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posted by TheRatKing1
MacGuffium 239 was, as anda know, mentioned in "It's About Time". It was a pink, glowing liquid. But, what exactly would it look like if it was real? ......................................................................................................First, let's get a lesson in the periodic table. The Periodic meja, jadual is grouped sejak similar properties with each of its 117 elements (some of which haven't been verified, but I won't get into that since it's difficult to explain). Elements are ordered sejak their atomic number, which is the number in the bahagian, atas left corner of the element square. Under...
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Chrome Claw: Take 1

Blowhole: "Oh, Skipper...You have lebih urgent matters to deal with..."

Skipper: "Like what?"

Blowhole: "Like...A certain mutation, I like to call..."

HD Surround Sound: "Chrome Claw"

Mutation: *roars*

Skipper: "Oh! So anda did get around to making that monster!"

Blowhole: "Yes. And I'm rather pleased with how he turned out..."

*Skipper & Mutation begin to battle*

Kowalski: "That would be extremely impressive if it weren't about to--"

Mutation: *hits penguins*

Kowalski: "--AAAAH!"

Kowalski/Rico: *hit dinding & ricochet back out*

Private: *slams into dinding with excessive force*
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'Julien's Muzik player'

Private - O jejku jej!

Kowalski - Nie patrz tam!

Rico - Hej, zarościk mam!

King Julien - Pudełko me nagle rozrosło się
i unosi się hen to straszne wiem.

Mort - Król jakoś dziwnie nasz gada,
mam lęk, że to może być wada.

King Julien - Mam wielką chętkę sejak tak wam

Mort - To jest straszne, brzydkie i złe.

King Julien - Co ja zrobić mam?
Śpiewać się chce!

'I wanna control you'

Blowhole - Tylko ja doskonale wiem
jak ujarzmić bestię tę.
Czy wysłuchasz mego kojącego solo?
Wokół nas głupków gęsty tłum,
nie każdy ma mózg lub też inaczej...
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hei guys! ^^

This is just a Rawak idea I had while browsing the Internet. Here is a huraian of the POM characters.

Hope anda like it! Enjoy! :)


The leader of a Badass Crew of Commando Penguins, voiced sejak DreamWorks animator/TV series co-creator Tom McGrath. He speaks in a crisp, hard-edged tone like a cool spy from a film noir movie. In the TV series, Skipper is somewhat abrasive with the other three penguins, often chastizing them and Dope Slapping them to keep them in line.
Tropes associated with Skipper:•...
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posted by legendary7
Crumpling up a failed plain, Hans crossed his fins and threw the paper across the room furiously. Hans had been scribbling down ideas of how to abolish Skipper and his team, but mostly Skipper.

He pondered, 'Maybe I should get a hobby? No, there had to be something I haven't tried yet.'

The meja, jadual in front of him was covered with scattered papers.

It had been lebih than two months after he had met his nemeisis last. His flippers rummaged through the sheets of paper. The left fin met a hidden red button. He seized it with an evil grin.

"Oh, I forgot about you."

Pushing down on the button, before...
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Time Out: Kowalski invents a device that stops time. It's so amazing, King Julien wants it badly! When he does get his hands on it, and he breaks it, it gives Kowalski and King Julien all the time in the world. After finding out that King Julien messed with the TimeStopWatch while Kowalski was away, Kowalski realizes that it might have permanently stopped time. Will things go back to normal, atau will it be the hari the Earth stood still forever?

Our Man in Grrfurjiclestan: Special Agent Buck Rockgut is back! And he has an urgent message: The Red tupai brainwashed an agent to infiltrate the...
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Gut Instinct: Every hari at the zoo, Gladys feeds the zoo Haiwan treats, much to Alice's displeasure. After Gladys slips and falls on a mangga pit that came from the lemur habitat, King Julien faces the wrath of the zoo animals. But Skipper's gut has a different say (literally) on this, prompting an investigation. All the signs point to King Julien, but was it really him this whole time, atau is it merely the insatiable need for vengeance at hand? And can they save King Julien in time before his punishment?

I Know Why the Caged Bird Goes Insane: Once a year, the Invention Expo (INVEXPO) showcases...
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Chapter 2: I’m on My Way

Later that night Brandon and Marlene left the zoo when everyone was asleep. They made not one noise while leaving to make sure no one woke up. They had left the zoo and made their way. However, Brandon and Marlene had trouble getting to Coney Island. They were so used to being with the penguins when they were outside the zoo, but this time they were on their own.

“Which one is the subway?” asked Brandon.

“Brandon, I think their both the subway.” berkata Marlene.

“No! One say Subway A, the other says Subway B! And their both on opposite sides of the street. One...
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posted by SJF_Penguin2
Note: For a while, I've had an idea about Penulisan a short scene with the unseen "My car!" guy, whose car is frequently damaged atau destroyed sejak the penguins. And today I have written such a scene. I hope anda will enjoy it.


The man sighed and then dialed his cell phone. "Hi, I would like to file a claim for the damage my car sustained this morning," he berkata when his call was answered sejak an agent at the auto insurance company.

"What is the nature of the damage to your vehicle, sir?" the agent asked.

"It's totaled. There was an explosion of some sort...
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 but... what's that?
but... what's that?
"it's complete!!!" kowalski shouted as he completed his incredible and new invention: super personality swap

"excelent kowalski, but, what does that excactly does?" skipper asked curiously

"it's a potion that depending on your deepest secrets it changes your personality!"

