those crews, not to mention all of the unknown ones). Clearly there was already a large amount of pirates in the world before Roger was even born. While Roger may have inspired countless lebih to lead a life of crime after his death, it is undeniable that there were a lot of pirates long before that.

The seterusnya soalan I will ask of you, is why would someone want to have a life of crime? Why would they want to step outside the boundaries of society, leave the selamat, peti deposit keselamatan confines of a normal law-abiding life, and embark on a dangerous, life-threatening, short-lived life of plunder, violence, and being hunted sejak countless people, Marines and Bounty Hunters alike? Why would they throw their lives away like that? Why would they make an enemy of the whole world?? The words of one man about to die couldn’t possibly be the only reason why MILLIONS of people would choose to leave their lives behind and become criminals, there just HAS to be another reason. And there is. I berkata it in the tajuk of this article, and whether anda believe it atau not, you’ve probably guessed it: It’s the World Government. They are responsible for the Great Age of Pirates.

I’m certain that they never intended for this to happen, I’m sure that they never wanted this epidemic of violent criminals roaming the world, killing people, taking whatever they want and just being a general nuisance to them. It was entirely unplanned for, but entirely their fault. It is undeniable that the World Government in One Piece is corrupt. They rose to power sejak nefarious means, eliminated the history, forced every country in the world to fall in line and obey them, and those that didn’t were destroyed. They created a barbaric hierarchy of Nobility, Celestial Dragons, and slaves that only benefits the rich and powerful. Countless people have suffered because of how corrupt the World Government is, and they wanted to be free from the oppressive system that governed their lives.

Whenever a few people want something, there will always be that one person who goes after it no matter how bad it is to go after it. When there is a global mass of people who want something, there will be a lot of people who go after it. Of course, I’m sure that the majority weren’t thinking something like “The World Government is so oppressive! I want to be free from them and I’m going to take a stand in outright opposition of them sejak becoming a pirate!” If they actually thought that way, then they wouldn’t become a pirate, they would become a revolutionary. But we aren’t dealing with a Great Age of Revolutionaries, we’re dealing with a Great Age of Pirates. A lot of people probably felt they they weren’t getting what they should be in life, they felt powerless, helpless, and oppressed, so they decided to take matters into their own hands and take whatever they want from life, and damn the consequences.

Roger simply gave all of those people an end goal to strive towards, something to dream about other than just a pitiful life of crime. He changed the world, he was an example that showed that there was another way to live. He showed people that they didn’t have to deal with their horrible lives anymore, they could rise above it and rise above the World Government. He became so powerful despite the World Government and the Marines actively trying to stop him, and even in his death, he still overcame them. Gol D. Roger showed the world of One Piece that they didn’t have to put up with the way the Government, Celestial Naga and Nobles treated them. One man turned the world entirely upside-down, and if he could do it, then why not everyone else?

The Great Age of Pirates is a violent counter culture. They are a global movement made up of individuals who don’t realize they’re a part of it. But the very existence of this new trend of piracy is a direct RESPONSE to the oppression the people in the world of One Piece have been living with for the past 800 YEARS!!! This new trend of becoming a criminal to cari for power (which they have likely never felt with the World Government lording over everyone), riches (which the wealthy hoard from the rest of the world), and freedom (which the people of this world have so long been denied) has drastically changed the world, and is putting the power back into the hands of the people (although not always the best sort of people). And this movement, this counter culture, which is a direct response to the corruption of the World Government, has telah diberi birth to Monkey D. Luffy.

Monkey D. Luffy, an individual so entirely unpredictable, and Rawak that at times it seems like he barely fits in his own world. Amidst the gritty seriousness and the horrible corruption there is this stupid teenage boy who thinks he can solve every problem sejak beating someone up. The thing is, he DOESN'T fit, he doesn’t belong in the world of One Piece, which is why he is the main character. Like Roger, Luffy’s unpredictable stupidity and fierce moral code is turning the world upside down. He is an element that no one could have predicted, and in all honesty shouldn't exist. But he does, and I believe that his very existence and the way that he is, is entirely a result of the corruption and oppression of the world Government. Luffy lived through a lot of it during his childhood, and he HATES it.

Luffy is so entirely opposite of and opposed to everything the World Government stands for, that I believe, before the series is through, Luffy will destroy the World Government once and for all! They caused this Great Age of Pirates, and now they are finally going to suffer the consequences. Luffy will annihilate the World Government and end their tyranny over the world once and for all (whether he really means to do that atau not). The countries can all go back to being individual countries governing themselves. Of course, ending the World Government will not end corruption in the world, nothing can do that, but it will certainly make the lives of the people of the world, in all four Blues, and the Red and Grand lines, much freer.