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 baby zuzu
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posted by boomerlover
Bryce looked up at the sky as the sun started to set into dusk. Littlecloud noticed how depressed he was a berkata good bye. She ran over to Morningflower who was making a den.

"Mommy, my new friend has Lost his mother and sibling." Little mewed with her head hanging low.

"Poor little guy..." Morningflower berkata giving Littlecloud a lick. "Leaf bare is almost here, sweety."

"What's, 'Leaf bare'?" Littlecloud asked.

"Winter," Morningflower purred. "It'll be cold and snow will come. This will be your first Leaf bare."

Littlecloud looked over at Bryce. The fear in his eyes told Littlecloud that he was...
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posted by boomerlover
Boomer was hati, tengah-tengah broken. He had Lost the closest girls to his heart. He could never Cinta again. He got up and ran out of his den and into the woods.

Hours later Bryce was looking for him.

"Daddy!!" He called. But no respond.

It had been 2 days since Boomer had gone missing.

"I'm going to look for him," Brick said. "Butch. Come with me."

The two Kucing went into the woods and looked for Boomer. They had found him laying down in a tree.

"Boomer! What are anda doing up there?" Brick asked looking up at him.

Boomer turned his back towards Brick. He didn't want to talk.

"Boomer get your *** down here!" Butch...
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posted by boomerlover
"I did what I did! She deserved it!" Dusty yelled.

"She was my sister!" Bryce berkata attacking Dusty. Dusty was already hurt, so this was easy for Bryce. Bryce was getting hurt too, but soon he finished Dusty. Dusty was thrown to the ground, dead.

"You shall kill no one ever again!" Bryce cried.

He ran into his den where Boomer was.

"Dad!" Bryce cried. "Dusty killed Bella!"

"HE WHAT?!" Boomer screamed.

"But I killed Dusty!" Bryce cried.

"Good! He doesn't deserve to live!" Boomer cried. "Come here Bryce."

"Why?" Bryce asked.

"Just come here." Boomer said. Bryce went up to him, and Boomer hugged him.

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posted by boomerlover
 Dusty!!! :D
Dusty!!! :D
Later on, Bella spotted Ashley across the field with Ian. Bella, of course, thought it was Bubbles. Bella ran over to her.

"Mommy!!!" She berkata hugging her.

"Get off kid! I don't know you!" Ashley berkata annoyed.

"Mommy?" Bella cried.

"No." Ashley berkata walking away. Ian fallowed.

"Hmph!" Bella berkata lifting her tail high in the air walking with her head straight.

"What are anda up to, little one?" A cat asked from behind Bella.

"Who are you?" Bella asked. The cat had yellow eyes and brown fur.

"I'm Clicky!" The cat said.

"Hi Clicky I'm Bella." Bella said. "I'm not supposed to talk to strangers."

"I'm not...
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posted by boomerlover
Ian and Ashley ran to Bee to tell her the news.

"Bee! Bee! Beeee!" Ian yelled.

"Yes?" Bee asked,

"Brick berkata we could live there!!" Ashley said.

Brick went into the den.

"Hey, how ya feeling?" Brick asked Blossom.

"Better than before." She berkata in a tired voice.

"Good. Are the kits sleeping?" Brick asked.

"Yeah." Blossom berkata turning on her back.

"Well, anda know those Kucing that helped us win?" Brick asked her.

"Yeah, why?" Blossom asked.

"I let them sertai the clan..." Brick berkata looking the other way.

"Good. The lebih the better. The lebih the stronger too. And the stronger, the better chance we have to beat...
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posted by boomerlover
Brick didn't know it, but he was crying. He regret saying he hated his life. He wanted to live. A serigala, wolf shot at him. Brick couldn't think. He shot up at the serigala, wolf ready for the challenge. He bit the serigala, wolf on the neck, causing it to be stunned. The serigala, wolf lay on the floor, knocked out. A skinny serigala, wolf with sharp claws raced at him, but Brick just smiled an evil smile, and clawed it's face up, but the serigala, wolf bit him.

"Gaa!" He screamed out in pain. But he backed up ready for lebih fight.

"Arrr!!!!" The serigala, wolf barked.

Blossom woke up hearing strange noises outside. She looked out the den, and she couldn't believe...
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posted by boomerlover
"Why did it just get colder in here?" Boomer asked himself.

"I know daddy I'm cold!" Bella berkata snuggling close to Boomer.

"I a too!" Bryce berkata snuggling seterusnya to Bella.

Boomer felt a chill go down his spine."I feel like...like it's something.....not the weather." Boomer said. He saw a silver figure standing at the opening of the den.

"Who are anda and what do anda want?!" Boomer yelled at it.

