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feb 28 2002, daddy was runing out the door and berkata " bye guys, im going to get your little brother i'll be back". nanny grace was there watching us while daddy was gone. a few hours later daddy came walking through the front door with a baby in his arms. daddy came in the room where me and prince were sitting and berkata " where's paris anda guys". we turned our heads toward him and berkata " she went upstairs to watch t.v and we think she fell asleep". daddy berkata " well let me go get her and then i'll tunjuk anda your new little brother". daddy put the baby on nanny grace's lap and went upstairs to...
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jackson kids going out to eat with there grandma katherine april 17
Prince Michael Jackson
A RARE glimpse of Prince and Paris' rooms at Neverland Valley Ranch along with some rare picture of Neverland BEFORE and AFTER the 2005 raids.
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