Pain. Endless Pain.

My whole body was on fire. From the tips of my toes to the bahagian, atas of my head. I opened my eyes to see what time of hari it was. I saw that it was just a little past midnight from all the darkness that was surrounding me and it was only the first day. It had seemed like a million years since the api, kebakaran had started. The only thing that was keeping me sane and not letting myself let out to many bloodcurdling screams was Edward. The thought that maybe, just maybe I might be a little lebih worthy of him; now that I was like him. Call me crazy, but it really was the only way I could keep myself from going insane. The api, kebakaran started to die down in the tip of my toes and fingers. It doesn't sound like much, but it made me realized this was going to end, and maybe I could get through this. Just like that though the api, kebakaran started to escape my entire body until it got to my chest. It was like all the api, kebakaran that had just been realized had all gone to my chest. I let out a bloodcurdling scream, and my back arched and fell back to the ground. When would the pain end? I couldn't take it too much longer. I could hear my hati, tengah-tengah beats start to fade until there was three, two, and one. My hati, tengah-tengah stopped, and stood deathly still. My last hati, tengah-tengah beat. The last one I will ever have in my entire new life. I slowly opened my eyes, and saw the world. There in front of me stood a red head. A very familiar one at that.


“Bella!” OMG my sister Victoria has come back to me. I haven’t seen her since Edward killed James, and I couldn’t even talk to my own sister because I hadn’t told Edward about Tori. I jumped up and hugged my sister knocking us both to the ground. We both started chuckling, and I hugged Tori like she was my life line that I couldn’t live without.

“OMG Tori. I have missed anda so much. I’m so sorry about James. I should have seen that he was going to be in the field while we played baseball.” I truly felt sorry about Tori’s mate he would have been my brother in law.

“It’s okay Bells James knew what was going to happen to him if he played his little game of his. My only soalan is WHY THE HECK DIDN’T anda FIGHT BACK?” Oh crap she was ticked off.

“Well let’s see. He was your mate I could tell that much, and I wasn’t about to go and kick his sorry butt. I didn’t want us to leave each other like that. Plus if Edward would have found me beating up James he would know that something was up. So I just acted like a poor pathetic human.” I berkata with a giggle I could never hurt someone my sister loves and she knows that.

“Fine, but how did anda become a vampire and where is Edward?”

“Well I guess I will have to tell anda the story to answer both of your questions,” And so story time began.

“Well after James attacked me Edward took me to the hospital because I had Lost a lot of blood. James had broke my leg, and tried to change me into a vampire, but Edward sucked the venom out. Not wanting to condem me to this life that he lived. Alice helped me a lot through that time. Since I wasn’t going to have my dad help me take showers, and to help me get ready in the morning. We had a very fun summer together, and my eighteen birthday came around. I didn’t want to be older than Edward so I asked him to change me. Of course he berkata No though. Alice threw me a very big birthday party with presents and cake. While I was opening one of the presents my finger slipped on the paper, and I cut myself. Everything happened so fast; Jasper attack and Edward shoved me out of the way but he pushed me to hard. So I went flying into Esme’s glass meja, jadual and the shattered glass dug into my arm. I started to bleed worse than before. Everyone had to leave the room except for Carlisle who fixed up my arm. After that night Edward became very distant and Alice wasn’t at school anymore. Around the third hari Edward told me he want to talk to me, and I saw he was parked in Charlie’s spot so I knew he wasn’t staying very long. He told me to take a walk with him in the woods and so I did. Edward told me he didn’t Cinta me, and that I was just some little toy of his that he was tired of. He told me that if I promised him to take care of myself for Charlie then he would promise something. He would promise me that I would never see him, atau any of his family ever again. He then left, and I tried chasing after him, but I knew that it was useless he was a vampire and I was some weak human. Even though I know I’m not. So I collapsed onto the ground in a bundle of sobs. Finally after three days Sam Uley found me in the woods right where I had collapsed onto the ground. The seterusnya couple of months were horrible I barely eat, and every time I would sleep I would dream a horrible dream and wake up screaming. The first couple of times Charlie would come rushing into my room to see what was wrong, but after a while he got used to it and didn’t come to check on me. So one hari I decided because I had been missing Edward so much that I would come out to the meadow to try to remember him, but I found Laurent first. He berkata he was on a hunting trip and he hadn’t eaten. He then tried to eat me, but was stopped midway, and I was turned into a vampire.”

