Please don't be rude but this is my first artikel and I am pretty young so hope u enjoy! "Where could I leave her?" thought a young German Shepard as she was carrying her week-old female anjing, anak anjing across Danville. "Who would want a half dog half serigala, wolf pup with a crocked tail with a wird bintang on her right front paw?! Why did I a champion pet agree dog have to get involved with a wolf?" As she was thinking she saw a nice utama with 4 children (Candace ,Phineas ,Ferb ,and Isabella.) with a platypus and two loving parents though a window decorateing a Krismas tree. "They are the ones." she thought. This pup was a bit strange because she owned a great power. She had super speed, laser eyes,invulnerability,really strong, could talk to humans ,and knew who was right for who. Phineas, was 15,Ferb 16,and Izzie was 14. When phineas herd a Door loceng ring he rushed to the door to see who was there.To his surprise all he found was a tiny pup in the snow with out a mother.As he picked her up he noticed the tail and the bintang on her paw so he called Linda and with a couple words and charm Dixie's story as Cupid on earth had begun.