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posted by AllegroGiocoso
Hi, my name’s Misty! I’m a Pokemon Trainer who aims to be a water Pokemon master. I Cinta raising water Pokemon, they’re so beautiful and charming… I just Cinta them! I’m a gym leader in Cerulean City, and I've traveled all over the world. But if you've watched the TV show, anda know all of that already! I’m Penulisan because I want to tell anda my story about what really happened after I left the TV show.
    I got the idea to write my story when a bad storm came to the town I was in. Hurrying for cover, I took shelter in the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy berkata it would...
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posted by AninditaS
Number Name Type
001      Bulbasaur      Grass/Poison
002     Ivysaur     Grass/Poison
003      Venusaur      Grass/Poison
004     Charmander     Fire
005     Charmeleon     Fire
006     Charizard     Fire
007     Squirtle     Water
008     Wartortle     Water
009     Blastoise...
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posted by animegrl52p
Written sejak Zoroark12

I am holy i am the Light
The light tells a tale of Creation of life of and death
My light Purges Darkness the Light Shines darkness fades
My light is my power my power is my will te will to survive the will to go on all that is scttered is now one under my control
i am the one and only the One Arceus
Threatening to darkness a hero to light
I am God of all gods
I am Arceus and Only Arceus
(Light Shines)
I am God!

I am Zekrom Dark and ever so bold
I am am frightening to the eye but Strong to the mind
My thunder is the spark of life my roar is the tale of life...
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posted by SaitoSaturno
Empoleon (Cally) male Lv. 66
Staraptor (Rotarra) male Lv. 86
Garchomp (Terros) male Lv. 50
Infernape (Ashes) male Lv. 45
Alakazam (Salem) male Lv. 44
Toxicroak (Dokurog) male Lv. 44

This is my Pearl Team, and if you've noticed, they're all males even though I'm female. :P As anda can see, I have two of the final evolved starter Pokemon. Gasp! How could this be? Well, I caught myself a Ditto (Brody) and asked for a temporary trade with my friend. He traded me his Infernape, and I bred it with Ditto. Now I have like five Chimchar eggs, one Chimchar, and another Infernape. I also bred my Empoleon, and...
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