Pokemon Movesets and Stats!


Melody. Pidgeot is a good Pokemon that has nearly equal SP Attack and Attack. In Addition, it's defenses are good enough to survive a few good shots and it has very high speed. Melody is Ikari's partner Pokemon and as such, the two of them share a bond so strong that it alone is enough to win most fights. Melody is quite the neat freak when it comes to her feathers and often can get quite obsessive if she feels they are not receiving the admiration they deserve, though this never affects her in battle. Melody has the clear 'leader' personality and will put her all into a task. Melody knows only Flying type moves, giving it the ever helpful STAB bonuses and of those, we have the 2 turn Sky Attack, the recoil inflicting Brave Bird, the 70% accurate Hurricane, and the Special alih Air Slash that has a high crit ratio. These moves hit hard, but the majority of them have some big downsides that could be hard to overcome. Even with those downsides though, when it comes to reliable Flying Type Pokemon, anda can never go wrong with Pidgeot.

Alin. Staraptor is a very strong fighter with very high attack and speed, however it's Sp Attack and Sp Defense are lacking. This is partially made up for sejak its decent Defense stat which will help against Draco's mainly physical team of fighters. Alin is fiercely competitive and will fight to the pahit end, though he knows how to tunjuk restraint and like all of Ikari's Pokemon, has a strong bond and has gone through rigorous training. Alin's moves include the physical alih Final Gambit which causes Alin to faint but does damage equal to his HP. He, like Melody, has Sky Attack and Air Slash, the latter being a fairly unaffective alih due to his low Sp Attack and would be better replaced with a alih like Aerial Ace. Lastly he possesses the alih Close Combat in order to deal a high amount of damage in a single devastating move. Unfortunately, he only gets STAB for the flying moves, but nevertheless he is a formidable opponent.

WaveCress. Lugia is extremely strong, like most legendary Pokemon. In this case, Lugia's strength lies in it's massive Defense and Sp Defense, as well as it's speed which is enough to beat most other Pokemon. Lugia's attacking stats are average, but are equal. Wavecress is the newest Pokemon on Ikari's team and as such, his mastery of their combos and methods is limited which means he has to rely on his stats and abilities lebih than the others. Speaking of which, Wavecress' moves consist of his signature move, Aeroblast which is an attack that has 100 power, 95 accuracy, and a high critical hit ratio. Yet again, we see Air slash, which is a great alih for Lugia and also has a high crit ratio. AncientPower is decent due to it being a counter to Lugia'sweakness to ice types as well as being an attack Draco's Dragonite are weak too, especially if it gains the boost to each of it's stats. Then, even if anda manage to take this behemoth down, anda still will need to watch out for his Future Sight, which hits anda hard a few turns later. Like Alin, Wavecress only has STAB for half his moves, but all in all, so long as anda have a Lugia on your team, your opponent will be hard pressed to take it out without suffering hard losses.

Sniper. Of all of Ikari's Pokemon, Swellow is probably the one most likely to be considered the weak link. With it's low defensive stats, it's bad Sp Attack, and it's meh HP, Swellow is far lebih of a Pokemon to hit one big blow sejak utilizing it's very high speed stat and it's above average Attack. Sniper takes advantage of this with powerful moves like Brave Bird and Sky Attack, as well as the safer option of Air Slash and even Roost to heal its HP. Sky Attack is risky due to it needing two turns to be used and Air Slash is a special based attack that probably won't do as much as other moves. That being said, Sniper is a great Pokemon that is a master of stealth and is usually Ikari's go to guy for jobs that require it. All in all, Sniper might just outspeed his way into a victory atau two, especially with STAB boosting all of his damaging moves, but as frail as he is, he might only get that.

