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 'Little Dorrit' Production Still
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Source: BBC
Production foto from the BBC adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel. Already aired in UK, will air in the US in 2009.
little dorrit
production still
charles dickens adaptation
starring matthew macfadyen and claire foy
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2003 film starring Ciaran Hinds as an arrogant man who sells his wife and daughter, then spends the rest of his life trying to make up for it.
2003 film
ciaran hinds
the mayor of casterbridge
thomas hardy adaptation
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period films
era men tribute
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"BLANCHE FURY" (1948) Review

I suspect that many peminat-peminat of costume dramas would be fascinated to know about the series of period dramas released sejak the British film industry during the post-World War II era. A good number of those films were released sejak a British film studio known as Gainsborough Pictures. But not all of them were released through this particular studio. Some were released through other studios atau production companies . . . like the 1948 period drama, "BLANCHE FURY".

Based upon the 1939 novel written sejak Marjorie Bowen (under the pseudonym of Joseph Stearling), "BLANCHE FURY" told...
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Tyrone Power's career took a strange turn during the post-World War II years. Although he still managed to maintain his position as one of Twentieth Century Fox's bahagian, atas stars during the remainder of the 1940s, something happened as the 1950s dawned. Powers still found himself in Grade A Filem during that particular decade. But he also seemed to appear in a growing number of standard costume melodramas.

Twentieth Century fox lent Powers to Universal Pictures to bintang in the 1953 drama called "THE MISSISSIPPI GAMBLER". Directed sejak Rudolph Maté, "THE MISSISSIPPI...
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When the 1995 adaptation of John Ehle's 1971 novel, "The Journey of August King" hit the theaters, it barely made a flicker in the consciousness of moviegoers. In a way, I could see why.

"THE JOURNEY OF AUGUST KING" begins with widowed farmer August King traveling through the hills of western North Carolina in the spring of 1815, after selling his produce, making a final payment on his land, and purchasing goods at the local markets. During his journey, he learns about a hunt for an escaped slave. August eventually comes across the slave - a 17 year-old...
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Damien Lewis stars in this 2002 adaptation of John Galsworthy's series of books.
john galsworthy
damien lewis
the forsyte saga
british period film
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Source: Nio (no longer has a website)
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