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-Lots of thanks to Kekeisoscool143 starring as Keke, A friend of Kendra. Much Cinta to everybody who supported this season! anda guys inspired me to make another season which will be really soon :) Thank you!!-

Me: PRINCETON!!!! (Pushes Bryan really hard off me)
Prince: (Says very slowly)
Me: Nothing.
Bryan: (Stands up) Well actually, something.
Prince: (Looks REALLY SAD) I'll go. (Walks out)

//I run after him and I see the MB Tour Bus and Ray, Roc, and Prod *but prod had crutches* talking. Keke was also there :)\\

Prod: (Looks at me then says normally) Hi Kendra! (Smiles)
Roc: (Takes one look at me then starts turning red and balling his fists)
Ray: (Staring at me with rage and hateful eyes then also starts turning red)
Keke: Hi Kendra! (Giving me a hug) How have anda been girl?
Roc: (through clenched teeth) Keke...back away, right now.
Keke: (Backs off)
Me: (Grabs Prince's arm) Wait.
Prince: (Wriggles his arm out of my grip) So anda choose him...over me? I don't understand! How can anda decide to just breakup with me like that?

//My POV\\

Me: I didn't decide anything! I was sleep-talking!
Roc: ALRIGHT THAT'S IT!!!!! (Starts Walking towards me)
Ray: I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!! (Also starts walking towards me)

//Ray pushed me to the ground, Roc grabbed a handful of my hair and was about to\\

Prince: STOP!!!
Roc: (Lets me go) This one deserves the worst! (Stands up)
Ray: Ever since you've met her, crazy things have been happening!
Roc: She's put us all in a lot of trouble!!

//My P.O.V\\
Ha! They think this is going down without a fight :p

Me: (Slides my leg onto Roc's leg making him fall then I stand up and did a karate kick at ray making him fall) I'm not going to fight anda guys!
Roc: (Silence)
Ray: MY GOAL IS TO KICK YOUR A$$!! (Stands up)
Prod: Yo can we chill?
Me: So nobody believes me?!
Keke&Prod: I do. (Smiles)
Ray&Roc: I don't.
Prince: I-
???: Kendra, don't go back with Jacob!!
Me: Dana, I-
Dana: anda two do not belong together! Trust me!! (Frowns)
Prince: I believe you, Kendra. (Gets down on his knees infront of me) Don't listen to Dana!

//My P.O.V\\
I've made my decision.

Me: Okay, I-
Prod: Anybody got some burgers?
Dana&Prince: SHUT UP PRODIGY!!
Me: Princeton, ray and Roc are right.....Ever since I became your girlfriend.......I brought lots of trouble to anda guys...And I....I don't want to do this anymore.
Prince: (Stands up and says sadly) Wait, what are anda saying?
Me: I think we're better off seeing other people. (Takes 2 steps back and looks down)
Dana: YES!!! (Screams) YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hugs me then lets go)

//After I berkata that, Prince held on to me firmly while Roc&Ray tried to pry him off me\\
Me: Let go!!
Prince: No!
Roc: I'll cut off your afro!!
Prince: I don't care!! (Holding me sejak the waist)
Ray: She isn't worth it, dude!!
Me: Exactly!!!................Wait, what?
Prince: (Lets go) Kendra, why? At least tell me why!! What did I do wrong?
Me: (Hugs him then lets go) I just had to. (Smiles) Just please.....understand, even though you're no longer what anda used to be.....I'll always Cinta you. (Looks in his eyes for the very last time then takes off all the necklaces he gave me and threw them on the ground)

//Then I left to go to the mall with my BEST Childhood friend EVER\\ *Wow, I guess I didn't belong with Prince, atau did I? I really hope this isn't the last time I ever see MB!!*

Once again thank anda all! anda guys all berkata there should be a saat yes, there will be! How will life be for Kendra now that she's single? Will the MB boys step their smoothness up to win Kendra??
Gina slammed the door.
Gina: And don't forget my waffles!!
Prince: I didn't it's downstairs...
Gina: Alright....
Princeton walked downstairs.
Kim: Oooooooo!!!!!!!
Prince: What?
Roc: We heard everything....
Apple: *giggles*
Prince: Shut up!
Ray: LOL! She TOLD you!!!! *laughing*
Prince: Whatever! I'll get her seterusnya time...
Gina: Get WHO seterusnya time????
Prince: NOTHING!!!!!!!!
Gina: That's what I thought....
Kim: Cinta the pajamas girl!!!
Gina: link
Ashley: What should we do???
Gina: Oh! I found this song on YouTube called "Hide and Seek"
MB: We know that song!
Gina: Yay! Im the saprano!
MB & Gina: link
Apple: That...
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posted by MiniMinaj143
sorry im late and im gonna skip till school soz