Rendin. Charizard is a pretty powerful Pokemon with high Speed and Sp Attack, average defenses, and a decent amount of HP too. Charizard also has decent Attack, but he does best with Special based moves. Rendin is sporting some very trendy moves like the iconic Flamethrower, though against Dragons, this alih might not do as well as it would against other opponents. The same goes for Blast Burn, though with Blast Burn being such a powerful move, even a Pokemon that resists api, kebakaran should try to steer clear. seterusnya up is Aerial Ace, a decent move, but since it is Physical, it won't do as much as something like Air Slash. Lastly, we have Seismic Toss, the only alih of Rendin's that does not gain STAB, though since Seismic Toss always does damage equal to Rendin's level, it does not need it. With the possible exception of Wavecress, Rendin is the one Pokemon on Ikari's team that might actually disobey an order. Rendin doesn't just like competition, she LIVES for it. So much so that when she finds a worthy opponent, making her stand down is easier berkata than done. So in the end, even though api, kebakaran types are not always the best Pokemon to use against a Dragon, Rendin has proven time and time again that she is one of Ikari's most powerful Pokemon, and rightly so. Draco will need to watch out for this one.

Hypera. Lastly, we have Salamence, which is possibly the greatest threat to Draco we have seen in Ikari's team, though it has the greatest weakness as well. Salamence is an EXTREMELY powerful Pokemon, with massive Attack and very high Speed and Sp Attack. In addition, Salamence has decent defenses complemented sejak higher than average HP. This coupled with some pretty good resistances makes for a formidable foe. Hypera is rocking powerful moves such as api, kebakaran blast, Earthquake, Draco Meteor, and the ever powerful Hyper Beam, and even though Hypera only receives STAB from one of these moves, it hardly even needs it. Hypera's personality can really be described as a mixture of all the others, though that's not to say that she's unnecessary. Hypera might be weak to Draco's Dragons, but never forget that Draco's Naga are also weak to Hypera.



Dragonite. Dragonite is arguably one of the best Dragon types there is. All of Dragonite's stats are high, with it's lowest being average speed and above average Defense. Physical moves are best for Dragonite, but Special ones work nearly as well. Draco actually has two different Dragonite. This one is female and has Ice Beam, a good move, albeit a little redundant for Dragonite. Better moves would be Rock Slide atau Stone Edge. Dragonite also has both Dragon Rush and Dragon Tail, which are the only moves it receives STAB in. Dragon Rush is inaccurate, but can make the target flinch. Dragon Tail forces the opponent's Pokemon back into their Pokeballs and forces out another so it is a good way to possibly get a better type match. Lastly, Dragonite has Thunderpunch. Like Ice Beam, Thunderpunch is good, but there are better moves, though both of those moves could help alot in a battle against someone like Ikari. This particular Dragonite's personality is mostly business, but it has been shown to act almost drunkenly when affected sejak confusion. Obviously this can create some very amusing situations and forces Draco to come up with some very interesting strategies. Dragonite is strong, and in the hands of a skilled trainer, it's damned near unstoppable.

Flygon. Flygon is a well rounded Pokemon with high Attack and Speed, and average stats in everything else. Draco's Flygon is known for it's speed and is the fastest Pokemon on his entire team as well as the toughest, though due to him training it so much in Speed and Attack, Flygon has had much less training in it's other stats like defense. Flygon has api, kebakaran punch for coverage against Ice Types and Thunder punch which is not as good as other moves like Earthquake, but will work well in the fight against Ikari. Next, Flygon has Sandstorm which deals 1/16 damage to non ground type Pokemon each turn. Flygon's last alih is Dragon Claw, which it recieves STAB on and is one of the best moves for Flygon. Flygon has been known to combine all of these moves in various ways to inflict massive damage on its opponents without giving them much of a chance to do the same to it. Flygon is a great Pokemon and though Draco's staples are his Dragonite, anda will lebih than often see him using Flygon to get out of tough scrapes, and lebih than often it works.

