Renesmee ( Taylor )
When I woke up the seterusnya hari I found myself in my room, in Charlie's house. I wasn't the only in my room. Edward and Bella were both standing in the right-left corner of my room. Just staring with suspicion, anger, worried and relief in their eyes. I knew was in big trouble. Great just what I need. I tell that they wanted to know why I ran away for a tahun and 5 months with even calling. What was I going to tell them? How was I going to explain it to them? "I ran away because I'm running from the Volturi. After Jacob found out that I'm from here. I'm actually from the future, and oh ya did I mention anda 2 are my parents. That would start a whole ton of questions, and speculations then lead up to exposing me, and the future. Then I'd be in big trouble with the Volturi.

I was about to open my mouth to lie to Bella, and Edward about why I ran away for so long when a furious Charlie came in the room. Now I'm dead well with Charlie, at least it wasn't the Volturi. Charlie looked like he was going to explode at any telah diberi second, his face was all red, and he looked like there was steam coming out his ears. "Bella, and Edward can anda 2 leave the room so I talk to Taylor?" Charlie asked. "Ya. But dad don't be hard on her ok? Remember I did the same thing as her. I ran away too. So she probably wanted to do what I did.Like most younger siblings like to do." Bella blabbed on.

But the whole young sibling wanting to do what the older sibling was a good lie. But not for now because Bella just ran away for a few day, and I on the other hand was gone for a tahun and 5 months for I couldn't use that as a lie. "Help." I muttered "I already did. sejak coming up with that lie, and trying to make him take it easy on anda Taylor.You're on your own now. Later I want the truth." Bella answered. "Well that isn't going to help Bella. I was gone way longer than anda Bella.I'll tell anda later. Now go."[/i]I told her. I lie about the last part. There was no way in hell I was going to tell her atau anyone the truth about me running away to Italy. Bella and Edward were now gone and Charlie started talking.

"Taylor Elizabeth angsa, swan where the hell have anda been for the last tahun and 5 months?! anda runaway without saying about where anda are going atau anything. anda just decided to runaway. I've been worried sick about you. You've got some explaining to do young lady. But for now ready for school, and try not to run away again. Got it from utama to school, then to work if anda have to, then here.That's it." Charlie yelled at first, then cooled down some. I was glad that I didn't need to explain thing yet. At least I had all hari to come up with a lie.

Unless Bella, the Cullens, and the pack, atau anyone starts asking for info about my running away act. "Yikes! I'm so dead. Aren't I? Because I ran away. From the scale of 1 to 20 how pissed off is Charlie? 20 being furious, and near to having steam coming out of his ears, and exploding in anger. 1 being not mad at all." I asked Bella and Edward knowing that they were eavesdropping on everything. And knowing the answer would probably be higher 20 consider the way the way that Charlie came in here looking like he was going explode. I hadn't seen Charlie this pissed since Bella came utama from Italy with Edward.

"Oh I'll say Charlie's about a 40 in the mad department. But Charlie's about a 60 in the worried department. What were anda nuts atau something to run away with out a word about where anda were running off to? Then come back and expect that no one would ask about where anda ran to. atau that Charlie wouldn't ground anda forever. Why did anda run away? anda had us all worried sick about you. And the worse thing is that Alice can't see you. So she couldn't tell us a inside scoop to what anda were up to." Bella berkata went on.

But I wasn't really listening that much. I wondering how I got here to my room. The last think I remembered was being in Edward's Volvo and talking to Leah and a pissed off Daniel. I had a feeling that he had something to do with this. But Daniel couldn't have come in here without leaving his smell. He probably told Paul to bring me in here. "You were sleep climbing into the window."Edward answered that thought. That bugged me, especially since I was thinking about Daniel when answered Edward that thought. No one but Jacob knew about Daniel, and the future. Now that I was back to Forks I was going to have to make sure that I didn't think about the future atau Daniel atau anything that could make me reveal who I really am.

Before I could even ask Edward how he knew that I climbed up while I was sleep both he and Bella had left the room. I was glad that they've so I cold gather up all my thought, and get for school. I suddenly had a strange feeling that the school was going to go crazy with soalan especially Jessica the gossip Queen about me running away once I showed up. When we got to school everyone in school mouth was open and they were all staring at me. "What's up with everyone? Why is everyone staring at me?" I asked, afraid of what the answer might be. Edward and Bella started laughing.