"I wanna see it!" private shouted running at kowalski, but they crashed and the potion went through the celing

"private, don't rush at nobody like tha-" but before skipper could finish his sentence the liquid splashed in the angry penguin, who fell through an open hole of the swewer, he fell in the water and started to go away...
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Rebekah (OC, sorry, I wrote this a while back and didn't want to change it)

Rebekah: Hey, Skipper! There is this awesome new Chinese restaurant that I think anda should try sometime!
Skipper: Oh really?
Rebekah: Yeah! Here's the phone number for it.
*Rebekah hands Skipper a slip of paper with a phone number on it*
*Skipper dials the number*
Lady: Chinese fooood. May I help you?
Skipper: Yeah, I'd like to place an order.
Lady: How much anda like?
Skipper: Yeah, I'd like, uh, four orders of garlic fish.
Lady: And then?
Skipper: And then four orders of white...
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Chapter One: A New Friend for Private
A young penguin was creeping along in the shadows, breathing heavily, trying to stay hidden. He looked around the corner only to see nothing. He tobogganed to the seterusnya wall. Almost there, the penguin thought. He froze in his tracks when he heard footsteps, quickly pressing himself against the cold concrete wall, hoping that the person wouldn't see him. Unfortunately, luck wasn't with him, and a penguin saw him.
 "Hey, guys! Look!" the penguin yelled, pulling the frightened bird from the shadows. "I found him!"
 A group of penguins formed around the two,...
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So Here's My Coca-cola Ad Celebrating The 150th Annivercery of The Company. This Commercial Stars Marlene.

It Starts Of With a Coca-cola Vending Machine, In The Zoo, Then Marlene walks up to it, all wet (she went to the mata air, air pancut for the money for the drink), Then She Jumps to put the money in the Machine, then as she falls back to the ground she presses the button. It Doesn't come out so she bangs it. It Still doesn't Comes Out, she Growls and Bangs On It About 4 atau 5 times, HARD, The Can Stills Doesn't Comes Out, Then She Looks In The thing where the cokes come out, Then she Gets sucked in...
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Hey! Bob here. Bob the Piñata. Lives in the Central Park Zoo at the lemurs' habitat. King Julien really spends quality time with me even though I have no lebih Kandi in my body, after Kowalski was all crazy about my candy-giving powers.

It was a bright, sunny, and bright hari in Central Park. Tourists visited. Pigeons pooped on the zoo bell. Janitors working hard to clean it up. Yeah, a pretty normal hari for me and the other Haiwan in the zoo.

Meeting at the Zoovenir Shop; 8:30 pm sharp, as I read what was written on the whiteboard in every habitat. After a few lebih hours later, King Julien,...
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posted by skipperfan5431
THE seterusnya DAY!!!!!!!!!
The seterusnya hari at school, Lilly ignored everyone as she waddled down the hall. She was still upset about having to dump Skipper the night before, and she didn't want to talk. "I feel bad for her.."--"Skipper's never gonna find one like HER again"--"She's single now?"--"who's she going to homecoming with!?" Was some of the gossip going around the school halls. Kowalski and Rico were sitting nect to the lockers. "Man...I can't help but feel bad for her. I know she really liked him." Kowalski said. Rico made a whistling noise and nudged Kowalski. Then an announcement came over...
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posted by fox_tamer_113
I never thought I reach chapter 4! I'm on a roll! :D

I want to thank LeonardFan and egel_0507 for commenting last chapter! :D

Anyways, lets continue on the story!


Dimension 1 (Evil me)
Penguins HQ

Everyone jump at hearing the crash, and almost yelp. Skipper shushed them as they waited for something to happen...

"He-hello~ Anybody here? I-I hope not..." A voice from outside echoed as it opened the entrance and climb down.

"Ma-Marlene is that you?" Private whispered, confused and scared sejak the fact Marlene looks... Abused.

Yes. Marlene, which is a friend to the penguins, looks... Abused, in one...
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posted by Bluepenguin
The flickering of a small lamp illuminates the penguins' faces, some filled with fear atau excitement, and others, boredom. Skipper stands in the center of the ring of penguins, and holds an eerie flashlight to his face.

Skipper: Tonight, as anda can tell, is horror night! So, who wants to go first?

Rico, Private, and Kowalski sit motionless.

Kowalski: Fine, I'll give it a go.

Kowalski stands up and takes the flashlight from Skipper.

Kowalski: Alright.... once, there was a scientist, and he decided to create an experiment...

Skipper raises his "eyebrow", knowing that Kowalski's story will be predictable....
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posted by krazy4kowalski
That special time of tahun is now upon us. The Kids Choice Awards are back! Once again, The Penguins of Madagascar has been nominated for Best Cartoon. But we are also competing against three of the best Kartun on television, including last year's winner, Spongebob Squarepants. The compatition is tough, but we as peminat-peminat are stronger. We have two virtues that no other peminat group posseses: Undying passion and endless patience.With these, we can not fail! I call upon all of anda as peminat-peminat of The Penguins of Madagascar: Go onto and click on the KCA Voting button. Vote every day, lebih than once if anda have time. The Penguins are the first nominee for Best Cartoon on the left, so anda can just keep clicking the first picture until it tells anda that you're done and can hantar your votes! This is very important to many of us, so try your best. Happy voting!!!
Well thanks to my little freinds on Nickelodeon messageboard here are: canitry115's opinon, Ajjeville's opinon, Kowalski17's opinon, Kowalski28's opinon, Jessi54's opinon, actress101's opinon, Newwolf99's opinon, Skrp1234's opinon, Zakaro's opinon, Privtrcks's opinon, Intelect21's opinon, ayeaye2010's opinon, and garfish's opinon:

should kowalski get over doris?

Date: 01/23/11 6:06 PM
From: canitry155

I've been thinking and when i see how many posts the kowalski peminat board has i'm like omg kowalski has a lot of peminat-peminat and quite a few have crushes on him! I also think since he has so many peminat girls...
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