The sun scorched down on the earth, burning roads and suffocating grass. It was one of the hottest days in Danville anyone could remember.
"Hey, Phineas!" Isabella peeped as she entered the boys' backyard. "What'cha doin'?"
"Hey Isabella," Phineas berkata as he sat up to face her. "Nothing yet. It's too hot to do anything."
It was a pretty hot day; almost ninety-seven degrees out.
"I know how we could cool down," Isabella said, smiling. "Who wants to go swimming at my house? We can invite over Buford and Baljeet too."
"Sounds cool!" berkata Phineas, getting up. "We'll meet anda at your house in ten minutes."
"Great!" Isabella berkata in an excited tone. She had a new purple bikini that she couldn't wait to tunjuk Phineas.
Back at the Flynn-Fletcher household, the boys were grabbing their need things. Sunscreen, towels, flip-flops, and swim trunks. They quickly slipped their trunks on and headed out.
"Bye Mom!" Phineas called as he and Ferb raced down the stairs. "We're off to Isabella's to go swimming. We'll be back soon!"
"You have fun!" Linda called as the brothers left.
When walking out, Phineas and Ferb ran into Buford and Baljeet.
"Where are anda going?" The bully demanded squarely.
"Isabella's," Phineas answered, awkwardly standing on one foot to put his right flip-flop on and then the left. "She invited you, anda know."
Buford dropped Baljeet and dragged him across the lawn. "We'll be there soon," He said, walking back the direction to his house.
"What about my house?" Baljeet complained. "I need to get changed too!"
"Oh, yeah," Buford let go of Baljeet. "Go ahead."
The boys continued to walk over. They peeked above her backyard fence and waved. Isabella was busy trying to get Pinky out of the pool. The little dog paddled and barked as if he was enjoying it.
"No, Pinky!" Isabella growled. "Bad dog! Stop-" She squealed as he wadded right seterusnya to her, splashing water about into her face.
"Need any help?" Phineas offered, laughing.
"Seems like it!" She giggled back, trying to seize her pet.
Phineas set down his stuff and jumped into the pool, splashing Isabella when he landed.
She didn't look too pleased. "Thanks," She said, her tone hinted with humor.
"Sorry," Phineas laughed again. He snatched his hands out and gently grabbed Pinky, holding him while he squirmed.
Phineas and Isabella set the wet dog outside of the pool and he shook wildly, trying to dry off.
"I knew I shouldn't have let him outside," Isabella muttered, getting out of the pool to bungkus, balut Pinky in a towel.
Phineas's hati, tengah-tengah thumped as he saw her in the bikini. She had such a beautiful figure...
He shook his head to clear the thought before she started to think he was weird for staring.
sejak now Buford and Baljeet had come over.
"Hi guys," Isabella greeted them, picking up the bundle of bulu wrapped tightly in a white towel. "I'll be right back. I need to bring Pinky inside." She opened the sliding glass door to her house and stepped in, closing the door again behind her.
Phineas climbed out of the pool and picked up his sunscreen and began to put it on.
The door slid open again as Isabella stepped out. She closed it and skipped over, humming as she stopped seterusnya to Phineas and Ferb.
"You look cute, Phineas," She commented, giggling.
"Thanks," Phineas replied, a bit confused of to why she had berkata that out of the blue. "You do too."
She blushed and giggled even more.
There was a sudden wave of water crashing down on Phineas, Isabella, Ferb, and Baljeet.
"Buford!" Baljeet hissed, shaking his hands. "What the heck was that for?"
Buford had done a huge meriam ball into to pool, soaking the four. "You came over to get wet, didn't you?" He retorted. "So why does it bother you?"
Baljeet crossed his arms.
Isabella stared challengingly at the bully. "That was pathetic," She chuckled. "I could make a bigger splash than that..."
"Yeah, right!" Buford pointed and laughed. "No way can a scrawny girl beat Buford!"
"Well you're certainly not scrawny in any way, are you?" She growled back, getting ready to jump. "You don't just jump in and make a splash with your backside, it's all in the back. That's where most of the splash comes from." She backed up about six feet, then running and jumping high into the air, doing a flip then landing on her back. It was true, the splash was almost two feet larger than Buford's.
Phineas clapped, Ferb and Baljeet joined in. Buford looked pissed.
Isabella opened her eyes and began to swim up. But something was keeping her down. The vent at the bottom had grabbed hold of the bottom part of her swim suit. She was caught.
Trying to scream for help, that only made her loose lebih breath. Water flooded into her mouth and lungs, causing her to cough, making lebih water come in. Panic began to take over her entire body, and she fought her way, trying to get loose, but struggling only made it worse. She lebih she moved, the less of time she could hold her breath. Isabella gave it one lebih try, but her body fell tired and weak.
Oh, perfect, She thought. I'm going to die down here in the cold water. No one sejak my side. How nice... Her eyes began to close very slowly. Her thoughts blackened as she passed out below the surface.