After 10 minit of laughing Edward finally answered. "Everyone knows about anda running away. It's been the nonstop gossip around here. And it's been nonstop everyone's thoughts. That's been annoying. Your running away act was all over the head lines. The headlines usually read something like [b]'15 tahun old Teenage girl runs away. And no one knows why atau where she ran off too.'[b]" Edward whispered.Great just what I was afraid of the media, the whole town, and probably the state of Washington knew about my little run away act. The last thing I wanted was for the media to be on my tale. I'm starting to regret ever running away. I completely forgot that Bella was with us until she started talking.

"People thought anda were dead atau something had to you. I guess now that you're back in Forks you're even bigger news because of your return. So beware of all the media, gossip and the soalan that I'm sure Jessica will throw at anda about your run away act." She warned me. I already knew that Jessica the gossip Queen would run up to me and soalan me endlessly about my little "trip". Bella continued talking but now in a whispering voice.

"And I almost forgot to tell anda try to the pack as much as possible. Ok? Sam is extremely pissed off. I mean he's been in his serigala, wolf for at least a tahun maybe more. I don't know. All I know is that he's been ticked off ever since that hari that I think he'd sent Jacob to confront anda about your weird behavior and all that stuff, then anda ran off. Oh and that reminds me Jacob on the other hand really wants to see you. He says that he wants to talk to anda about something. But he didn't say what so don't ask me what he wants to talk to anda about." Bella whispered.

The whole Sam, and Jacob thing had caught me totally off guard. Great Sam is pissed off at me, suspicious about me and I guessing he'll be keeping a super close eye on me. So I guess now I'd have to try to keep a low profil for now. And now what was I going to do with Jacob? I desperately wanted to talk to him, but face to face. But I had a feeling that I was grounded even if Charlie had gotten around to saying that this morning. I guess I'd have to the house sneak out later tonight while both he and probably Bella were asleep. Unless Bella was wake and willing to cover up for me while Charlie is sleeping. I was glad I had all hari to think about all this.

Edward continued with the Jacob talk. I wish they'd stop talking about Jacob. I "All Jacob could think about was you. Taylor,Taylor, Taylor.... It was annoying Membaca his thoughts. Even the other Serigala were annoyed with that. They couldn't stand Membaca Jacob's head." Edward hissed he sounded annoyed. The last part made me giggle. "Then maybe anda shouldn't have been Membaca his thoughts! If they were annoying so anda much. The mind Membaca thing really gets peoples on nerves. And maybe the other Serigala shouldn't be so nosy. Maybe they should have minded their business, atau maybe they should go into someone else mind!" I growled angrily. I hated that the Serigala pack, and Edward were Membaca Jacob's thoughts.

Bella continued the conversation as we walked to the cafeteria, and to the meja, jadual where the rest of Cullens were already sitting. They all turned to look at me with wide, shocked eyes as they like everyone who was staring at me. But Emmet, and Jasper looked like they were trying to hold back a laugh. Alice looked angry, worried and confused all that the same. Rosalie looked like she'd just seen a werewolf come in. She had a face that berkata she was disgusted about something. I listened to the endless Jacob talk that Bella was saying.

Enough with the Jacob talk already! Can't we talk about something else? Jeez. All this Jacob talk was getting me depressed, and making me want just run away again. But this time to see Jacob. "Jacob has been really upset since anda left. And the way that Jacob was think about anda sounded like he was either in Cinta with anda atau had imprinted on you. Maybe both. Huh who knows? Edward told me everything that Jacob was thinking. Well anything that had to do with anda he told me." Bella mumbled Jeez If only she knew how dead on she was about the Cinta and imprinting thing. Edward raised his eyebrow at the thought.I deiced to think of something else something that wouldn't make Edward lebih suspicious of me than he probably already is. Which brought me back to wondering how did he know that I climbed up to me room last night. "Heads up. Jessica is about to run up to anda and bombard anda with her never ending questions. You've been warned." Edward warned me. "Oh goody if it isn't my lucky day." I retorted back in a sarcastic tone, and rolled my eyes. Edward, Bella and the rest of the Cullens expect for Rosalie started laughing.

"How did anda know that I sleep climbed into my room last night?" I asked Edward. But before Edward could answer Jessica came up to me with excited written all over her face, and her eyes were full of questions. And Emmet was making fun of the fact that I climbed up while sleeping last night. "You climbed up to your room. What are a werewolf atau something? atau just trying to copy Edward sejak climbing up like he does at night to see Bella?" Emmet joked he was laughing the most. "Haha. Very funny." I replied.