Leafeon. Leafeon is Draco's partner and is quite the bulky little fox. Leafon has very high Attack and Speed, but it's best stat is sejak far its Defense. Breaking through a Leafeon's defenses with physical attacks is alot lebih difficult than you'd think. Inversely, Leafeon's Sp Defense and Sp Attack are pretty low and as such, putting moves like Giga Drain atau Energy Ball on a Leafeon is not a good idea. Draco's Leafeon has the Grasswhistle, an inaccurate attack that can put it's opponents to sleep if it hits. Vine Whip, a basic rumput type physical alih that does a moderate amount of damage, though Vine Whip is a very handy alih for getting ahold of the Flying type Pokemon that Leafeon otherwise would be unable to reach. Other that that, Vine Whip usually should have been replaced sejak another attack like Seed Bomb. Leafeon also has Leaf Blade, a great alih that does alot of damage and has a high critical hit ratio. Lastly, and most importantly, Leafeon has the ability Perish Song, which is a alih that Leafeon usually cannot learn, but for some reason, Draco managed to teach it. Perish Song is an attack that causes both the user and its opponent to faint in three turns and is usually either a way of forcing your opponent to switch out atau a last resort. Leafeon may be Draco's partner, but it is also VERY spiteful. Leafeon hates battling and would much rather sleep beside Draco underneath a pokok than train atau fight and as such, Leafeon will lebih than often go straight for Perish Song as a way of not having to battle very long and as a way to irritate Draco, who hates it when Leafeon uses that move. Overall, Leafeon is a great Pokemon with a moveset that has room for improvement. While STAB may help Vine Whip a little, it will hardly do much to defeat anyone, and with its moves resisted sejak Ikari's and having a weakness to her Pokemon, it is hard to imagine Leafeon accomplishing much in this battle.

Dragonite. seterusnya up is Draco's saat Dragonite, which has roughly the same stats as the first. This Dragonite is male and has the alih Dragon Pulse, which is far lebih reliable than the other Dragonite's moves of Dragon Rush and Dragon Tail. It also possesses Extremespeed to deal a decent amount of damage that will almost always hit first. Draco Meteor is a risky alih that lowers it's Sp Attack sejak two stages after use. Finally, Dragonite has api, kebakaran punch which is far lebih helpful than the other Dragonite's Thunderpunch due to it helping alot against it's Ice Type weakness. all in all, this Dragonite has the better moveset while the other Dragonite would likely fare better in a battle with Ikari.

Ursaring. seterusnya is a rather odd member of Draco's team that does not entirely fit with his Dragon Type theme. Ursaring has very high Attack and very low Speed. It's other stats are all evenly slightly below average and allows Ursaring at least a little defense, though a good fighting type alih might just one shot this big bad bear. That being said, Ursaring has probably the best fitting moveset of all of Draco's Pokemon. Ursaring's moves are Hammer Arm, a very strong fighting type alih that is perfect for Ursaring due to the only downside being it lowers it's already low Speed. seterusnya it has Slash which is a powerful Normal type alih powered up sejak both STAB and a high critical hit ratio. seterusnya up is the powerful Hyper Beam, which should probably be replaced sejak Giga Impact, though that being said, Ursaring can still do massive damage with this alih thanks to STAB. Lastly, it has Brick Break, which is one of the best fighting type moves there is and shatters moves like Reflect and Light Screen. Ursaring, while powerful, has one major flaw. Ursaring cannot fly. Ikari's Pokemon will have complete control over the battlefield and to be able to use the majority of his attacks, Ursaring would need to find some way of getting ahold of them. Ursaring's only possible counter is Hyper Beam, which is dangerous with it requiring him to recharge after each use. Ursaring is incredibly prideful, refusing help and ignoring his injuries as if he were perfectly fine even if he is on the verge of toppling over. Overall, if anda don't take out Ursaring fast, you're likely in for a world of hurt.

Deoxys. Finally, Draco's last Pokemon is the Psychic type Pokemon Deoxys. This incredibly powerful Pokemon has four different forms it can take.

-Deoxys' first form is its Normal form which has massive Attack, Sp Attack, and Speed, but very low HP, Defense, and Sp Defense. This form has Gravity, which...is not very helpful. It's most useful aspect is that it decreases the evasion of every Pokemon on the field. It's seterusnya alih is Nasty Plot that sharply raises its Sp Attack. It also has flash and Psychic.

