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ouranhostess posted on Nov 14, 2008 at 02:50PM
I was board during Social Studies and wrote these!^w^

Locked Out(the twins poem)
there's one place that holds my hearts dreams
quiet peace
the world you've locked yourself in
quiet peace serenitytt's a world where there's "you" and "not you"
quiet peace serenity calmness
there's only one other person there
quiet peace serenity calmness...
if only you'd unlock yourself...
you'd see many people care...
like me...

Mixed Feelings(a Tamaki poem)
"welcome"that's how you open
you spread love so easily
your crying is fake
yet i tremble in your presence
you call everyone "Princess"
say what you think we want to hear
but i can't help but think you mean it
you say you miss us
we're your friends
but i don't think it's true
you say you love me...
are you sure you can

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cool, those are awesome!
hampir setahun yang lalu ouranhostess said…
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Thank you!
hampir setahun yang lalu InuzukaxKaiba3 said…
awww, those are cute ^^

~Kyoya poem~
hiding behind a smile of deception
leading the girls in the wrong direction
only because it's of interest to me
these idiots around me can't see
then came the blond who saw right through
i was angry, though, what he spoke was true
maybe one day i can surpass the others
and show them all i'm as good as my brothers