Project landasan Which designer (from any season) were anda thinking, the whole time, "just get kicked off already!"?

Pick one:
Wendy Pepper (just shut up already, and change change your hairstyle.)
Robert Plotkin (why was he even there to begin with?)
Daniel Franco (We all Cinta Heidi, anyway.)
Santino beras (His head was MUCH to big)
Vincent Libretti (he was in the bottom the entire time. except once.)
Angela Keslar (ew.)
Christian Siriano (his attitude & his hair? holy crap, save me!)
Elisa Jimenez (i'm not even going to go into detail about this one.)
Ricky Lizalde (He was constantly in the bottom and...
Ricky Lizalde (He was constantly in the bottom and the crying drove me insane)
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 Moonberry posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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