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Yes, I do have some lebih Glitch City stuff, but I have some other things first!

Easy Battle Frontier! AR Required

The Battle Frontier is a hard thing to finish, winning a series of battles to fight a harder trainer. Well, there is an easy way to win there. Here's how:

Make sure anda have the 1-hit kills and restore HP cheats on. Choose any Battle area, do the challenge the normal way, but when anda attack, activate the 1-hit kills trick. When attacked use the restore HP trick to give your Pokemon 999 HP.

Glitch Remnants

The newest feature in Glitch Busters are Glitch Remnants. Each edition will feature some classic glitches. Which will be a Glitch-Dex entry.

Glitch-Dex entry for 'M

Starting Moves:Water Gun, Water Gun, Sky Attack

Glitch-Dex entry for MissingNO

Starting Moves:Water Gun, Water Gun, Sky Attack
Forms:Block,Ghost,Aerodactyl fossil, Kabutops fossil

Glitch-Dex entry for A

Starting Moves: Cooltrainer, Pay Day, Guillotine, Razor Wind

Time To Enter Glitch City!

I have found lebih of the new Glitch City! There is a lot of new things! All of the Sinnoh Region can become glitched!

Glitch Oreburgh!

To enter Glitch Oreburgh, fly to Eterna City (You have to fly, atau the trick is cancelled), use the WTW cheat and walk through the Gym, don't enter it atau this won't work. Now, go to the statue in the center of town and walk south. Keep going south, if anda see a black patch alih away from it and stay one block from it, if anda enter it, anda might enter "Floroma Meadow" (More on that later.)
anda should find yourself in Oreburgh City after a while. The place will be like the sebelumnya Glitch City, white bars everywhere, buildings will be small squares, I actually found out that those squares are the doors. The Machops might be invisible, with only a dark bulatan on the ground.

Glitch League

This was mentioned in a sebelumnya Glitch Busters, the Glitch League is accessed sejak flying to Sunyshore City. Use the WTW cheat to walk ONE square from the door to the Gym and run through it, and keep going straight! The best way is to use Repels to avoid the seemingly endless supply of Pelliper and Tentacruel. anda should reach Victory Road, don't go in, just walk on the dinding and climb over. anda will find the PKMN League, now go in, walk into the Mystery Zone (The endless black area) and make one full run around the room (Like finding Regice in R/S/E), while it is not on the screen. Come back in on a straight line with the shop. If it works, there will be no ground, the locations where people were standing, will be shadows, there is no way to exit this place.

Glitch Meadow

The Glitch Meadow is accessed in every part of Sinnoh, even the rooms where the Elites and Champion are!
To do this, walk into any Mystery Zone (Strange how the place is named), and keep walking. This doesn't work all the time. But if it works, the game will act as if anda entered Floroma Meadow. The area is endless. Occasionally, anda will head a beep and the game will freeze. The sound is like when anda encounter a trainer, that is why I call this one Glitch-Trainer.
Glitch-Dex entry for Glitch-Trainer

Appears in: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum Mystery Zone
Causes: Game to freeze
Other information: Unknown

That is all the time we have today, but I will be back with lebih soon. Remember, komen and tell me YOUR glitch encounters.
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Empoleon (Cally) male Lv. 66
Staraptor (Rotarra) male Lv. 86
Garchomp (Terros) male Lv. 50
Infernape (Ashes) male Lv. 45
Alakazam (Salem) male Lv. 44
Toxicroak (Dokurog) male Lv. 44

This is my Pearl Team, and if you've noticed, they're all males even though I'm female. :P As anda can see, I have two of the final evolved starter Pokemon. Gasp! How could this be? Well, I caught myself a Ditto (Brody) and asked for a temporary trade with my friend. He traded me his Infernape, and I bred it with Ditto. Now I have like five Chimchar eggs, one Chimchar, and another Infernape. I also bred my Empoleon, and...
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the 2 to the funny spoofs last one :(
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Ok~ Everyone knows already about the game.


Some new things...
The Pokewalker- This little thing allows anda to transfer over a pokemon to go walking around with you. anda can catch pokemon atau find items as anda earn watts (A certain amount of steps earn anda 1 Watt, anda just build upon that) Currently I have the Yellow Forest open, this allows me to try my hand at catching rare Pikachu that may have 1 of these moves:Volt Tackle, Surf, Fly.

The pokemon walking behind anda is something that was elusive to Yellow but not anymore. Having the special Acreus (Japan) in your 1st slot activates a special...
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