* I don't own twilight; Sm does* Alright here’s my seterusnya story. anda may have seen it on peminat fiction sejak YouJustGotVamp’d which is me. So I’m not copy righting, anyways I hope u enjoy.


Jacob was busy. He's always busy now that he is with the pack. I guess I'm a little jealous, but then again he spent so much time with me I should be grateful. Anyways I am on my way to his and my meadow hoping to get a since of security. Right now I really need. These past couple days have been really hard on me. Not just because he left me, but because I don’t have Jacob here to help me get over it. I just parked my truck at the edge of the forest, and I started my trip to the meadow. I tripped and stumbled a lot, and Emmet would have laughed at me a lot. I finally made it to the middle, and it just wasn’t the same. One: Edward wasn’t here with me to share this moment, and two: Everything was dead. It just didn’t seem like the same place as before. I sat in the meadow for a while just thinking of past memories of him. After going through every memory even the painful ones I heard a cough from behind me. I turned and looked behind me startled. I thought I was here sejak myself.

“Well Hello Bella, isn’t it a pleasure to see anda here,” berkata the man in front of me.

“Hello Laurent. And it is a pleasure. But I do have to ask what anda are doing here? I know you’re not here for a pleasure visit,” I asked in curiosity.

“I always liked anda Bella. So straight ke hadapan and to the point. That is why this is such a shame. I am actually here for Victoria. As I am sure anda know she wants anda dead, so she sent me here to come and find you. She wanted me to bring anda back alive so, she could have her way with you. I thought that was being too harsh there, but hei what can I say she’s kept me alive this long. Although I am rather thirsty if I kill anda off now I’m sure she won’t mind.”

He seemed to be talking to himself mostly now. I wasn’t scared, in fact I was rejoicing inside. This is what I had wanted for a while now to be gone from this world that now held nothing for me. Laurent seemed to have made up his mind that he was going to kill me now.

“Just stay completely still, and this will all go sejak so much easier.”

Laurent told me, and I believed him so I stayed still. When he got about ten feet from me he jumped, and bit my neck. At first I could feel my life slipping, and then there was a fire. The same api, kebakaran that James had started in me. Accept this time no one was here to save me.