Ouran High School Host Club Do anda agree with Renge, are the Host members too perfect and need a little work?

shortynme posted on Jan 09, 2009 at 01:25AM
When Renge takes over she sure does a number! Setting up fake faults that the Host's all have, with the exception of Kyoya. Kyoya is perfect. . .? Anways! lol
Honey is too toddler-ish so she makes him into a bully.
Mori is too quiet so she asks him to take care of Honey and be a little more outspoken.
Haruhi is a talented scholarship student who is being bulled (by Honey? lol)
the Twins have a problem with the fact that no one can tell them apart and they're on the basketball team (don't they already have problems with people not being able to tell them apart? lol)
and Tamaki is the lonely prince, perfect but misunderstood and alone.
. . . Renge. . . NoOoOoO! I can see how the Hosts are so perfect it's scary but that's just their "host" personalities. The real people are so normal and awesome! What's your take? Do you think the Hosts each needed a weakness?

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hampir setahun yang lalu ouranhostess said…
Well not really. The Hosts are fine as they are there's no way they could be better. Renge actually said there real problems they have. People hate Haruhi because she's close to Tamaki,Tamaki is misunderstood,not many people can tell the twins apart,Kyoya is too mean and cold(She forgot that),Honey-sempai is too toddlerish,and Mori needs to speak more.
hampir setahun yang lalu shortynme said…
lol I know! I love how Kyoya is "perfect" as is. Uhhh. . .? lol
hampir setahun yang lalu DebGulledge said…
i don't agree, plus, I hate Renge! She's so annoying. But I love Kyoya too, so much! Especially the scene where he takes off his glasses...he's so gorgeous!
hampir setahun yang lalu shortynme said…
LOL. I'm not a big Renge fan either. She's such a waste! lol And I also disagree about Kyoya, he's great and all but his personality is a major turn off for me. lol But he's ok I guess. He's probably my least favorite Host though.
hampir setahun yang lalu DebGulledge said…
yeah, I don't like his personality either, but you gotta admit that the scene on the beach episode in Season 1 with Kyoya and Haruhi is hilarious!
hampir setahun yang lalu shortynme said…
That's true. Can't pass up a hot angry guy without a shirt! lol
hampir setahun yang lalu DebGulledge said…
Yup! I love how he looks without his glasses on, he's so gorgeous! Did you see on the bloopers where Haruhi was talking to him, and she messed up her line and said "There's one thing I learned tonight...you look really good without a shirt." (Don't get mad if I messed up the words, cause I haven't seen it in a while...) I also love how he cracks up in that part in the manga, but I don't see why they cut that out of the tv show!
hampir setahun yang lalu Lunatic said…
I did see that on youtube I love the bloopers. shortynme, you probably saw it, but here is a link.

The line is at 0:30.

Favourite quotes: ^^
Oh hey! I almost forgot to tell you ladies, next week, the Ouran host club will be sponsoring a party all up in here.

It's just on the cheek right? You should accept it. It will commemorate your graduation from being a total whore.
-What ever his name is. I can't think right now.
hampir setahun yang lalu shortynme said…
LOL Lunatic I actually hadn't seen all of those ones! Pretty good. One of the English voice Dubbers is a Star Wars Fan! Right on! lol
hampir setahun yang lalu ouranhostess said…
hampir setahun yang lalu DebGulledge said…
One of my favorite bloopers is where the Twins are showing Haruhi the swimsuits and Mori comes up, and he's like, "Mmm. Mori likey seashells!" LOL!

I also like when Haruhi (talking about the twins) is like, "The one with the pink hair is one of them, and the one with the blue hair is...I don't know. I hate 'em." LOL again!

Then when Haruhi's all like, "Takes a lot more'n that to kill a bug...shoot!" with a texas accent.
hampir setahun yang lalu shortynme said…
LOL I know! They're so funny! I love boopers!
hampir setahun yang lalu DebGulledge said…
Anyone got anymore funny bloopers?
hampir setahun yang lalu Lunatic said…
The scene when the newspaper club's window is broken and the leader of the club is hit in the head is funny.
He can't seem to get his line correct.

I'm glad they added the mistakes on to the DVD, which I need to go out and buy.
hampir setahun yang lalu star_singer said…
"I've never danced with a commoner before"
"I've never danced with an idiot before!"
-Haruhi and Tamaki
hampir setahun yang lalu star_singer said…
"Mori-senpai you wanna hear my impression of you?"
"you smell like fancy tuna."
hampir setahun yang lalu star_singer said…
" Don't any of you care that Kasanoda went to go see Haruhi who is changing CLOTHES?? I.E. Disrobing?? I.e getting nakey? Nude? In the buff? O Natural? Posing for a picture?"

hampir setahun yang lalu Kyoya_senpai said…
What's wrong about me?