"Quick, somebody!" Phineas yelled, fear filling up in his body. "S-somebody, save her! I think she's stuck!"
Seeing that no one was going to help, Phineas jumped into the cold water. The cool feeling gripped his entire body as he swam down, forcing his eyes to stay open. He could merely catch sight of a body that lay at the bottom of the pool.
Her swim suit was caught on the vent. Obviously she was drowning.
He couldn't hold his breath much longer; but he had to reach her.
Swimming down farther, his lungs felt as if they were going to explode. Quickly he loosened her suit off the vent, pulling the poor girl up.
Just then, his mouth opened and he tired to breathe but all that went into his mouth was water.
Finally, his head burst upon the surface, and he hauled himself slowly up onto the shore, Isabella sejak his side.
He coughed and sputtered, his breath coming in gasps as he sucked in air.
Isabella still wasn't breathing. He knew what he had to do.
Leaning down, he glanced sharply at his Friends that stood around. "Well, don't watch me!" He growled. Phineas took a deep breath and leaned down again, pressing his cold lips against Isabella's. Phineas exhaled, giving his friend air; possibly as much as he could.
Isabella suddenly shot up, coughing and water came out from her mouth.
She was alive! But she was very weak and cold.
Phineas, himself weak too, lifted her up and carried the helpless girl inside her house.
She had almost drowned.
Phineas felt an overflow of happiness. He had saved her from dying.
"Phineas?" Vivian gasped. "What happened to anda two? Is my Isa alright?" Her voice was full of panic, as if Isabella was on the verge of dying. Luckily Isabella wasn't, and far from it.
Phineas didn't speak, he just set Isabella down on the couch. Vivian rushed over with two towels and gave each of them one. The children's breathing was heavy; both of them had come very close to death.
Warmness filled Phineas as Isabella leaned up and smiled, her eyes half-closed. "Phineas," She whispered very quietly. "You saved saved my life."
Phineas smiled back, closing his eyes and heaving a happy sigh. "You're okay," He breathed. He kept his eyes closed for a while, just to soak in the fact that he had been a hero today. He began speaking again once a soalan bugged him until her would ask, "How did anda get caught down there?"
"Obviously," Isabella sat up. "When Buford berkata that girls weren't tough enough to make a huge splash with a meriam ball, I wanted to prove him wrong. I guess I jumped too high and landed too hard, because when I came down, I was crashing towards the bottom of the deep end, caught on the vent. I couldn't breathe, it was cold, and, and," She started shaking, her eyes becoming blank with the memory. "I was very afraid. I knew I wasn't supposed to panic, Phineas, but what else could I do? I had to get loose, I just had to..." Then she shut her eyes tight. Phineas could tell she was scared. "Think, Phineas; if anda hadn't been there, I'd be dead sejak now."
The thought shook Phineas. She was right. If he hadn't been invited over to her house for a swim, Isabella would have probably drowned without anyone knowing. Lost in thought, Phineas didn't realize Isabella was looking at him like a cute, little child. She had this dreamy look on her face, and she had her hands in fists as her chin rest on them.
When he looked at her, she giggled and blushed.
"What?" Phineas asked, a hint of amusement to his tone.
Isabella wrapped herself in the towel even tighter, giggling lebih quietly. "Y-you," She began, smiling wider than ever. "You kissed me."
"It wasn't really a kiss," Phineas reminded her quickly, his pupils shrinking. "It was a way to save your life; to give anda air."
"Sure," Isabella said, and if it was possible, her smile became bigger. "Yeah. It so was." She was laughing now, her shoulders reaching her neck.
"You know perfectly well it was," Phineas said.
"Why are anda so happy about it, then?" Phineas asked, holding back every urge to smile.
Isabella broke into coughing again, holding her chest.
"Are anda okay?" Phineas gasped.
"I-I feel like I'm drowning ag-gain," She wheezed, her eyes wide with fear.
"But you're not in water!"
"I kn-know," She coughed more, leaning over and breathing sharp and quick. "What's wrong with m-me?"
Her voice sounded awkward as if it were muffled sejak water. "I think anda have too much water in your lungs," Phineas berkata warily, "Can anda breathe?"
"Barely," Isabella rasped, "Could anda get-" she stopped to cough. "-my mom, please?"
Phineas nodded quickly, almost tripping when he scrambled off the couch. "Mrs.Garcia-Shapiro!" He called, trying to keep his voice calm.
Vivian came down the stairs. "Yes, Phineas?" She asked, "What is it?"
"There's something wrong with Isabella," Phineas bolted back to the sofa, kerusi panjang where Isabella sat.
"Isa!" She gasped, immediately at her daughter's side. "What's wrong?"
Isabella took a deep breath and then looked at her mother. "I-I nearly drowned," She answered lightly. "Phineas saved me."
"But I think she might still have water in her lungs," Phineas said, his voice shook with fear.
Vivian looked the most upset. "Isa," She said, worried. She picked Isabella up. "You're going to be okay."
