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 Napping on the job Marlene?
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Innocence 01.12.16

Disclaimer: MaryRose is an OC owned sejak GrandOldPenguin. She is featured in his story, Beyond DNA as well as its short sequel, Operation: Fluffy merah jambu Sugar. While credit for the idea and Penulisan of this installment is mine, MaryRose belongs exclusively to GrandOldPenguin. In addition, I highly recommend Membaca both Beyond DNA and Operation: Fluffy merah jambu Sugar if anda haven’t already.

— § —

“Ugh! I can’t believe this!” MaryRose complained as she dropped into HQ, where Marlene was washing dishes.

Skipper dropped in behind her. “MaryRose, I told anda not to go places...
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Breaking the Rules 08.10.15

“All right,” Kowalski said, shuffling the card deck. “We’re playing a game called ‘Obtenir Encore.’”

Skipper arched a brow. “What?”

“It’s French. Don’t worry about it,” Kowalski said. He dealt four cards to each player. “Dealer goes first and we alih counter-clockwise from there,” he explained, picking up his hand and sliding the deck to the center of the table. He studied his cards and placed an ace of spades face-up seterusnya to the deck.

After studying his cards carefully, Private picked a card and placed a four of diamonds on bahagian, atas of Kowalski’s...
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"It's that it?"

"No, there's still a few left, sir."

"Well? What are they? Give us a list. Rico and I will gather them as soon as he comes back from gathering the last senarai anda gave him."

"Sure! Just give me a few moments."

"This had better work, Private. I still say it's a waste of time."

"Don't worry! It will! I just hope that Kowalski is all right with it."

Kowalski paused on his way to the HQ's slightly covered entrance. Bits of conversation had seeped out, and they were not making any sense to the scientist. What were Private and Skipper talking about? That was not the thing what worried Kowalski,...
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Eight Months Later

Kowalski woke with a yawn and hopped down from the bahagian, atas bunk. He slugged his way over to the coffee machine to start Skipper’s brew when he realized it’d already been made. Suddenly alert, he turned to see Skipper’s bunk empty and a faint light coming from under his lab door. He gently pushed it open and peered in.

Skipper was facing away from him at the parallel bars Rico had built for him when he’d finally stood up from his wheelchair two weeks ago. So far, he hadn’t been able to do much but stand and pivot, but Skipper kept swearing he could feel in his gut that...
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Hi,I Added This Video & I Hope That anda Guys Will Cinta It,Because I Cinta It To...
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the rembrandts
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Author's Note: And here's the seterusnya chapter. I also want to thank SaturdaySurpris for reviewing. Enjoy!

Private and I walked back to the zoo. “So,” asked Private, “how was it?”

I grinned at him. “Amazingly delicious.”

He beamed. “See, everybody likes snow cones.”

I laughed. “You were right, Private. Race anda back to the zoo.”

I took off sliding. He ran a little before launching himself. “Not fair!” yelled Private. “You got a head start!”

We arrived, laughing, at the penguin habitat. “Uh oh,” berkata Private, sliding to a stop.

I followed his glance to see a very...
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Author's Note: Here's the seterusnya one! Hope anda like it!

About two weeks had passed since the visit from Leo. Thankfully, the penguins treated me the same way as they would if they had not heard about Billy. I think Skipper ordered them not to say anything. However, I know they knew.

Each of them would shoot a sympathetic glance at me when they thought I was not looking. I have heard Skipper talk to himself about me when everybody was asleep. Fortunately, I was now completely well and could train once more. Unfortunately, Skipper and I argued a lot.

I breathed in the fresh scent of early morning....
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Author's Note: Here's the seterusnya chapter. I decided to post both of them because
(1) I had them already typed out on my computer
(2) I didn't update the story for a while
(3) I wanted to celebrate 2014!
Also, this chapter is in nobody's PoV. The other chapters (except otherwise noted) will be in Nathan's PoV. Enjoy!

“Nathan didn’t always work alone,” explained Leo. “He had a partner –Billy.”

“What happened?” asked Private.

“I’ll get to that part soon,” berkata Leo. “Together, Billy and he were one of the best.”

He glanced at Skipper. “Perhaps anda know them, Skipper.”

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