All the figure did was stare at him. Then it walked up to him. For some reason, Boomer didn't feel scared. He felt like, he wanted it to come near him, but he didn't know why. The figure rubbed it's head against...
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posted by boomerlover
The three Kucing walked out of the den, and it was sunset. Bella let out a large yawn and her and Bryce walked in the den and went to sleep. Boomer lay seterusnya to them thinking of the loved one he lost. He finally drifted off to sleep. But he had a strange dream.

He drempt of Bubbles. But it was like a message from her. He saw her with a halo and wings. She was speaking to him.

"Be careful what anda see atau hear. For it will not all come true. Watch our kits closely, for time will come."

"Huh!" Boomer woke up in shock. He was sweating and he felt hot. He decided to go sejak the pond and dip some water...
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posted by boomerlover
"Bryce I don't think we should be out here....Like uncle Brick said, it's dangerous." Bella berkata worried.

"Look Bella, I don't care what anyone says." Bryce said.

"Yeah, anda only care about yourself!" Bella berkata pushing Bryce to the ground.

"MEOW!!!!" Came a threatening hiss.

"Wow Bella, anda have a big meow!" Bryce berkata shocked.

"That...wasn't...me..." Bella berkata shaking.

"T-then wh-who was-s it-t?" Bryce asked scared.

"It-s-s probably w-what unc-uncle Brick was-s warning us ab-bout..." Bella asked trembling.

"Bella...I'm scared...." Bryce berkata huddling close to his sister.

"Ha ha ha he he!" Came an...
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posted by boomerlover

Bella and Bryce were sitting under a tree.

"Bella lets play a game." Bryce suggested.

"Okay, like what?" She asked.

"Hmm.......Ring ring!" Bryce said.

"Hello?" Bella continued on.

"Ring ring!"


"Ring ring!"


"Ring ring!"

"I'm bored of this." Bella said.

"Yeah me too." Bryce berkata thinking.

"Hey Bryce, anda even wonder what mom was like? anda know, before us. I would of like to of met her..." Bella berkata with her head hanging low.

"You wanna go play?" Bryce asked.

"Sure!" Bella berkata getting up."Lets go ask daddy!"

They ran to Boomer, who was talking to Brick.

"So, when?" Boomer...
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posted by boomerlover
NARRATOR: I don't the The Professor wants a new pet...

Boomer really didn't want to live them. He liked living with his brothers. Playing sports like football and baseball and other boy things. He didn't want to sit on the katil atau sofa, kerusi panjang all hari wile the Girls did other activities a dog can't do.

"NO! anda guys cant possibly take a Rowdyruff Boy utama to live with us! Are anda stupid?! The Boys obviously set this up so they could destroy us!!" Buttercup screamed.

"Buttercups right...." Blossom said.

"Blossom, no! He wants to come!" Bubbles cried.

Boomer really didn't want to go with her. He 'd rather...
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posted by boomerlover
 hei Buttercup.....
Hey Buttercup.....
It was a cold, dark night, and Bubbles heard something meowing for help from her den.

BUBBLES: Huh? What's that?

She quietly walked out of her den into the night.It was Butch. He had huge bite marks on his left hind leg, and he was bleeding. Bubbles was the medicine cat, so Butch went up to her for help. He was scared, and could barely speak because of panic.

BUTCH: Bub-Bubble-Bubbles! I need he-hel-help!

He fell to the ground.

BUBBLES: What was it?

She helped Butch to her den so she could help his wounds.

BUTCH: A big- HUGE.......Eh....something... I'm not really sure what it was! It was an animal...
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posted by boomerlover
Brick wandered the woods. Boomer had gotten away again.

"I swear when he gets back...he'll be sorry." Brick growled.

His ear twitched. He could here something behind him. He could here laughing. He turned around quick. His ears flat to the back of his head. He hissed and growled. A cat jumped out of the woods. Brick hissed and swung at the cat. But the cat was a kitten. It didn't attack him. It started to cry.

"Mommy!!" It cried.

"No,no,no,no,no! Don't get your mom! atau dad! Please I've had enough fighting in the past week." Brick pleaded.

But it was too late. The mother had jumped out and snagged...
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posted by boomerlover
Brick gave Bubbles a lick (yes all clan members lick each other after they die) and ran back to the camp.

Blossom looked out the drape of the den, and sniffed the cool night air. She caught Brick's scent, and fallowed it. She was just in the woods when Brick ran into her.

"Oof!Oh Brick there anda are!" Blossom said.she noticed tears were coming from his eyes. "Why are anda crying?" She berkata in a calming voice.

Brick cleared his throught. "Blossom...Bubbles is....dead." Brick berkata with lebih tears stinging his eyes. Him and Bubbles were like best friends. He was sad that she was gone....forever....
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