One pokok bukit One cây đồi núi, bukit People that bash Brooke/Brucas but then get pissed when Peyton/Leyton are bashed. i don't know

tangcanbeo posted on Apr 03, 2018 at 08:31AM
Do you realize how hypocritical that is?? It's like every fucking thread someone has to say some shit about Brooke/Brucas no matter what. We get it, you dont like the couple. But we Brucas fans do and we dont all go around harassing anybody that doesnt like BL. [Hey i know some people just say shit all the time, but not all of us] And im sorry but some of you Leyton fans are down right ridiculous. Just slamming a character/couple when all someone has done is said they ship them... Redic.

I have plenty of shit i could say about Peyton/Leyton but ive done my best to stay hush because im not trying to open that huge can of bitchery. But pretty soon im going to get tired of the nonstop "Brucas was all about sex", "Brooke has always been a slut and always will be", "Brooke was way more wrong then Peyton.", "Brucas never had anything more than a physical connection" etc etc all that kind of crap.

Make a fucking anti Brooke/Brucas thread and stop polluting every single thread with anti B/BL shit because its just as easy to start talking nonstop anti P/LP

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