"Taylor!" Jessica shouted. Oh goody. Here comes the gossip Queen of the whole school. I turned to look at her. "Hey Jess what's up?" I asked trying not to sound annoyed at what I knew was coming, but my voice sounded a bit annoyed. But she didn't seem to notice. "You're back! That's what's up. So go on tell me everything. And don't leave a single detail out." she demanded. Ugh! Not now. I still hadn't come up with a good enough lie yet. "I warned you." Edward whispered so low that not even Bella atau Jess could hear what he was saying. I just stuck out my tongue like a 5 tahun old. I had to try to find a way out of this. "Umm I'll tell anda later. Ok Jess. I think Mike is waiting for anda atau something." I told her. She looked and saw that Mike was coming here.

"Oh he's not waiting for me. He's just shocked as everyone else is to see you. I mean come on Taylor anda were gone for like forever. Without letting anyone know where your ran off too. And now that you're back it's pretty surprising and some people would say amazing too." She mumbled. Dang it she did have a point there. "Taylor you're back. And alive, that's relief. So how come anda left all of a sudden? And where did anda go?" Mike asked. Great not him too asking me all these questions. I'd expect this form Jess, but not Mike. From the corner of my eye I cold see Eric and Angela coming here. Before anyone could ask anything thing else I stood up and left the cafeteria.

This was insane. Even after I left the cafeteria people still hounded with soalan in the hall ways sejak the teachers, staff, students ect. I could someone following. "Taylor." I heard Rosalie's voice call. I turned around and saw that she was the one following me. Her face wasn't disgusted anymore, lebih like wondering now. "What?" I asked wondering why she was following and what did she want. "Where are anda going this time?" I could see where this was going. She was probably thinks that I'd run away again. atau something. Rosalie paused of a saat then continued on talking. "Are anda just giving up on trying to come up if a good enough lie to tell everyone including us? Edward told us that anda are thinking of lying to us about your trip. He, and all of us think that you're hiding something. But Edward especially believes that because of those thoughts that he's read from your mind. And just a heads up if anda are hiding something don't think about it around Edward. atau else he'll start wondering like a crazy lunatic like Sam trying to find out what you're hiding." she warned. Damn it I should have known that Edward would be Membaca my mind trying to the truth.

"I'm not going to run away. Trust me on that. I'll only do it if I have to. Which in this case mean that last time I ran away was because I had to. But I'm not saying a thing. So don't ask, because anda aren't going to get a answer. So just let me do what I'm doing." I told her trying not to sound like there was something else. "Ok fine do what anda need to do. But anda better go back to the cafeteria and get your stuff, then head to your first jam class. Alice says that Charlie is going to check up on anda making sure you're in class. And not on some run away trip again." Rosalie warned. Ugh! Great Charlie was coming to check up on me. What am I 5 years old again? I felt like I was 5 tahun old that needed to be watched over so I wouldn't do any crazy.

I followed Rosalie back to the cafeteria where Bella, Jessica, Mike, and the rest of the Cullen clan, along with Angela, and Eric were staring at both me and Rosalie. Jessica face was still excited, she was probably jumping up and down inside and her eyes were fulled with a flood of questions, which I was sure she was going to throw at me later. Mike looked like he was surprised that I just didn't leave the school. Angela was taking pictures of me like crazy. I guess I'm going to be the bahagian, atas headlines for the school newspaper. "There anda are Taylor. Mike thought anda were going to run off again. Ok come on you've got to spill it. Tell me everything that happened on that tear long run away trip anda took. Where did anda go? Did anda meet any anyone? Come on I need details, and lots of them." Jessica demanded with anxious eyes. I needed lebih time to think up a better lie than the one I was about to say but didn't.

Luckily the loceng rang and it was time to go to class. I was glad that I didn't have Jessica till 5th jam biology that gave me enough time to think of something better. "Umm.. sorry Jessica I got to go to class. Charlie will be checking up on me making sure I'm in class, so I'll tell anda everything later in class atau at lunch. I promise." I told her, and went off to class with Edward and loceng walking beside me. "Ok fine. But remember I want details, don't try to shorten anything. I want detail, don't leave anything out. And pictures that's if anda have any which I hope anda do. I'll see anda at lunch and in class" she commanded. Jessica looked disappoint that she didn't get to hear what she asked for. Jeez that girl could ask for alot of things meaning that I'd now have to lie more, and cari online for pics of the trip everyone thinks I went on. I could see that she was determined to know everything.

