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 That sh** photograph that we had 0.0
That sh** photograph that we had 0.0
okay.. I know anda don't know them but, I just want to say sumthing.. hehe XD
....oh btw, I will sunting this artikel every summer (or if I have enough time to internet while in teh school) cuz I always meet new classmates :D...


This guy is to talk to. But he talks about his crush (it's Aliyah, I'll better tell anda later) and makes him kinda boring to talk to. I sometimes found him talking to other boys (I can hear him because he is only in front of me) about...kinda perverted, the thing I hate about him XD. And btw, I can spy he is INDEED a cheater lolz XD.

Oh yeah, this is my guy best friend (remember, Friends are way too different to crushes!) because anda can never lose a topic while the both of anda are talking. He is the only guy in our class that hangs out with us, girls. His fellow boy classmates teases him gay, and may I tell you, he is SO sensitive. anda just tease him a little bit then he gets angry (or sometimes, CRY O.O). He is very supportive, I can say.

GOSH. - - This fella is a total bully! He teases us all like(wait, may I tell you..he is so fat) putting a sticky-note paper on our backs saying somthing like "Kick me", "This guy is CRAZY" which is so classic :P. I hate him so much cuz he really pisses me off, he is a bit brag and he is smart (He is our 4th honor in class..I'm 2nd O.O) He really tries to get-over me especially in kuiz and exams. And yes, he also had a crush on Aliyah.

Have anda ever heard of Annoying Orange? So anda want to see a guy like him? Here anda go, introducing...JOHN. He is so annoying, He annoys us a lot about our rumors >.<. He annoys me and always calls me "mom" which I have no idea why. He is serious when it comes to exams (Remember..EXAMS only not studies..XD) After our lunchbreak, he always ask me if I could teach him in Math. I just tell him "Go to our 1st honor, she knows it all"

This guy is small(I mean, height) He is a bit quiet, he is sometimes annoying us but not always. His bestfriend is John and VJ (I'll tell anda later) He is so quiet in classes and he is not participating in classes. One time in our Math class, our teacher asked him and he didn't say anything (because he don't know) Our teacher asked him "4x4?" He still didn't answer cuz he didn't know (Remember, we are Grade 5 when this happened).Our teacher demonstrate how to do multipilication and just then he knew :/

This guy...when he's always..somewhat, chopped :?. His voice is really soft and everytime he gets angry he cries atau somewhat punch the wall,push and turn down the tables/chairs and..sumwhat tantrums.And like Calvin, he sometimes joins us girls and he os supportive.

This is our really cute fat guy we had in school XD. He really loves Science. He sometimes hang-out with some bad boys in our school like Mirick(..tell anda later), Andrei, John and Gino. He sometimes hang-out with us girls and he is much addicted with gadgets atau some things like that. And guess what? This guy had a crush on me?!? He really confessed it with his fellows and some girls and some girls told it to me... O.O neh I ignored it :PP

This is our game guru. He tells us everything about games even if we don't mind listening to it. He is first addicted to Plants vs. Zombies then Angry Birds then ..the lebih games he discover the lebih he get addicted with. He sometimes do games as in real life with his other game-friends like John, VJ, Marjun and Kit. They do this things all over again every after lunch/recess. Which is a bit annoying cuz they're noisy.

He is ALMOST my best friend He is such a brag! Even though I ain't proud of anything (Like saying "yay!" everytime we get a score of 100% in exams) he says I'm a brag. I have a higher rank than him (he is the 10th atau 9th honor) and he is such...ugh! Everything..he brags about it. He says foul words sometimes.

This is also one of our game-gurus. He is really fun to talk to but he is the guy anda can't talk to always. Sometimes when we are the only one in the classroom, he sometimes confessed that he has a crush on Aliyah. And yes, "Chicks dig on him" XD Lots of girls in our classes had a crush on him like (wait..I'll tell anda abt them later) Shane, Lily Anne..and sometimes ..ALIYAH. anda still call that a crush or..LOVE? XD LOL!!!


This is my best friend among the girls ^^. She is really smart (cuz she's the 3rd honor - - creepy maybe she could get my place! O..O) She's kinda *tomboy-ish and she had a fake best friend which is Shane, cuz she somewhat hate her. This is the girl in our class where the guys go "heart-eyes" with her. She is really pretty (ikr!). She is really supportive like Calvin and she always gives opinions XD. She shares her secrets with me (and so do I) and she sometimes confessed that she had a crush on VJ on which VJ also had a crush on her..O.O wtf?! is that meant to be?! XD.

Lily Anne
She is somewhat my...I can't hate her since she is kind sometimes but, she the girl I'm totally annoyed with. She gets my things without permission, she is a total brag like Mirick, she always want that people will follow her and she is sometimes a liar. She is only kind when she shares some stories and whatever. (and that is only my opinion, of course..)

Our Japanese girl!! ^^. She is so cute and she really loves anime. Both of us Cinta Looney Tunes, too! Since we have that thing, I decided that she will be the 2nd of my best Friends :D. She is really fun to talk to like Calvin, anda can never lose a topic while talking to her. She is a total laughtrip for me :DD. She is sometimes annoying like always borrows from us and in our recess, she will tell us if we could give her free Makanan from the canteen XD.

This is the 3rd of my best Friends :). She is also fun to talk to. And yeah, she is somewhat tomboy-ish and almost every guy is scared of her..(like creep O.o) Sometimes she heard that Calvin had a crush on her because of her attitude. Eh, since she hate crushes he ignores Calvin atau sometimes if Calvin will talk to her she would kick him (woah, that mean!) That is really amazing and that's what I Cinta about her, she totally rocks! \m/

She is somewhat the flirt in the girls. She is so addicted to crushes and sometimes she don't even care about her studies O.O. One time, she had a REALLY great crush on VJ that she hated her best friend, Aliyah for VJ having a crush on her (woah, THAT was, weird o.O) Neh, she forgot about it and guess what?!? She had a new crush but is YOUNGER than her! well, a little bit younger (For example, She is in 5th grade and she had a crush on a 4th grade student)And she pretends that she and her crush!? LOL wtf...

She is our 1st honor and a total smarty-pants! She always cares about her studies and almost forgot to get-together with us girls..:(. She was my best friend but since I heard about her that Every time we got a higher scores than her in every activities we had, she ignores us...I decided we should be just..*friend.. :(. She is a total peminat of Justin Bieber and that's what I hate about her XD

Yeah..That were my classmates XD LOL!
 Another thing that we had XD
Another thing that we had XD