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* Disclamier I don't own Twilight. Sm does!*

Everyone was breathless as Jane and Alec took turns trying to get through to my shield. Jane sent ten attacks aimed directly at me. I flinched at the last one and Jane let out a huge smug grin. Still not one had made it through my shield. I went down my shield to see if there was any holes where Jane atau Alec could get through. I found none, I know felt confident that I could stop all their attacks. I couldn't feel where Alec had sent his power to attack. I opened my eyes and turned to Edward.

“Has Alec tried yet?”

“Yes, It's slower than Jane's.”...
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Once again, sorry for the lame excuses. It's school. A HUGE issue.

Chapter 12: Newborn

“The same thing that happened to your hand,” Jasper explained. “Repeated a thousand times.” He laughed bitterly. “Our venom is the only thing that leaves a scar.”

“Why?” Bella asked, horrified.

“I didn’t have quite the same…upbringing as my adopted siblings here. My beginning was something else entirely.” Bella stared at him, but didn’t say continue right away.

Images flashed through Jasper’s mind as he determined where to begin his tale. Being able to read minds, listening to Jasper’s...
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Ok! If anda guys were wondering how the preface will relate to the story, you'll get your answer! I know.... this task is a bit creepy....

Bella's POV

"Are anda sure anda want to do it now?" Ekanga asked.
"Yes." I said.
"Hemant!" Ekanga said.
Another man came down the steps.
"Yes?" the man named Hemant said.
"Bella is going to the final task." Ekanga berkata to Hemant.
Hemant had a terrified expression on his face and he looked at me.
" Are anda willing to risk your life to see if anda are the Chosen One?" he asked nervously.
"Yes." I berkata again.

"Alright Bella. I final task is to see if anda can escape...
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This song gets stuck in my head everyday!!!
Ashley Tisdale
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                Renesmee’s POV
I can’t believe the wedding is a hari away!!! I am getting married to my Jacob. I remembered the hari when Jacob had told me everything:
We were sitting together on the beach, on a surprisingly sunny hari in La Push. I was snuggled in Jacob chest, sitting on his lap. His long arms wrapped around me tight with his head resting on my brown curls. My eyes were closed as I listened to all the sounds on the beach, the birds squawking happily, the waves crashing against the shore, the tapping...
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Aria’s POV
That was some nine hundred ninety nine years ago. Now I am known as Aria. I am in a band called the Volterrian Angels. I have many powers, but the ones I use the most are Shape shifting, mind reading, the elements, and teleportation. Right now I was getting ready for my konsert in Volterria. My normal appearance is brown hair with green eyes. I have zaitun skin, and I am the lead singer in the group. There is also April; she is our guitarist. April is quite sensible at times, but anda don’t want to upset her because she has one heck of a bite. Then there is Lena; she is our drummer....
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Pain. Endless Pain.

My whole body was on fire. From the tips of my toes to the bahagian, atas of my head. I opened my eyes to see what time of hari it was. I saw that it was just a little past midnight from all the darkness that was surrounding me and it was only the first day. It had seemed like a million years since the api, kebakaran had started. The only thing that was keeping me sane and not letting myself let out to many bloodcurdling screams was Edward. The thought that maybe, just maybe I might be a little lebih worthy of him; now that I was like him. Call me crazy, but it really was the only way I could keep...
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* I don't own twilight; Sm does* Alright here’s my seterusnya story. anda may have seen it on peminat fiction sejak YouJustGotVamp’d which is me. So I’m not copy righting, anyways I hope u enjoy.


Jacob was busy. He's always busy now that he is with the pack. I guess I'm a little jealous, but then again he spent so much time with me I should be grateful. Anyways I am on my way to his and my meadow hoping to get a since of security. Right now I really need. These past couple days have been really hard on me. Not just because he left me, but because I don’t have Jacob here to help me get over...
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Bella's P.O.V

Currently I am sitting in my room wondering how much longer it will take the press to figure out that I am here sitting in a peaceful house in Forks, Washington. I have grown to Cinta this town. All the tiny little shops, one restaurant, and of course my Uncle Charlie. My name actually isn't Isabella Swan.
My real name is actually Cassandra Porter, and I am the famous actress, model, and singer. My boyfriend Edward Cullen who is also a vampire doesn't know one thing about this. Which I guess I could tell him, but he really didn't tell me he was a vampire now did he. I had to find...
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