phineas,ferb and isabell r all grown up and r living side sejak side

the regular happens as isabella walks through the door "wat-cha doin?" phineas says "i wonder who that could be" izzy giggles as phineas tells her "we are making blueprints for a house they could stay in, i mean we see each other everyday." isabella says"can i stay too" she berkata as she got closer to his face he blushes as he tells hes sure.
-----------------------2 weeks pass----------------------------"ok ferb and isbella get ur stuffed packed"phineas berkata as he walk inside.a saat diddnt even pass when isabella walks inside"oh hi isabella uh, ur here quick well anywase go pick your room" "wheres urrr rooom?"phineas blushes nervesly as he pointed to a room with his name on the door. then isabella goes into the room seterusnya to it.
-------------------------1 week later----------------------------after they were all done unpacking phineas and ferb finish up a strang machine as they go inside ferb accidentally steps on the button that starts it up.isabella went outside 2 do her daily routeen "hey wat-ca do-she stops as the machine tells her that she could look into the future she just had to ask. she then asked it who she was gonna marrie.then a flash of Warna apperd then she felt weird as her sight cleared she saw that she was at someones wedding as she looks around she sees beautiful pelangi, rainbow streamers and all the decorations seem to be her dream wedding strange,she thought to herself sejak the snacks and beverages there were baloons the shape of her and ferbs head she started to cry.
-------------------------30 min later-------------------------after crying and wondering why it was ferb "ewwwww i Cinta phineas and thats final" then a familar face shows up, phineas. "why r u out here without your dress and all ur makeup on?????" "wa but how"isabella berkata as she was being picked up and carried off in front of a room and set her down he ran of to go meet with the groom. she went inside the room and the whole room froze as the looked at the other isabella. she started to explaine herself as the room fell back into movement.then our isabella starts asking the other isabella questions.
----------------------30 min later----------------------------after explaining everything our isabella starts to cry she was upset that she was gonna marrie ferb and not phineas.