I was now out Jessica's sight and walking with Edward and Bella. But I was still asked soalan as I walked. But once everyone had stopped bugging me with soalan I again brought up the subject of how did Edward know I climbed up my up my room last night. "Ok spill it Edward before someone comes asking me question. How did u know that I climbed up my room last night?" I demanded. Edward sighed and looked at Bella. "You'd better tell her. atau else she'll just keep asking anda like crazy. And trust she'll be pissed off once anda tell her that we were in her room." Bella whispered to Edward probably thinking that I wouldn't hear.

I was now pissed off. I hated when anyone came in my room, because I had stuff from the future, they were all over the place. Bella and Edward could have looked all around the room and found that stuff, and busted me, well the stuff that Daniel didn't take they would have found. I was going to get a lock for the door atau something to keep them away from my room. "Hang on anda guys were my room! Why the hell were anda in there? To look for clues for why I ran away. atau did Sam want to look around to see if his suspicions of me were true? atau to find something out of the ordinary? anda know can't come in my room." I yelled. "I told anda that she'd get pissed off. And she hasn't even heard why we were in her room." Bella said. Edward was trying not to laugh. But he still did.

"We didn't look around your room. Well Sam did and some of his suspicions were true. He found some note talking about the Volturi, and some other stuff. But Sam didn't read it, none of us did. We all wanted to but Jacob took and ripped it up before any of us could read it. He's been Berlakon weird since the hari anda ran away. And we know that anda lied about not missing anything when we found that scent in your room. So you've got some explaining to do about the why did anda have the scent that was in your room a tahun lalu when anda got back. And about things that the pack found. And Sam wants to know everything about what he think you're hiding. And why Jacob is Berlakon so weird. I mean extremely weird he kept on taking the things that Sam found and threw them out, some of them were burned I think. Sam kept on asking Jacob why did he care so much about what ever it was that hiding, and why was he doing all the things he was doing. But Jacob didn't anything. So Sam is ticked off that Jacob. Thinks Jacob's on your side atau as he calls it the enemies side. Sam also thinks that Jacob is hiding something from us, and that he's lying about the hari anda left, that anda and Jacob might have talked lebih than what Jacob let all of us to believe. Because Sam doesn't trust you, and with Jacob's weird behavior Sam doesn't trust Jacob, and is on both of tails. But mostly yours. Sam also think you're reason why Jacob is Berlakon crazy.The reason why we were in your room was because Bella was sleeping in there. So I stayed to keep a eye out for your return. Well that's if anda survived which now we all know anda did." Edward berkata a dark voice.

I was caught guard sejak the whole Sam searching my room thing, and the fact the some of that some of his suspicions turned out to be true because of the thing he found. Damn it! I forgot that I would have Daniel's smell on me hen I came back. But most of all I couldn't believe that Jacob was taking fault for this mess I created. What have I done? I'm in big trouble now. I hope that the Volturi don't find out about any of this. I had to come up with a lie quick before anything else bad could happen.

"Umm.. ok about the smell well I think that who ever it was might have been in the same place as I was and at the time. And I might of crossed paths with them. But I didn't notice them atau the smell." I lied about they seemed to believe me. But Edward still questioned me about why I didn't notice the smell. "You might have crossed paths with it? And anda didn't notice anything while anda were anda trip. Why didn't anda remember atau recognized the smell Taylor? After all the smell was in your room. So who atau what ever it was is after you, and following you. How else would anda explain it?" Edward asked. He sounded like he was talking to himself at the last part. I was about to tell him a lame excuse. But at least he wouldn't know it wasn't true. "Um... I'm a human how was supposed to remember a smell was in my room a tahun ago. I'm not vampire atau a werewolf that remembers a smell. Plus when I didn't smell anything when I was in there a tahun ago. So I didn't notice a scent. And I didn't know about the scent till anda smelled it. anda Vampires and Serigala Jadian have a better sense of smell then us humans. And I bet Bella didn't notice the scent either when she was in my room." I retorted back.

