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The man chained up kowlaski on a table..the same meja, jadual he used on Rico...there was blood all over the table...kowlaksi shaked...cold sweat coming down his chest ...his backed was soaked in blood...he could feel the stickiness all over his back...the man when he was done strapping up kowalski, took Rico over to another meja, jadual and strapped him up...

Kowaslki: why are u doing this to us!! What did we do to u!!

The man turned around and held down his neck..

Man:why?! WHY!! anda penguins have been hurting me for four years now!!


The man let go of kowlaskis neck....making kowlaski...
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    Lorrie had become anxious. What the hell did drake find that was so horrible that he couldn’t tell her on the phone?

    The apartment that she and drake were staying in was only a few minutes’ drive from Central Park. Lorrie awaited on a park bench holding Kowalski in her lap. She didn’t bother with wasting time putting him in his cage.

    A cab pulled up at the side of the park a couple of minit after Lorrie had arrived and drake stepped out. After tipping the cabbie, he scanned the park, and when he spotted her, he paced...
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This is basically menunjukkan all the body's that the penguins found while in heavenly host, and how they were killed and what zoo they went to, tell me what anda think about it:D

Central zoo high

Cause of death: stabbed multiple times, tongue removed

Cause if death: possessed sejak evil spirit and hung himself

Central zoo elementary

Cause of death:crushed sejak Supernatural force against wall, died instantly

Seaville high
Cause if death: stabbed multiple times all over...
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posted by Number1SkippFan
hei this is my first fanfic so plz no hate! :)
I'm probably going to focus lebih on Skipper's POV. Srry I didn't mention what POV means I've seen it a lot and thought anda guys knew what it meant, well anyway, POV means point of view. Enjoy! :)

Skipper's POV:
I tried to steer clear of Kat and Marlene for the past couple days, but it's been hard, well, it should be, Kat is our roommate, and Marlene drops sejak daily.

"Skippa? Where's your coffee?" Private asked me

"I don't want any" I replied

"Skipper still isn't himself after what happened Private" Kowalski berkata annoyed, probably because he tells Private...
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posted by peacebaby7
Pitterpatterpitterpatterpitterpatter... berkata the raindrops as they made contact with the roof of the HQ. That, and the tick-tocking of the clock, were the only sounds that filled the air. Kowalski and Rico sat at the meja, jadual in silence, occasionally exchanging glances. Skipper leaned against a nearby dinding staring out the window, even though there was nothing to see but the blueness of the water in their pond. He had made some coffee and was holding a mugfull, but he hadn't drinken any of it and had allowed it to get cold. None of them had berkata a single word since they'd returned.

Kowalski and...
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posted by misscrazel
Sorry if it's not chapter five.
"Kowalski," berkata Skipper "were going to Dads house."
"Is that bad?" asked Kowalski anxiously.
Skipper nodded.

They arrived at a large house. It had a sign on the door that berkata TO BE CONTINUED

Sorry I'm sick of Penulisan right now. I need to make this longer.
~~~,~~~~••••••••••• shaps. anda don't have to read this
The penguins arrived to their HQ. Outside it was dark and cold. They gently put Private in his bunk.
"Kowalski analysis" Skipper said.
"Private has got deep wounds but I think he'll be fine" Kowalski berkata looking at unconscious Private.
"I'm working on a new experiment which can help him, but I and Rico have to go and find necessary parts"
Skipper nodded and the two penguins went out of the HQ.
Little penguin opened his eyes when he heard his leader's voice.
"Are anda alright?" Skipper asked.
"Yes, thanks for asking… what about Katherine?"
"I don't know"
Private tried to sit, but he...
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Everybody attacked, but he managed to slip out.
The others continued, not knowing they we're beating each other up


Kowalski: I gotta hide! I gotta hide! Huh! Burt's habitat!

Burt: What are anda doing here, Maurice? Shouldn't anda be pampering your king?

Kowalski: It me! Kowalski!

Burt looks confused.

Kowalski: I'll explain later, but don't let the other know I'm here!

Skipper: Oh, Kowalski?

Kowalski jumps behind a pile of hay.

Skipper: Burt, do anda know where Kowalski is?

Burt: Sure! He's right there!(Points to Maurice in Kowalski's body)

Skipper: No! We swapped bodies. That's Maurice!

Burt: Oh!...
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posted by peacebaby7

Skipper: "I can't believe we fell for that cute & cuddly act Private put on."

Kowalski: "Yes, we fell for it like first tahun hatchlings."

Rico: *sadly* "Uh-huh."

Skipper: "So...Now that we're probably miles off course...where do we go from here?"

Kowalski: *looks at stars* "Well, according to the stars...we should find water...that way." *points in direction*

Skipper: "You got that from the stars?"

Kowalski: "Yeah. I spent some time studying the solar system, bintang charts, solar radiation--"

Skipper: "--In Americano please."

Kowalski: "I learned a lot of angkasa stuff."

Skipper: "Oh. Well...we...
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posted by SkippX101
Skipper sipped his hot coffee, Kowalski poured a mixture of chemicals in a jar, Private was watching Lunacorns and Rico was brushing his anak patung hair. Just then, out of the blue, Private turned around and looked at Skipper .“What is it Private?”. “Umm..Skippah? I have been meaning to ask anda this for a while…”Private trailed off. “Im waiting.”. “*Gulp*... How did anda end up being who anda are?”
Skipper chocked on his coffee. Kowalski poured to much liquid into the jar, which in turn...Exploded. Rico ripped his anak patung head off sejak pulling on her hair to hard. Private gulped again,...
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posted by alex463
Alex and skipper been dating for 5 months and this time skipper is taking Alex to see fireflies and Alex is really exceid
Kolwaski, Private and Rico are going to spy on skipper and Alex. Alex: skipper tons is pretty skipper: i Cinta anda Alex. Alex : i Cinta anda too sejak the end of the tarikh Alex and skipper Ciuman on the lips and kolwaski , private and Rico watch alex fell asleep on skipper sejak actticd.skipper nuzzled Alex with his break and the rest is history And then skipper left Alex sleep on his katil and whent on training when Alex woke up-she wint to the Russo house hold and skipper waved at Alex and she wave back and when she came back Alex Ciuman skipper Alex: well looks like I sleep on your katil *giggles* then the rest was history
posted by Metallica1147
Author's note: hei this is my first peminat Fiction story that I made on everyone over there seemed to like and I hope anda guys too. Also I use some Metallica songs in my story (Yes I combine POM with Metallica.) Songs I used: The Memory Remains, King Nothing, Nothing Else Matters, and the Unforgiven Part 1.Also sorry for any spelling errors, and please no don't say anything bad it's my first story.

A Rocking roommate
Chapter 1: The News

    It’s a normal Sunday morning, and the penguins are outside doing their usual training routine.

“… And kick, punch,...
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posted by woowie
It was midnight. A box arrived at the Zoo. It was telah diberi to Zookeeper Alice, who brought the krat over to the penguin exhibit, then opened it. Out came two penguins, a small one, and a taller one. Alice left once the two creatures were in the exhibit. "Where are we?" asked the smaller penguin. "I don't It's too dark. A football stadium, maybe?" The two dozed off.

"Skipper, who's that?" a voice said. "I don't know, but they better leave! Rico!"
The girls woke up. "Who are you?" the small one said. "I'm Skipper," one said, "this is Kowalski, Private, and Rico." "Bleyableh!" berkata one of the taller ones. "Oh. Well, I'm Kat, and this is Ally. Nice to meet you!" berkata the taller girl. There was a long silence, broken sejak Rico. "Bleh!" he yelled.