Private Practice Do anda think/hope Addie and Pete will end up together?

daughterofcokie posted on Dec 02, 2009 at 08:21AM
Yes or no and why?

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hampir setahun yang lalu alessandra_28 said…
they are soo over each other!
im sure Pete is going to end up with Violet!
its clear he loves her and they have a kid together...and lets face it, even when in real life the parents of kids dont end up together all the time in tv most of the time if 2characters have a kid during the show they end up together!
hampir setahun yang lalu laughingGrl said…
well im not quite sure cuz they both have moved on..i mean if he didn't have a kid with violet i would say yes 100% i would want them together.

at this point maybe not, but i personally don't like violet & pete, but they do have kids together + this is TV
hampir setahun yang lalu SunnyDevil said…
No.If I should to choose with who she to be from PP, I will choose Noah.He's cute, and perfect, and she loves him.But anyway, I want Maddison back. <3
hampir setahun yang lalu alessandra_28 said…
I'd prefer Pete and Violet together.
Voilet's just gotta get over some issues.
And needs to hurry up!


100% agreed!!!
Im afraid that if she doesnt hurry up solving all her problems Pete wont wait for her anymore. I think he already waited a lot and had a lot patient with her, he is going to get tired eventually and move on.

And what did you think about Addison and Sam?


Im liking them a lot!!
I think he is the best person for Addie atm, the only one who can give her security and confort.
I hope they get together, I want to see all the drama qith naomi.
hampir setahun yang lalu redsoxdog99 said…
No. And no. I like Violet and Pete, and I think Paddison is just happening because they're both trying to not think about other people.
hampir setahun yang lalu laughingGrl said…
im with SunnyDevil! go MADDISON!! :)
hampir setahun yang lalu louise0228 said…
I used to want Paddison but I think I like them better as friends now - they can both offer each other support and they seem to understand each other.
Before this storyline started I had never considered Sam and Addison but now I do think they would be good together but it still seems odd because her best friend created a life and a family with him.
I just hope she doesn't lose her best friend over it all but then as Sheldon said, if she thinks that she has found the love of her life then Nae should understand.
The relationship I would most like to see improve is Addison and Naomi, they seem to have drifted apart a little lately and that is a shame.