One: Well, to start, she wakes up like this:

Cinderella wakes up in the morning with her hair all nicely braided, while she smiles at birds and sings songs about dreams, but admit it — Anna is a legit representation of what anda look like when anda wake up.

Two: She’s funny

Focus on Anna’s natural funniness. I mean, name another Disney princess who would reference Arrested Development in one of their musical numbers? Yup. anda can’t. Because Anna is one-of-a-kind. I mean, like, no other princess would be like:

Hans: It's crazy.
Anna: What?
Hans: We finish eachother's...
Anna: Sandwiches!

Like, which other Disney princess atau any princess would say this?

Three: She can rock many different hairstyles

Adorable pig-tails
Double braids with a single white highlight
The nearly half-white look
An intricately braided bun with a long green ribbon
Solid white coloring
And even the leafy bejeweled headband/headdress hairstyle (When the trolls were getting Anna and Kristoff married...)

Four: She’s not afraid to make the first move

When Anna sees what she wants, she goes for it.
anda go, girl.

Five: She's socially awkward

Like in the coronation ball -

Elsa: Hi.
Anna: Hi-hi me?

And when she first meets Hans -

Anna: Not you're awkward, but just we're- I'm awkward. You're gorgeous. Wait, what?

Six: She's clumsy

Which is TOTALLY amazing because it completely refutes the stereotype that princesses have to be all graceful and perfect and that makes Anna freakin’ awesome.

Seven: Like any normal person, Anna isn’t a big peminat of exercise….

But who could blame her, right?

Eight: She believes in true love

Even though the “true love” she thought she found was the wrong one….she never stopped believing in love. (KRISTANNA FOREVER!!)

Nine: She’s a totally dorky dancer (in a fun, quirky way).

See her dancing with Hans in the song, "Love Is An Open Door"

Ten: She get's excited about everything

Even though Anna has had some very difficult times in her life, she still remains a very positive person.

Eleven: She loves chocolate!

Poison apples? Please. Both Anna and Elsa Cinta chocolate!

Twelve: She finds joy in the little things in life

She doesn't take anything for granted, especially the people in her life.

Thirteen: She loves her sister

She always wants to spend time with Elsa, whether it be building a snowman atau just seeing each other.

Fourteen: She's strong

Anna is strong both physically and emotionally. She is never afraid to stand up for herself.

Fifteen: She's unique

Anna is the only princess of her kind. She's original- she is not shy atau helpless, but she is strong and excited.

Next time somebody asks anda who your kegemaran Disney princess is, the answer is Anna. Anna is the best of them all and she wins at everything.

We share the same name!