I could see that Edward was now mad. But he looked like got my point. "Ok fine I'll give anda that. But it still doesn't explain much.If they were in the area as anda then why didn't they attack atau do something to you? We'll talk about this later. Charlie is coming. He's just around the corner." Edward said. Bella looked mad at Edward. "Bella why do anda look mad atau something?" I asked. Edward looked at Bella. "I'm not mad at you. If that's what you're think. I'm mad at Edward. It sounded like he wanted something to happen to you." Bella mumbled.

But before I say anything Charlie showed up. Damn it. "Taylor, Bella, Edward what anda are guys still in the hall way for? Didn't your first class already start?" Charlie asked looking at me. He had that look that berkata "You better not be running again. atau planning to run away again." "Umm... we know dad. We were just talking. We just Lost track of time. And can anda stop giving Taylor that look. She isn't going to run away. Trust me on that. Edward, the rest of the Cullens, and I will make sure of that. We've got a eye on her." Bella promised Charlie. Oh goody I'm going to be babysat. Isn't this my lucky day. I rolled my eyes at Bella ,and the thoughts that were coming in my head. Edward laughed. "Ok then get to class. All of anda Taylor." Charlie berkata still looking at me. "Ya I got that dad. anda don't have to throw my name out there so I know that anda specialty mean me. I already that. Plus I was the one that ran away for a tahun and 5 months. So back off. Jeez." I hissed. Then walked off to class.

Surely enough throughout the hari everyone asked me soalan about my return, and running away ect. When I got to lunch it was the same thing, people bugging me trying find out info about my little act. I wish that all this would become old new already. But this time the Jessica gossip was there waiting for me at the Cullen meja, jadual with anxious, and soalan fulled eyes. She was jumping up and down on her kerusi, tempat duduk like a jumping bean. I knew that she wouldn't forget about the little promise I made to her this morning. I was glad that I had some of my lie already to throw at her when she asked. But she might be disappointed what little I was going to give her. Oh well she would just have to deal with it.

Before I could even sit down Jessica started with questions. "Taylor! Ok anda promised that you'd tell me everything this morning so come spill it." she demanded "Umm... well what do anda want to know exactly?" I asked hoping that it would something easy that she would ask about. But knowing Jessica she'd probable ask about where I went, and did I met any cute guys ect. "Oh anda already know what I want to find out. I told anda this morning." she told me. She sounded like a villain from a superhero comic atau something trying to get the information they wanted from the source. "I forgot what anda berkata this morning."I told her the truth for once.

Jessica sighed before talking. "I want to know everything. Where did anda run off to? Why did anda run way? Spill it. I want to know details lots of them. Don't leave anything thing out." She demanded. I could that she was anxious and curious for my answer. And I could see that Edward, Bella, Alice, and rest of the Cullen clan were curious too. So I bet they'll definitely be listening especially annoying mind Membaca Edward. Edward laughed at that thought. So I lied about most of it. I wasn't going to let anyone find out the truth.

"Um... I ran away because I just wanted to get away from Forks. I wanted to venture out. It was a spur of the moment thing. My adrenaline was pumping and I didn't know where I was going. I just decided to get out of here. I didn't tell anyone. I didn't pack anything to go. I left everything behind. I didn't know where and if I was going to back. I ended up going to Italy. And that's it." I lied thorough my teeth. The last part about going to Italy was true. Jessica frowned at what I told. I guess it wasn't what she was looking for, I bet she was looking for a lot lebih details than what I give her.

But that wasn't the case for Bella, the Cullens. Most of their faces were Frozen and freaking out. Edward looked furious, like he was about to yell atau something, he was mostly serious. I guess I shouldn't have mentioned going to Italy. Because that clearly pissed them. Alice and Bella's expression were worried, and confused and something else, but I couldn't tell what it was. Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmet all looked confused and guarded for some reason. I didn't notice that Jessica was trying to get my attention until she grabbed me and shook me. "Taylor are anda ok? anda seem like you're Lost in angkasa atau something." Jess asked. "Ya I'm fine." I told her. "Ok. So what else? Did anda meet anyone? What happened while anda were in Italy? I mean anda anda were gone for a pretty long time. You've gotta have lebih details. Give me lebih details Taylor. Please." She begged, and did the anjing, anak anjing dog face like little kids do to get something they want.

