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Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess - Be a friend Lyrics
Someone expected when i first met you
Didn't know what to think ... ah
We were so different
Not sure that you'd listen
Scared to share anything... Hey!
But then i found that anda felt the same ... and that's when everything changed...

Sometimes when anda need a friend
Need to be a friend
Gotta spin the whole picture around...Hey!
You need to share your life
Help someone learn to fly
Let the way anda feel out
Let the magic began
Just be a friend

Na Na Na Na
Sometimes it takes you
A little lebih strength
Ha Ha
Flying into the wind we get together
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Barbie Mariposa and the fairy princess - Only a breath away - Lyrics
Now the sun is up
The wind is in my hair
And the way's rough
But I don't really care

Just over the horizon
Just a short flight from here

I'm gonna see what I've only dreamed
I'm gonna fly on the lightest breeze
It's gonna be like the buku I read
I'll write the pages to my story
It's a brand new day
Only a breath away

(Oh, oh, oh) The wind won't slow us down
It's just a chance to play (oh, oh, oh)
We'll chase the drafts around
They won't get in our way

Just over the horizon
Bet ya the skies are clear

I'm gonna see what I've only dreamed (only...
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posted by BarbieStars101
 Princess Catania
Princess Catania
Princess Catania is a character in Barbie Mariposa & The Fairy Princess. She has two pets Sylvie a pegasus to carry her around cause she has a fear of flying. And Anu her puffball pet. Princess Catania is a shy fairy that likes to read a lot. She doesn't really pay attention to her dad (King Regellius) when he talks about Princess & Queen stuff. Her best friend is Mariposa a rama-rama, taman rama-rama fairy. She trust Mariposa but the rest of the crystal Pari-pari don't mostly King Regellius. She's afraid of flying because Gwyllion a dark fairy pushed her down a bukit when she was eight. Both of her wings broke but they healed. When Gwyllion wants her revenge she turns the crystals to rocks which will make Shimmervale freeze. And she made the crystal Pari-pari freeze. But Catania flew up & broke Gwyllion's staff. Princess Catania & Mariposa transformed cause the flutter flower.She gave Gwyllion a crystal & then Gwyllion transformed. And she prove the best way to make a friend is to be a friend.