I finally was able to tell my whole story to someone who understands me. I just noticed that I had been playing with the rumput and hadn’t even noticed what Tori was doing. I looked up to see her pacing and heard he say “ That boy will pay.” I winced when I heard her talk about Edward that way. I mean yeah he did tell me he didn’t Cinta me anymore, but that doesn’t mean I feel the same way about him.

“Calm down Tori I mean seriously I can take care of myself.”

She laughed some sinister laugh, and I jumped up in surprise.

“You can take care of yourself. Bells from what it sounded like anda almost fell apart when he left you. Didn’t anda see any of this?”

Actually thinking about it I did see it happen, but I never thought that it would happen. I mean at the time Edward seemed to Cinta me so much.

“Yeah I did. Actually I did I just never thought that it would ever come true.” I berkata dry sobbing remembering that day. Edward had been so worried about me when I didn’t respond to anything he said. He totally flipped out.

Tori came over and started to hug me. “Oh Bella I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m so sorry. How about we go to where were staying, and figure out what we are going to do next.”

I reigned in my sorrow, and answered my beloved sister. “Okay, but first I want to change my name to Arabella with the nickname of Aria!”

“Wait one second!” Came a very reedy voice from out of nowhere.

“Who’s there?” I asked, and four people in black cloaks came out of the woods.

“Oh just me, and some friends.” Came the reedy voice again. A girl about the age of sixteen stepped in front of the other three people. I turned to look at my sister, but her eyes had glazed over, and she had a faraway look in her eyes.

“What have anda done to my sister,” I berkata looking back at the group of vampires. One of the guys just chuckled, and I attacked. I sent my foot straight into his stomach and he wasn’t expecting it. He went flying back into the tree. When he land he dropped into a hunting crouch, and came after me. I jumped, but he caught me sejak the throat, and sent me hurtling into a tree. I landed on my stomach. I flipped onto my back, and started to get up but he slammed his foot down on my chest. I had learned this trick before. I took his foot and twisted it around. Knocking him on the ground and on his butt. I pushed myself up from the ground, and then offered my hand to the young boy. His hud, hood had fallen back, and I saw what he really looked like. He was gorgeous of course. He had shoulder length brown hair, and blood red eyes. So he drank from humans. How interesting. I offered him my hand, but he waved me away. I putted my hand son my hips, and shifted all my weight to my right leg, and looked down at the boy.

“Well then be that way!” I berkata very ticked off this kid was not just about to treat me like crap just because he treated my sister horrible. I mean what would he have done if it would have been his sister. He just shook his head, and finally found his tongue.
“ No, no look at yourself,” he said, and so I looked down. What I saw brought tears to my eyes. I saw myself on fire. My whole entire body, but I wasn’t burning away like I should. I started to dry sob. I fell onto the ground in a bundle of sobs. I felt someone pick me up, and hold me in there arms. Then someone else bungkus, balut their arms around me also. The api, kebakaran must be gone because the boy wouldn’t even let me help him up.

“ Oh Aria please don’t cry!” I guess one of the guys that were holding me said.

“Why, why shouldn’t I cry I mean I was on fire, and wasn’t being killed. I was a freak before I was a vampire, and now I’m a freak as a vampire.” I screamed/ shouted into whoever’s chest.

“ Oh Aria anda are not a freak anda are just very special, and so that is why we are taking anda to our master. Aro!” One of them berkata to me.

I looked up to find a very cute looking man. He had short blondish, brownish hair with red eyes. He was built very big like Emmett. Oh Emmett how I missed my crazy older brother that I loved. Oh how I missed them all actually. I swallowed all of my hurt, and sorrow once again.

“I will go with anda on one condition. That is if anda let my sister go free of whatever bound atau power anda have her under,” I berkata with so much determination, “ and also if I get to know all of your names.”

Whoever that was holding me let out a chuckle. “Okay. Well first off my name is Felix. The girl over there is Jane, and the boy anda attacked is Alec. Lastly the other person is Demetri. Also Alec how about anda let that Tori girl go.” Felix berkata with a light hearted laugh. seterusnya thing I know I was being tackled sejak my sister. We were both laughing when we got up.

“ Alright anda got what anda wanted so now anda need to come with us,” berkata Jane. Tori and I looked at each other, and nodded our head. I turned to look back at all of them, and berkata “ Alright let’s go.” With those three words we were off into the woods, and to my new life.