Jeez what do I have to do atau say to get her off my back? I knew that she wouldn't stop bugging me till she got the answer she was so desperately looking for. "No. Jess I didn't meet anyone, and nothing happened while I was in Italy. And I already told anda the part about why I ran off the way I did. I don't have anymore details. So just let it go. Ok Jessica?" I told her. Jessica's frown got deeper than before. Then she nodded in agreement, but she still kept on pushing it. "Ok. Fine. But seterusnya time anda run away I want proof,and a lot lebih details. Uh... Hello it's the 21st century century where anda can record, take picture ect of your trip. Do that seterusnya time." she pointed out. She was really starting to get on my nerves about the whole running running thing. I could still see that she was still disappointed.

"Ya sure. Like Charlie is ever going to let me out ever again. He was pretty pissed off this morning. anda can ask Bella she was there. If I run away again he might end up sending me to live with Renee. atau maybe he'll have me locked in my room for of eternity. atau something." I exaggerated. Jess looked at Bella then back at me. "Stop exaggerating Taylor. Bella ran away too. And Chief angsa, swan didn't send her way to live with your mom. And she isn't locked up in her room. So what makes anda think that'll happen to you?" she asked. I was gone longer than Bella. So I would probably get in lebih trouble then her. "Umm... Jess I was gone longer than Bella. She was only gone for 3 days. And I was gone a year. So who is lebih likely to get in lebih trouble her atau me?" I asked Jessica. Jessica seemed to get my point. It felt like I was gone longer than a year, and a couple of months.

"Ok I see anda point there. anda would get in lebih trouble than Bella. But don't anda think you're being a little over dramatic. It's not like anda didn't come back." Jess mumbled. I rolled my eyes, and noticed that the cafeteria was already empty. We all had Lost track of time. All of us got up, and went to class. Expect for Bella,Edward, and the rest of the Cullens. I knew that this was going to happen once I berkata that I went to Italy. I knew that they'd have little talk about that. I could see it in their eyes. I should have kept my big mouth shut. atau at least berkata a different place, like London atau something. Too late now. I sighed before speaking. "Ok. Let me have it. anda guys are going to starting all pissed off, atau all worked up about me going to Italy. I can see it in your faces. And it was nothing. The all mighty Volturi weren't there. If they were there don't anda think they would be here to check up on you, and Bella. To see if anda 2 Edward, Alice kept anda word, and turned Bella into a vampire. So relax there's nothing anda guys need to worry about." I told them.

They all still looked mad, expect for Alice. Alice now looked confused about something. I bet it has something to do with my runaway act and her not being able to see me. Edward was the one that spoke first. "Are anda insane Taylor? Why the hell would anda go off to Italy? Especially with the Volturi there. Are anda out of your mind?! Why would anda go and run off to Italy? Out of all the places anda could have gone to anda just had to go to Italy. We are in bigger trouble now because there are 2 Volturi clans coming here. We don't why, atau how its possible that there are 2 Volturi clan. All we know it that now we are in bigger trouble." Edward yelled.

I looked at Alice guessing she must have seen something that involved both Volturi clans. How else would Edward, and probably the rest know that there were 2 Volturi clans coming? Alice was staring at me, and I could see that she was seeing something. I had a feeling it had something to do with me, and probably the mystery of the 2 Volturi clans. That meant lebih trouble, and lebih problems. Great just what I needed lebih problems, and trouble. Ugh! I was starting to wonder what Alice was seeing. But I was afraid to find out because it might have something to do with the Volturi, which meant it involved me.

"Alice what is it? What did anda see? What's wrong?" Bella asked in a worried tone, but with a hint of confused thrown in. Bella looked at me with suspicious wide eyes. Something told me that she was now suspicious about me too. What kind of mess have I gotten myself into? The cafeteria was now empty so we were the only ones there. After a long moment of silence Bella asked Alice again what she saw. This time she answered " I saw the Volturi. Both of them coming here for something but I don't know what. And I couldn't see what it was atau if they got it. It all of sudden the vision went blank. It disappear just like when something disappears in my visions if the Serigala atau Taylor is in it. But I doubt that Serigala would be involved with anything that had to do with the Volturi. The Volturi don't even know about the wolves. But they do know about Taylor. So it must have been Taylor there. Who else could it be? Taylor anda didn't happen to go to the Volturi atau anywhere they live when anda ran off did you?" Alice asked in a curious tone.

