One pokok bukit 20 in 20 ikon Challenge - ROUND 3 OPEN ;-D

saramanusson posted on Oct 15, 2011 at 08:40PM
So i made pick, asking if we should have a 20 in 20 icon contest, like pretty much every spot has LOL! ;-D we don´t wanna stand out do we? :) just kidding.
Anyway i though i would give it a go! :-))

I believe everyone knows the rules, but here they are just to make sure.

NO STEALING ICONS! make them yourself.
NO USING THE SAME ICON TWICE, includes changing them a little. it has to be diffrent icons!

This is how it works.

I post 10 themes & 2 categories.
You sign up, for a character. IT HAS TO BE OTH RELATED. actors are a no go.
After two weeks i make a pick & we all vote! ;-D.

When voting.
VOTE for the BEST icon and NOT your favorite user or character. I´ve seen this on so many spots, people vote for their favorite user. The best icon should win not the person that´s best at kissing ass! ;-D

It think that was all! ;-)) if you have any questions please feel free to message me & i´ll get back to you.

As Kellyerin87 pointed out, i don´t see a reason why two people can´t have the same character, but if you do decide to pick someone who´s already in, please check and make sure you don´t use the same icons! ;-D & yes, you can do couples if they fit with the themes. Also secondary characters are allowed!

Ohh right, the award thing :)
Theme winner = 1 props.
Category winner = 2 props.
Artist´s choice winner = 3 props.
For participating (i know spelling mistake) = 1 prop (-;!

ROUND 1: Deadline - October 29-2011 (3 days after my birthday, YAY)
1. Single letter.
2. Happy.
3. Purple. (cause it´s Justin Bieber´s favorite color <3)
4. Eyes.
5. Moment you fell in love with them (if you have one, if not just the moment you thought they were cool)
6. Outfit.
7. 2 persons. (your character & 2 others)
8. Your character on another show or movie.
9. Kiss.
10. Dressed up.

Category: A scene. (5 icons in a row/same scene)
Artist´s Choice. 5 icons of our choice.

ROUND 1 Sign Ups:
shannon9396 - Brooke Davis.
kellyerin87 - Peyton Sawyer.
Rolemodel2011 - Haley James Scott.
smckinlay2 - Lucas Scott.
NicLovesBrucas - Brooke Davis.

ROUND 2: Deadline - November 25 -2011
1. Name.
2. Sad.
3. Green.
4. Bodypart.
5. Promo.
6. Outfit.
7. Parent/child moment.
8. Close up.
9. Funny.
10. Dressed up.

Category: Quote. (5 icons with 5 diffrent quotes)
Artist´s Choice. 5 icons of our choice.

ROUND 2 Sign Ups:
Rolemodel2011 - Haley James Scott.

1. Closeup.
2. Night.
3. Green.
4. Sad.
5. Kiss.
6. Family.
7. Wedding.
8. Group. (3 or more characters)
9. Faceless.
10. Texture.

Have fun guys! B-) (sunglasses smiley, i love that one)
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