Marcus was midway through his deceleration of war speech when suddenly he choked up."And I um.."Marcus felt a deep amount of darkness surround him."The fuck?"Marcus quietly berkata to himself."Let us continue!"


The crowd cheered."HUARAH!"

"HUARAH anda FUCKING SCHMUCKS!"Yelled a dark hooded man standing in the middle of a pathway that faced Marcus.

The crowd went silent."What?"The all gasped.

"I berkata HUARAH anda FUCKING SCHMUCKS."Yelled the dark hooded man.

"Marcus?"Asked the crowd

"What?"Said Marcus.

"Execution?"Said the crowd.

"Come on bitch,I want to have a quick brawl before I burn your sinkhole out a country to the ground."Said the hooded man.

"Show your face anda bastard!"Yelled Marcus.

"Oh my did I strike a nerve?"The man laughed before throwing off his hoodie revealing a white haired man with black eyes.

"Heh,black eyes.The eyes of a coward"Marcus removed his cloak,revealing a six foot tall black tikus who was standing on his two feet."I am Marcus!"All of his soldiers grabbed the hilts of their daggers."NO!He is mine to kill and mine alone!"

Marcus walked up to core and pulled out his sword."Pull out your weapon fool."

"I am my weapon."Said Core as a shadow tentacle came out of Core's arm and pierced Marcus's eye."I am the shadow lord!"Core was about to strike again until Marcus shot him in the eye with his Luger."Eye for an eye motherfucker!"


Core tried to grab Marcus but Marcus blocked with his sword,Marcus jabbed Core in the arm with his sword only barely breaking skin.Core tried to punch Marcus in the face but he smelled it from a mile away and returned the favor punching Core in the face,hurting his hand.Core laughed before he used pure energy to fling Marcus into a building without even touching him.

"Now that was fun anda tikus bastard!But seriously,let's get for real."Core eye's turned black."Do I need so seriously use one of my Pokemon against you?"Core started walking towards Marcus.Marcus didn't appear to be breathing.Core stupidly poked Marcus only to have him spring to life.

"BACK FROM THE DEAD!"Marcus quickly stabbed Core in the stomach and cut all the way from the right side to the left making some wires and oil spill out of his body.

"Why...That."Core's body fixed itself as he stumbled backwards."Hurt quite a bit I must say.Never the less I SHALL PREV-"Core noticed he was seterusnya to a barrel filled with gunpowder.

"Sorry mate."Marcus shot the barrel of gunpowder blowing all the skin of the the front side of his body and exposing his core.As Core struggled to get up Marcus walked over and stabbed Core's core.Thinking Core was dead Marcus walked away,not realizing Core had just gotten back up.

"This was unexpected."Core teleported in front of Marcus and punched him in the face."Take this!"Core teleported behind Marcus."And this!"Marcus got kicked in the balls from behind,then Core teleported in front of Marcus and punched him in the face a final time before pulling a merah jambu rock out of his pants pocket."You see Marcus there is a difference between me and you."Marcus slumped to the ground.

Core started beating Marcus to death with the merah jambu rock while yelling about Lora breaking up with him."HUH LORA?DO anda HEAR ME KILLING THIS GUY LORA?"Yelled Core as he was clobbering Marcus with the rock."WE COULD HAVE HAD THOUSANDS OF KIDS!SO MANY!THEY ALL WOULD BE VARIANTS OF MY NAME AND THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN BEAUTIFUL,DO anda HEAR THAT LORA!"While Core was yelling at the sky about Lora Marcus ripped Core's core out and sighed."Shut up."

Core checked himself and realized it was gone."Ugh,kudos to anda Marcus..I'll be back though.With a back-up..."Core shut down and Marcus stood up.

"HUARAH!"Yelled Marcus right before he passed out,falling to the ground.