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Although considered one of her most famous novels, 1934’s "Murder on the Orient Express" was not the first of Christie’s novels that featured a famous luxury train as a setting. The tahun 1928 saw the publication of another novel called "The Mystery of the Blue Train", which told the story of a brutal murder aboard the famous Blue Train.

This story had its origins in Christie’s 1922 novella, "The Plymouth Express", which told the story of the murder of an Australian heiress. Christie took that story and expanded it into a full-length novel,...
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After being on the air for nearly two decades, "Agatha Christie’s POIROT" decided to air its own version of the mystery writer’s 1934 novel, "Murder on the Orient Express". Although there have been two other well known adaptations of the novel – the famous 1974 movie that starred Albert Finney and the 2001 teleplay that starred Alfred Molina. But this latest version starred David Suchet (considered sejak many to be the ultimate Hercule Poirot) in the starring role.

Directed sejak Philip Martin and written sejak Stewart Harcourt, "MURDER ON THE ORIENT...
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"MRS. McGINTY'S DEAD" (2008) Review

Since it first aired on television, I must admit that I have paid scant attention to "MRS. McGINTY'S DEAD", ITV's 2008 adaptation of Agatha Christie's 1952 novel. I find this amazing, since the novel has always been a kegemaran of mine. I am not claiming that the 2008 movie is terrible. I was simply distracted sejak other matters during my last two viewings. This third viewing proved to be the Charmed and I finally was able to ascertain the movie's quality.

Unlike its literary source, "MRS. McGINTY'S DEAD" was not set in the early 1950s. Because the television...
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NOTE: If anda have never read Agatha Christie's novel, "Taken at the Flood" atau seen the 2006 Televisyen adaptation, I suggest that anda read no further. This review contains major spoilers.


"TAKEN AT THE FLOOD" (2006) Review

Written in 1948, Agatha Christie's novel called "Taken at the Flood" told the story of the Cloade family in post-war Britian, who depends upon the good will of their cousin-in-law, Rosaleen Hunter Cloade; after her husband and their cousin is killed in an air raid during World War II. When her controlling brother, David,...
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"LORD EDGEWARE DIES" (2000) Review

The worlds of Britain's upper-crust and artists mingled in Agatha Christie's 1933 novel called "Lord Edgeware Dies aka Thirteen at Dinner". There have been at least three movie and one radio adaptations of the novel in the past seven to eight decades. The most baru-baru ini was a 100 minit Televisyen adaptation that aired in 2000 on the ITV series, "AGATHA CHRISTIE'S POIROT".

In "LORD EDGEWARE DIES", Belgian-born detective Hercule Poirot is approached sejak celebrated stage actress, Jane Wilkinson aka Baroness Edgeware, to approach her rather unpleasant husband on the...
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