"Not this anything. Why do anda right away assume it was me that was your vision? It could have been anything atau anyone. And the Volturi weren't there when I ran off. I didn't go anywhere Volterra. And don't anda think that if the Volturi were in Italy when I was there that have would have found me?" I pointed out. Alice looked at me with shocked, and questioning eyes "Who else could it be Taylor? I mean it obviously can't be the Serigala they don't know about the Volturi. And for some reason I can't see you. So what else can it be? Plus everything that has happened so far has either involved anda atau has something connect to you. Unless anda know something that we don't know about. Something that can help us figure out what's going on. Do anda know something that we don't know?" Alice asked. Everyone turned to look at me. I felt like I was being interrogated sejak the FBI atau something.

Was it that obvious that I was hiding something from them? "No I'm not hiding anything from anda guys. I know just as much anda do. anda guys should know lebih though. Have the Serigala found anything?" I asked hoping to that the attention I was getting from Bella, and the Cullen would pass. "No the Serigala haven't found anything yet. Most of them are trying to figure out what's going with you, and Jacob. And we all are starting to think that anda dosomething that you're not us. Something that can help figure this mess out."Edward muttered. I rolled my eyes st him but he didn't see it.

Edward continued to talk about my odd behavior ect. "I think anda might have left out alot of details when anda told Jessica about your run away act. There's something weird about anda Taylor. anda are weird. What did anda leave out of your runaway story that anda told Jessica?" Edward wondered, and rolled his eyes at what he was saying. I was starting to get annoyed Edward. "What I told Jessica was the truth. And anda guys were there. Ok? So stop bugging me about this. Jeez." I complained They didn't seem convinced at all. Ugh! This was going to be a problem. What else could go wrong today? What else was going to happen? I felt like the whole universe was against me today. Some of the things that could go wrong were happening.

After 10 minit silence the principal came in looking surreptitious about why we were the only ones left in the cafeteria, and why we were late to class. Well why Bella, and the Cullens were late for class. This was my free period so I free to hang around. Bella, Edward, and the rest of the Cullens were at least 30 minit late to class. Bella and Edward were supposed to be in their English class. Rosalie, Emmet, Jasper, and Alice were supposed to be in P.E.

The principle cleared his throat before talking. "Is there a problem here? All of anda are late for anda classes, so I assume there's either a problem atau anda are ditching class." he berkata looking at me. I had a feeling that he thought I was behind all this. "There's no problem here Principal Greene. This is our free period hour. We were just talking." Edward lied smoothly. It almost sounded like a believable to someone who knew it was a lie. Principal Greene seemed convinced. I wondered aimlessly if he was going to check our class schedules to see if Edward was lying atau not. "Well then if anda don't mind could go somewhere else and talk." the principal mumbled. "We don't mind." Edward answered. Principal Greene started walking away when he noticed me.

"Ah if it isn't Little Miss runaway Swan. Back from your long trip I see. Well anda have tons of work, tests,etc to make up. anda can make up the work in detention tomorrow. So don't get into anymore trouble than what anda are already in." he pointed out. That was easier berkata than done. There was trouble coming at me from every corner. I started thinking about what I had I done to get in detention after he mentioned me going to detention to make up my missed work.

"I already did all the work I missed Principal Greene. Bella and Edward caught me up on what I missed. And I've already handed in all that work I've missed. So I don't think I need detention to it make up. Plus I haven't done anything yet that may put me in detention." I pointed out. He looked at me with scrutinizing eyes. I could tell that he thought I was lying about all of it. I didn't blame him for that, because around here I was known as the "bad girl" that hung out with the wrong crowd. So I intended to get into a lot of trouble. "Well while anda were gone in your little adventure trip anda missed 10 detention days that anda were supposed go to before anda ran away. But since anda haven't yet done anything wrong I may consider on letting off the hook for now. And try to stay out of trouble Taylor." Principal Greene whispered. There was doubt behind that last part he said.

I sighed, and rolled my eyes. "I'll try not to get in trouble. I promise. Scouts honor." I promised. But I wasn't sure if I would be able keep that promise, especially since I was already in a lot of trouble. The principal nodded and walked away. Edward laughed once before he and the rest of us walked to the Volvo. "You are such a liar Taylor." Edward mumbled under his breath. "Hey at least I'm a better lair than Bella. And I don't make lame excuses to skip classes so anda can continue on bugging me about why I've been Berlakon weird, and Jacob weird behavior." I hissed. They were never going to give up on trying to figure what I was up to. Were they?

