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kertas dinding
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freaking awesome dupstep of lavender town
lavender town
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This is why anda don't mess with diglet.
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I'M LAAAAATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mina rushed out of her dorm. Again she had slept late. And again, nobody had decided to wake her up.
anda see, Mina was still in ranger school. Yes, anda heard me. POKEMON RANGER SCHOOL. Okay, I know lots of people don't believe in Pokemon, but it exists. Trust me, if anda look hard enough, you'll see a little Sunkern on the ground. And if anda walk far enough, you'll reach a bot leading to the Sinnoh region!
Now back to the story. Mina is always late. For parties, class, once she was late to her surprise birthday party and......well, thats a story for another time....
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posted by AKetchum01
The start of Pokemon Glitch Quest was because of an Evil Azumarill. This occurred about one tahun ago. I released an female Azumarill that was made to resemble this famed glitch, but that event didn't go so well. So, I am proud to present the RE-release of the Evil Azumarill!

About the Evil Azumarill

So, if anda don't know about the ORIGINAL Evil Azumarill, I suggest Membaca link about it. It was quite exciting during that time last year, and I quite enjoyed it.

So now that anda know...
To obtain the Evil Azumarill, anda MUST have at least 5 Gym Badges on any telah diberi Generation IV atau V game. Why? Because...
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((DISCLAIMER: This is my interpretation of the characters backstory from what Ive seen in the game so far, not the anime. It was just something I started out of boredom.))


Gladion sat on the side of his katil as he looked up at his Zubat who was playfully flying a short distance away from him. He let out a small chuckle before hearing Lillie’s quiet gasp of awe. “You and Zubat are amazing.” She berkata as a smile grew on her face. “I wish one hari I could be like anda two.”

“Well youd have to get through Mo-” Gladion began to speak before hearing a knock on the door of his bedroom...
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