The tiny pup (now named Dixie sejak Isabella) didn't know about her powers but eventually found out and kept them a secret until she was practiceing how to use them when Phineas walked in on her so she spoke (B.T.W her first words that Phineas herd was "HOLY BONES")witch when he herd them he passed out cold for a couple of minit until Dixie slapped him awake.And to her surprise found out that she had lebih powers which were super bark ,ground pound ,hipnotizeing howl ,and for some reason she could tackle any one in a miles distance, and hard.Phineas told everyone but they still kept thir pet dog-wolf. It turned out that she was not just the Flynn-Flecher dog but turned out that she was everyones dog her full FULL name had to be Dixie (Dixon) Flynn Fletcher Garcia Shapiro Rai van Stormm Johnson Doofenschmertz. Phineas was angry at Ferb for not telling him that he was dateing Vanessa but Dixie helped cool him down. So Krismas was just a week away so Dixie wanted to have a pijama party because she wanted to get to know everyone to the deepest secrets.