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*~*~Selling Poems for Props!~*~* anda get to tajuk them! (By mylittlemelody and her besties)

*~*~Selling Poems for Props!~*~* anda get to tajuk them! (By mylittlemelody and her besties)
1.I hate that feeling
The one I get when I'm sejak myself
When everyone leaves
What happens with me?
The loneliness returns...
I stare at the floor
I start walking off alone to no where
The loneliness is to painful to bear
Is it OK if i start to stare?
A warm hand grabs my ice cold fingers
I look up with a smile,
but it falters and fades
It was only a memory
The loneliness returns 2.Why do I feel alone
With so many people near?
I guess it's cause I really need anda here
My life now without anda has no point
My happiness vanishes into the cold pahit night
Blowing away across the sea
As my memory of anda fades away
My happiness endlessly flys through the sky
Once I forget anda and you're out of my mind
My happiness some how has a way to find
It's way back to me
And finally again I get to see
Your sweet face and me in your arms
Now I am no longer alone 3. I knew this girl I used to Cinta her than one hari she disappeared leaving behind fond memories she also left her bright blue hairbrush, the one she used to brush the fur, of her old stuffed rabbit Perr I m issed her lots that fateful hari she disappeared. 4.My friend,
anda always have my back
You'll never meet a foul end
Ever opposed to black
My colorful sister
Stare daggers to mister
Never in anothers shadow
anda never decieved me
In your eyes i see
The girl who never hurt my feelings
Sending others wheeling
I apologize for your sis
A battle lost, target amiss
A discrimination anda frown
And help me up when i am down
Stay the way anda are
And i'll Cinta anda for always
Our friendship will never fade
At rudeness anda Parr
Great friend Meadow
Stillness calming and unjudging
Cleans glasses when sees smudging
As yourself anda glow 5.I feel so alone
in my own miniscule world
No one understands me
They all think i'm perfectly happy
I'm smiling on the outside

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