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posted by TheSpartan9000
There is a disease called "Pokerus" that is spread all around the world sejak trainers who would want lebih power for their Pokemon. The trainers don't know about it's other effects. One hari a researcher named "Haden Sorman" looked at a Pokemon with Pokerus. He thought it looked so powerful that he wanted to know more. So then, Haden started extracting saliva off a Ratatta and tested it. It seems normal and usual. He then tested a infected Ratatta and see what was the results. The results say it gets 10x stronger but, as it has the disease for a longer time it gets out of control and possibly.......
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posted by wallah2001
Me:hay this is my first pokemon fanfic! It's penguinshipping

Ash:nice to meet you!

Misty:yah! I read your Fanpop profil and anda sound interesting!

Dawn:so like...you are coming up with this whole thing in your mind!?

Kenny:dee-dee I'm certin she is

Me:yah! I am!


Me:awe thanks drew!

Drew:I was being sarcastic

Me:(looks angrily at drew)

May:sorry! Sometimes drew is a big jerk

Me:it's ok anyways someone do the disclaimber!

Dawn:wallah2001 does not one pokemon

"hay dawn!"a certain 10 tahun old blue haired coordinator turned to find her childhood freind kenny a berangan, coklat tua haired 11 tahun old boy also...
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The first hari of Pokemon trainer highschool in the Unova region.

*at Warren and Hilda's house* *At 7:30 am*

Warren: *sleeping*

Hilda: *yells up the stairs* hei mom says wake and get dressed atau your gonna be late!

Warren: *wakes up* ugh fine tell mom I'll be down in five minutes!

Hilda: *yells up the stairs* what ever!

Warren: *gets out of katil and gets dressed* ugh why is she such a loud mouth *walks down stairs*
*In the kitchen*

Mom: now both of anda eat breakfast and choose one of your pokemon to take to school

Hilda: we can only have one pokemon?

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