Bella's P.O.V

Currently I am sitting in my room wondering how much longer it will take the press to figure out that I am here sitting in a peaceful house in Forks, Washington. I have grown to Cinta this town. All the tiny little shops, one restaurant, and of course my Uncle Charlie. My name actually isn't Isabella Swan.
My real name is actually Cassandra Porter, and I am the famous actress, model, and singer. My boyfriend Edward Cullen who is also a vampire doesn't know one thing about this. Which I guess I could tell him, but he really didn't tell me he was a vampire now did he. I had to find it out on my own. So that is what I'm going to make him do I guess. Either that atau the paparazzi will blow my cover, and that's when I will have a mess on my hands. I heard a car horn beep. I climbed off my katil to see who it was. Edward, of course. I mean I Cinta him to death, but he is really over-protective. I waved down, and ran down stairs to meet him. I grabbed my back-pack, and dompet, beg tangan off the floor. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen today.

“Hey Edward.” I berkata to Edward.

“Hello Love.” Edward berkata giving me a peck on the lips.

He walked me around to the passenger side of the car, and opened the door. I slide into the seat. I noticed that he turned up the heater for me knowing that we would hold hands on the way to school. Edward climbed into the driver's seat, and he took off.

“Ugh, school again. Don't anda ever get tired of school Edward?? I mean how many times have anda graduated eighty?” I asked Edward with a giggle.

Edward laughed also before answering my question. “No, actually I don't think I have ever gotten tired of school. Also I have graduated from school around one hundred six times.”

I about choked on God knows what. Did he just really say that he has graduated from school around one hundred and six times. Dang he's old. Hahaha I knew that though. We finally pulled anda into the school parking lot, and a bot load of cars were there.

Crap. They found.

“How did they find me??” I whispered. I knew Edward could here,but right now I really didn't care. The paparazzi were going to engulf us in a sea of camera's which could be bad news for Edward.

“How did who find anda Bella??” Edward asked.

“Not now Edward. Just drop me off here, and after school I need to go to your house. I need to tell everyone something.” Edward just looked at me like I was crazy, but hei I needed to keep this on the down low for a while.

“Alright Bella. I'll let anda off here, but I'm going to park the car and still walk anda in.” Edward berkata commanding me again.

“No Edward. anda can't. Okay just listen to me. anda think anda know what your doing right now, but this time anda need to listen to me. anda need to drop me off here, and anda can't see me for the rest of the day. I will meet up with anda at your car then we need to go to your house, and that's final.” I berkata stepping out of the car, and not giving him enough time to talk.