Phineas was lebih sure she was saying that to make herself feel better.
Isabella's mother turned her gaze to Phineas. "I need to get her to the hospital,"
"I want Phineas and Ferb to come," Isabella whispered very quietly. Her voice was scratchy.
"We don't want to worry my mom," Phineas said. "Do we need to tell her? She'll just think I'm over here..."
Vivian gave no expression. "I really don't care," She said. "As long as my Isa is going to be alright."
Phineas ran over to the sliding glass door and opened it, searching for Ferb. "Ferb!" He beckoned his brother over and whispered in his ear. "Isabella isn't alright. Mrs.Garcia-Shapiro is bringing her to the hospital-" Ferb's eyes widened. "-and Isabella really wants us to come. Don't tell Mom, we don't want her to worry."
Ferb seemed to ask, 'What happened?'
"She has water in her lungs, and if she doesn't get it out soon, she might..." Phineas didn't dare continue. "Come on." He said, walking in a quick pace.
After they had gotten into the car, Isabella had barely stopped coughing. She looked as if she were in pain.
"Isabella, are anda okay?" Phineas asked again. He was extremely worried.
Isabella shook her head. "It's hurts to breathe and talk," She croaked.
"Then don't talk," Her mother said.
"You should lay down," Phineas added.
Isabella closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder.
Please let her be okay, Phineas prayed silently.
They rushed her to the emergency room as soon as they arrived at the hospital. A tad bit embarrassed sejak being seen in their swim trunks, Phineas and Ferb were told to wait outside. They sat in chairs right seterusnya to each other.
Phineas was very impatient. It seemed like they had been waiting out there for ages even though it had only been an hour. No brother spoke a word; they were too worried.
"Phineas, Ferb," Vivian stepped out of the room. She looked very happy. "She's okay. They've drained the water from her; she can breathe now. anda can come in."
Isabella was still asleep when they walked in. Phineas didn't care. He was just glad she was alive!
She looks so peaceful when she sleeps, Phineas thought.
Suddenly, Isabella stirred and slowly opened her eyes, but only halfway. She rolled over to face Phineas and smiled. "Phineas?" She whispered. "Is that you?" She opened her eyes fully and looked around, sitting up. "Where am I?"
"You're in the hospital, Isabella,"
"When anda almost drowned anda had swallowed too much water. It was in your lungs, but they got it all out." Phineas explained. "You're okay now."
"And thank goodness," Vivian Garcia-Shapiro had walked over to her daughter, sighing with relief.
"When can I leave?" Isabella asked, Berlakon like her old self and as if nothing had happened. "I want to go home."
"You'll be able to go utama soon," Vivian promised.
Isabella frowned. "But I'm fine!" She said, standing up and bouncing on the bed. "See?"
"Isabella!" Her mother scolded. "Sit still, atau else the katil will close on you."
Isabella plopped down and crossed her legs. "I am feeling a bit tired," She admitted. "But if I sleep now I'll wake up around three o' clock in the morning."
Mrs.Garcia-Shapiro got up. "Will anda three be okay if I go to the bathroom?" She asked.
The three nodded.
"I have to go," Ferb said, raising his hand.
Isabella perfectly knew he didn't have to; he just wanted to leave her and Phineas alone together.
Once the two had left, Phineas sat on the bed, in front of Isabella.
"I'm really relieved that you're okay," He said, staring into her eyes.
Isabella liked that about him. Whenever he talked to you, he stared directly in your eyes.
"I'm glad too," She laughed. Then a teasing look gleamed in her eyes as she continued, "How badly did anda freak out?"
Phineas looked serious. "A lot. I've was afraid I might loose you- we might loose you." He quickly fixed what he said. "I don't know how I could live without you, Isabella...I would feel as if I have no purpose in the world anymore."
"Aww..." Isabella giggled. "That's so sweet. I would feel the same with you."
"It's true, though," Phineas said, inching a bit closer. "I live every hari just to hear your voice..." He inched closer even more.
"That's why I come over," Isabella replied. "Just to see you. Oh, and Ferb too."
Both of them moved closer until Phineas whispered into Isabella's ear, "The reason for all that is because..."
"Yes?" Isabella whispered back. Their noses were barely an inch apart.
"I think I Cinta you."
Inside Isabella's mind, she screaming happily like a little child. Outside, she couldn't speak. Finally! She thought. Before she could control herself, she pulled Phineas into her and she pressed his lips against hers. She was prepared for Phineas to push her away, but he looked like he was actually enjoying it. As she pulled away, Phineas's face looked dazed.
"Wow," He murmured.
"What?" Isabella giggled. "Too much?"
Phineas held up a finger. "No," His voice was woozy. His mouth was curved in a small smile.
This was it. The moment Isabella had been waiting for her entire life. Who knew, coming close to death was a way to get the true feelings out of a boy. Great way to find out, Isabella chuckled in her mind.