From the corner of my eyes I could see Edward nodding at that thought. I rolled my eyes at him but he didn't see it. "We just want to figure out whats going on Taylor. And why it all seems to link straight to you. No need to get all worked up about it. Jeez you're just like Bella in that department. The both of anda get worked up out about nothing." Alice mumbled, and stuck out her tongue like a 5 tahun old. And she continued talking now in a serious tone. "You are insane Taylor. Do anda have a death wish atau something? Why did anda go the Italy? anda know about the Volturi. What were anda thinking?" Alice hissed.

Not this again. Weren't they listening earlier when I told that the Volturi weren't there in Italy when I was there. What do they want me do run away again? To end all this. I felt like I was being questioned sejak the FBI again. They were getting on my nerves, and driving me insane. Edward started to laugh. "Good I'm glad that we're starting to get on your nerves. Then maybe anda might start telling us the truth about what anda know, what you're hiding. And who is Daniel? You've been thinking about him alot lately. Almost worrying about him atau something." Edward mumbled under his breath.

Damn it! He caught me thinking of Daniel. I'd gotten so used to thinking about the future freely with out having anyone expect Daniel hearing my thoughts. That I'd totally forgotten that I had to keep most of my normal thoughts about the future, Daniel, and everything else that no one about out of my head now because of Edward. Now I was going to have to find some way out of this mess. But how I was going to explain my thoughts about Daniel? I guess I was going to have to come up with convincing lie. "Umm... Daniel is an old friend from Phoenix. I saw him when I left." I lied.

Edward didn't seem convinced. He looked at Bella, and opened his mouth to say something but I interrupted him. Because I knew he was probably going to ask Bella if I was telling the truth. "If anda were about to ask Bella if I'm the truth don't waste your breath. Bella doesn't know Daniel because she didn't hangout with the people I hang out with in Phoenix." I lied again this time Edward looking a bit convinced that I wasn't lying even though I was. Edward looked at Bella again. Bella nodded. "Taylor's right. I never hung out with her atau her friends. And she never talked about them. So anything that she's thinking that includes her Friends back in Phoenix don't come asking me about that. Because I'm as clueless as anda are when it comes to her." Bella mumbled under her voice. She sounded annoyed.

I can't believe that Bella went along with that lie. I wasn't even there in Phoenix when Bella lived there. Bella must have known that I was lying atau something to go along with it. But what? I had a feeling that the Volturi might have been in involved with thing whole Phoenix thing too. I suddenly had a quick flashback from the future. It was the last hari that I'd been in the future the hari that the almighty Volturi came to send me here. I remember Aro laying the down the orders, and the rules of my coming here to the present. But I mostly remembered the Volturi talking about the changes they were going make to do with the past to somehow make it seem that I saw a part of it. I guess that included changing Bella's past when she was Phoenix. I wondered what else did that the Volturi change to add me here. I didn't notice Bella trying to get my attention until she took my hand and started to drag me to the Volvo.

"Get in Taylor." Bella berkata while she was still dragging me to the Volvo. I pull my arm free, and started to walk the direction away from the Volvo. I heard someone clear their throat Emmet I guessed, and I heard foot steps behind me I knew it was probably Edward. "Where are anda going Taylor? The car is way." Emmet mumbled. "There's no way I'm going to sit in car for hours while I get soalan relentlessly about nonsense things I'm walking home, and maybe get into some trouble on way." I lied. I laughed darkly, knowing that I was already in trouble. "Oh no you're not Taylor. You're in enough trouble as it is after the running away act anda pulled. Get back here. Taylor!" Bella shouted.

I stopped walking away to look at her. Her face was all upset, and angry like she was going to try to do whatever she could to make me go back. I rolled my eyes at her. "Don't worry I'm not going to runaway again Bella. Jeez you're worse than Edward when he's trying to get anda away from wolves." I told her and started walking again. This time I heard Edward following me going faster each time I walked faster. So I started to run but I wasn't planing on going to Charlie's atau the Cullens. I wasn't even sure where I was heading. All I knew was that I had to get out of here away from Forks. "Edward let her go. It's no use telling her anything. She'll just do what she wants anyway. Like always." I heard Bella call to Edward. I was relived that she finally let me go without a argument, and let me do what I was on doing even if she wasn't fully aware of my plan. I wasn't even 100% sure what my plan was either. But I kept on running to the unknown.
The Cullens