-Deoxys' saat form is its Attack form which has unbelievably high Attack and Special Attack, massive Speed, but absolutely terrible Defenses. This form has moves like Ice Beam, Psychic, and Thunder. This form also has Night Shade, which does damage equal to Deoxys' level.

-Deoxys' third form is its Defense form which has amazing Defense and Sp Defense, average Attack and Sp Attack, and above average Speed. This form has no offensive moves at all, but has Iron Defense to raise it's Defense, Rain Dance to increase the accuracy of Thunder, Recover to heal HP, and Light Screen to raise the Sp Defense of every Pokemon in Draco's party.

-Finally we have Deoxys' Speed form. this form has Luar Biasa Speed, and above average stats in everything else, except HP which is the same for every single one of Deoxys' forms. This form has moves like Double Team, Agility, and Extremespeed that don't give it STAB so this form is fast, but not a hard hitter at all.

The way Deoxys is used can vary. In the games, only one form can be used while in the Anime and the RP, Deoxys is able to change forms at will. While Deoxys appears frightening at first, it is really not as overwhelming as you'd might think. The way Deoxys' moves are placed means it would have to switch between forms multiple times to do the maximum damage. Draco has always been of the mindset that anda don't need legendary atau mythological Pokemon to be a great trainer and as such, he will likely not rely on Deoxys nearly as much as he will his other Pokemon. that means Deoxys probably has not had as much training and relies on its stats to win its fights rather than its ability to work together with Draco. Regardless, Anyway anda slice it, Deoxys is a frighteningly powerful Pokemon that certainly won't go down easy.


Fighting Style!

Like Riku, I will not be putting a ton of stuff in this category, though I will be putting some observations that I have made while researching this.

The first observation is that of tactics. It has been hinted and even berkata a few times that Draco is the best strategist the school had ever seen, though in those cases, it was individual characters voicing opinions, not clear cut facts. The real answer is a little interesting. Now for Ikari, her strategic skill resides in her combos. Ikari is a master at creating formations and combination attacks that are heavily relient on precision, skill, and finesse. As such, her Pokemon have had these formations drilled into them over and over again. On the other hand, this also means that, while they are not incapable of improvising, it is not their best.

Draco on the other hand, is a master of creating entire battle strategies based on nothing lebih than how the battle has gone so far. Once he does this, it is a simple matter for Draco to consider a wide array of variables that could change the course of the battle and prepare for those eventualities. Now obviously he cannot take into account every variable and every possible way the battle could turn, but even if he is surprised, he simply changes his strategy to compensate. This also means that Draco hardly goes into a battle with complex strategies and will likely not reuse the same strategy twice.

My first point actually brings me here, to my saat point. Now, because of how fine tuned Ikari's strategies are and how hard they are to master, it means that she and her Pokemon have to be completely in sync with each other. That means that they hardly act in a heirarchy during battle. Now this isn't to say that Ikari has no control. She still acts as the trainer to direct them, but when they fight, it is lebih of them being on even ground. They make their decisions as a cohesive team and that works incredibly well, as seen in all of their battles.

However, Draco's Pokemon trust him implicitly, and though Ikari's Pokemon trust her with their lives, it is not on the same level as Draco's. What this means is that Draco's Pokemon will react to his orders as quickly as Draco can give them. This means, and this is just my opinion, that Draco's Pokemon react faster than Ikari's.


Conclusion: And so, after taking all of this information and lebih into account, I have come to what I believe is the most sensible outcome.

Reasoning: Who would win in a battle between Ikari and Draco. Well not the terrain, that's for sure. I believe that Draco would be the victor in such a battle. My reasoning for this is that Draco holds a very clear type advantage all the way across the board. Draco's dragon type Pokemon not only have counters and strategies to take on Ikari's combos, but he also has just as much experience while Ikari simply doesn't have the means to fully take them out.

As for the soalan of who is the better trainer, I don't know. I could say Ikari because of her mastery of combos, but I could also say Draco for his ability to put aside all emotional distractions and focus entirely on his battles. Really they are both incredible trainers that both have clear flaws.