" Good night kids have fun." Lawrence berkata as he and Linda walked up the stairs " But not too much fun." Linda called back. They (or at least Dixie hitting Phineas in the back so that he would bump in to Isabella. His entire face turning red but,Izzie just smiled.) began the bantal fight. "Start your stations!" Dixie yelled "the fight will start in 3,2,1,0 THIS IS SPARTA!!!" she berkata hitting Baljeet in the face then Buford leveing them with only 4 lives left. Ferb hit everyone except Dixie because she was too fast. At one point Dixie hit Phineas in the back again makeing sure that he would land on bahagian, atas of Izzie making noses tuch."Sorry about that" he berkata " it's ok I'm not hurt." she berkata " Thank God" he berkata as they were getting up "hey Cinta birds are anda going to fight atau what?" Dixie berkata makeing them blush.At the end only Dixie and Ferb remained. Ferb:1 life Dixie:4. Dixie jumped high in to the air landing on Ferb and hitting him with the pillow. And the game was over! She gained victory because for the first time in history Ferb was defeated!