One pokok bukit Reasons We Cinta ----- (Round 6)!

bdavisrocks posted on Dec 20, 2010 at 11:02PM
Ok so I was bored, hence the Reasons We Love (insert theme) contest!!
Tell me why you love the theme, and when I have enough, go to picks and pick your favorite

Reasons We Love:

(Round 1: Tree Hill) bdavisrocks - Because there is only one
Tree Hill, and it's your home

(Round 2: Brooke Davis) 123Naki456 - Because she's brilliant, beautiful, and brave

(Round 3: Nathan Scott? Jessica4695 - Because he's an amazing father, husband, and friend. He's a LEGEND.

(Round 4: Haley James Scott) 123Naki456 - Because she's a tutorgirl, rockstar, wife, mother, and FRIEND.

(Round 5: Peyton Sawyer) Pick - link

*******(Round 6: Lucas Scott)
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