*at school*
i was putting my things in the locker getting ready for scince class. the corridor was crowded does princeton have to really talk that loud?

prince: hei baby i had fun last night
jazmine; *i felt eyes laying on me i was os embaressed*
prince; whats wrong?
jazmine; do u have to be that loud?
prince; im sorry *kisses my for head*
jazmine; i gotta get to my scince class
prince; okay bye
jazmine; *fake smiles* bye *whispers* damit
*i open the door to the scince room*
jazmine; shittt i forgot roc was in my class
missRuby: ahh jazmine ur just...
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 what Anna was wearing
what Anna was wearing
Shaniah:u wanna go shopping AJ
Anna:umm yea
Shaniah:u got money
Anna:lets see i have 700 from the money my mom gave me and i got 20000 in the bank
Shaniah:u rich gurl
Anna:i gotta spend it wiseley and i gotta go get a job
Anna:how much anda got
Shaniah:umm lets see*opens her purse*about 800
Shaniah:Aidan anda got any
Aidan:ummmmm *looks in his wallet*uhhhh 2400
Shaniah:how u got lebih money than me
Aidan:ma mom gave me money when i left
Shaniah:so lets hit the road

In The Mall..........
They see girls running and screaming

Shaniah:whats going on
Anna: I really dont wanna know
Shaniah:oh come on *pulling her *...
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Ok when we all got sick so we had 2stay utama it was just us girlz who was sick so daddy and Kameron had to take care of us
Me:Kam can u get my ipad plzz
Kam:yes I will(got my ipad and gave it to me) here. Kylee
Me :thnx
Kam:no prob sis
2 hours later
Girlz:we feel alot better
Kiara:yall want to go out to the movies
We went to the Filem to see ted
us: that movie was hilarious
prod:yall want to go out to eat
Ray:how bout taco bell
Us:nnooo ray
Ray:fiine what about Friday's
we went to Friday's to eat and then went home
kylee:that was so good
Cutttttttt. Sorry it's. So sbort
posted by Kekeisoscool143
Mom:girl watch yo mouth
Kayana:srry ma
Keke was wearing,link
Me and Kiara was wearing,link
Kylee:damn we look hot
Kylee:so yall ready 2 dance
We danced 2,link boys didn`t do it
Boys did,link
Kylee:we did good
1 jam laterlink
We had on,
posted by Kekeisoscool143
Look yall we are not going to be omg girlz no lebih ok
Me and paris are twins as,Me as Kylee and Paris as Kiara
And then a older sister @ Mb_rules is going to be Keke,then our younger sister is @avanzant12is Keyaria,moms names Kyesha dad name Kyle brother Kameron, Lil sis Kayana
Me and paris look like,link
Keke look like,link
Kyaria look like,link
Kyesha look like,link
now to the story
Keke:Ky wake up
Keke:Ky wake the heck up now
Ky:why the heck anda have to yell and strawberi get up
That`s what we call her cause she got red hair
Kiara:i`m up Bubblegum
they call me that cause i got...
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posted by mindlesskeke16
in epi 3 jj berkata she thinks she still likes diggy and princeton does too
Alley:you think anda still like diggy
JJ:he just look so cute
Janiya:listen do not like him no more
Prince do anda think jj still likes diggy
Roc:whats rong with prince
Prod:he think jj still likes jj
Ray:can we get some tacos
ProdandRocandPrince:it is no time for no f******* tacos.
Ray:i was just asking
Ray:wats wrong with prince
Roc:he think jj still like diggy

Prince:do anda still like Diggy
JJ:no (she kisses prince)
Prince:thanks for telling me sexy
JJ: ur welcom
prod:are we ever going to sit down to eat...
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So last time i wrote the girls had detention for skipping dance n the boyz were gettin freaky
Sasha has to come to detention 2 (bummer)

So Detention.....

Outifts: link

MF(Mr Fitz):oh heyyy
MF:would u mind telling me why yall were absent
Jessie: none of yo business
MF: ok yall here till noon
Sasha:but its 7 am
Kim:u cant do us that
MF: yes i can later if yall need me im in room 5

Jess gets out her phone n starts listening to music
Kim starts drawing on a notebook
Sash explores the place


Detention over bla bla bla

Sasha: jess im hungry
Jess:what u want to eat
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I hope anda Cinta this video & please put komen-komen & please no bad komen-komen & thank anda & have a nice day!!!!
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