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'SNL': Peter Dinklage Goes Behind the Scenes with 'Game of Thrones' Naga


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ilanmore said:
They say Great things come in small packages
and in the case of Peter Dinklage that could not be more true,
every small nuance of Peter Dinklage in games of thrones is nothing short of Genius actor who can capture the moment and make me appreciate the art of role playing,
the cast is very talented but i was hypnotize by his role and the way he
carry out the story line ,not many people can understand the difficulty
of casting a serious role due to his measurement
but for me he is the tallest actor in the cast and the one who i enjoy the most.
i thank the production for casting him and i hope to see more of this little genius
on the big screen.
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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