Ouran High School Host Club OHSHC Rawak sentance maker!!!!!!

smileyAqua posted on Oct 20, 2012 at 08:55PM
Okay, I just wanted to make one of these. :D

Your birth month:

January:I slapped
February: I kissed
March: I hugged
April:I punched
May: I cried over
June: I got married to
July: I'm in a relationship with
August: I snuggled
September: I slept with
October: I went on vacation with
November: I went down to the beach with
December: I ran naked with

Fav Color:

Blue: Mori
Black: Kyoya
Green: Honey
Pink: Tamaki
Orange: Kaoru
Other: Hikaru

Color of top you're wearing:

White: Because He cheated on me
Orange: Because he wanted me to
Red: Because he said so
Brown: Because he forced me to
Grey: Because I'm bad
Purple: Because I'm bored
Yellow: Because He slapped me
Black: Because I smoke crack
Blue: Because I'm crazy
Other: Because I have nothing else to do

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hampir setahun yang lalu LilacRoses said…
I kissed Hikaru because I'm crazy. Seems legit!
hampir setahun yang lalu haruuu-chan said…
i kissed mori because he said so
hampir setahun yang lalu CF_the_Kid2 said…
I hugged Tamaki because I have nothing else to do.
·7 bulan lalu 4vonlea said…
'I slapped Tamaki because I smoke crack' :O