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BrookeYourself posted on Jan 14, 2009 at 08:31PM
I couldn't find this game on this spot, so i thought i would bring here!

This is a pretty easy game and i think you all recognize it. I'll start with an A, and then you'll fill in with the other letters. If you haven't played this game before, it's very easy to learn, just watch the replies!

Here are the rules:
1. You can NOT post twice in a row!
2. What you post has to so with (only in emergency)
3. The letters has to be in the order as in the the alphabet
4. Try to NOT repeat the same word if we start another round.
5. If we get stuck on a letter, you post a reply like this:
[the letter] - **SKIPPED**
6. If you decide to skip a letter, you can make the next one too
7. We don't wanna skip so much letters, right? So if we get stuck, you are allowed to use MUCH imagination. But explane if it's hard to understand.
8. If you want to, you can explane your word(s). But NO bashing or very very PRO comments!
9. When we've reached Z, you need to makesome stars (*****) before you starts with A again. Just so we easy can see it's the next round.
*10. Every time you get the first post on a new page your name and letter will be submitted on the "page winnings" list!

Sometimes i suck on explaning in english, so please tell me if i need to make this explanation better. But i hope you all understand it!

Page Winnings:
[1]capehatteras4lf - B
[1]vichen - Z
[1]andra - X
[1]BrookeYourself - A
So now i'll start:
A - always & forever , for naley, duh! <3
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