keseluruhan Stats: 72/100

(1=terrible, 10=incredible, 10+=off the charts)
Speed: 7 (Good)
Intelligence: 9 (Nearly Perfect)
Strength: 6 (Slightly Above Average)
Strategy: 7 (Good)
Power: 7 (Good)
Sanity: 4 (Slightly Below Average)
Skill: 8 (Great)
Natural Abilities: 8 (Great)
Endurance: 7 (Good)
Experience: 9 (Nearly Perfect)


Derith has shown that he possesses Supernatural levels of speed and agility that can almost par with his late mentor, Shira. Derith can fight fast enough that he can almost not be detected sejak the human eye and it has also been shown that the objects he creates from his darkness abilities are also lightning fast. However, Derith has been outsped multiple times and lebih often than not, he’ll rely on his intelligence and planning ability rather than a fast paced confrontation.

Notable Feats of Speed

•    In his battle with Mei, he was able to keep up with the snarky assassin.
•    In his past, he has many times fought on par with Shira and even sparred with Devin.
•    Derith created Zach and likely taught him everything he knows about fighting, meaning they fought and Derith kept up with Zach, who nearly fought Kazan to a standstill.


Speaking of intelligence and planning ability, Derith is beyond genius with an IQ that goes easily into the hundreds. His critical thinking and knowledge of a wide array of topics allows him a great advantage in combat. As a scientist, Derith has performed many incredible feats of intellect and as a fighter, he has outmaneuvered many opponents with cunning plans and understanding of how his opponent thought. His intellect is easily Derith’s greatest skill and weapon and he is capable of using it to turn any situation into an advantage. However, Derith has been outsmarted many times and has already been proven to be susceptible to Odessa’s natural Succubi traits. If his intellect gets dulled, he’ll lose his greatest advantage and if that happens…

Notable Feats of Intelligence

•    For many years, Derith was the best scientist, and general, of Devin’s army and science division.
•    Derith, with the help of several other scientists including Shiro, managed to condense several sources of energy and change it into liquid form to allow quick energy restoration.
•    Derith successfully created Zach, a fully sentient lifeform strong enough to nearly beat Kazan.


In terms of strength, Derith is not the greatest. Even in his battle against Shira, he was never even close to a match in physical combat. Derith had to rely almost entirely on his intelligence, skill, and knowledge of how Shira worked. It didn’t help much, but it shows that brute force is not Derith’s style. However, Derith is far stronger than the average human and has shown several times that he can pack quite a wallop. Derith may not be the strongest fighter in terms of physical strength, but that could possibly be contributed to the change Shiro had on him. After meeting and befriending Shiro, Derith changed. He became lebih docile and that is where his intellect began to grow. It makes reasonable sense to speculate that if Derith were to revert to the way he was before meeting Shiro, his strength would come out in full, but his intellect would plummet.

Notable Feats of Strength

•    Derith has gone head to head with a Cerberus when he had barely any energy and even less control and won.
•    Derith, when fighting against Dell and her Golem, managed to injure and even destroy large pieces of the Golem with his strength.


Strategy is highly dependent on Intelligence and as such, Derith is quite good at it, but he isn’t great. In all of the times Derith has fought someone of equal atau higher strength than himself, he has never gotten away from it without inflicting grievous damage to himself in order to escape a tight situation. While this certainly means he has nerves and balls of titanium, it also means that his strategies have a tendency to fail atau he gets outmaneuvered. Derith’s good aspects though is that his actions knock his opponent off guard and once he’s telah diberi that upper hand, it is damned hard to take it away. Derith is capable of using all of his intelligence to predict his opponent’s moves, thoughts, and words. Armed with that knowledge, it’s only a matter of variables.

Notable Feats of Strategy

•    It was Derith’s knowledge of Devin’s territory and the plans he made accordingly that allowed them to navigate their way to the capital with very little confrontation.


Derith…is powerful. Derith was once a general under Devin so he obviously must have a lot of power. Most of the time, Derith remains in a semi-human form that has a pretty low level of power, but when he changes into his demonic form, his true power comes out and he can fight incredibly powerful opponents and even hold his own against Devin for a short time. Derith can further increase his power sejak drinking condensed energy of his own creation. The effects are temporary and come with some rather ugly downsides, but under the right conditions, it can make atau break a battle in just one move. It is implied that Derith was lebih powerful before meeting Shiro, but the fallout of no strategy, little intelligence, and nonexistent sanity make that form less helpful in battles against strong enemies.

Notable Feats of Power

•    During his battle with Shira, Derith drank one of his energy potions to gain a massive boost in energy and used it to create a massive blast that would kill most normal demons and even a lot of the abnormal ones. Sadly though, it did not work.


In terms of sanity, Derith is missing a couple pieces to that particular jigsaw puzzle. Derith, while a genius…well he’s lebih of a mad scientist than any other kind. Everything Derith does hints at him being at least a little unhinged. From his origins as a brute, to his obsessive and desperate Cinta of all things waffle, Derith is a bit of a wacko. This isn’t necessarily a weakness though because sanity prevents a person from taking certain risks. Certain risks that could very well win a fight…or lose one. Derith is always on that edge. At any time, he could snap and go full on psycho, but until that happens, he makes very good use of his sanity, atau lack thereof.

Notable Feats of Insanity

•    If anda could say one thing of Derith and Simon’s relationship, it is waffles. Derith loves them like he would Cinta his firstborn.
•    Derith once mutilated his arm, making it unusable simply so Mei could not use it against him.
•    Derith is loyal and steadfast…at least for the moment, and his loyalty to Shiro and Hiratori is insane. He will sacrifice the others with nary a saat thought to save those two.


As expected of a general, Derith is extremely skilled in all forms of combat and science. In combat, Derith is skilled at atau a master at a variety of fighting styles and is proficient in the use of many forms of weaponry. In science, Derith is a genius in everything from dissecting frogs to complex string theory. Derith learned almost all that he knows from his mentors, Shira and Devin.

Notable Feats of Skill

•    Derith has shown that he is skilled enough to create a sentient and unique life form which he named Zach.
•    Derith has used his darkness abilities to form a variety of weapons, the most notable being his trademark shadow strings.
•    Derith has sparred with both Shira and Devin, who are easily the most powerful beings in all of Devin’s sector.

Natural Abilities

Derith is a darkness demon, meaning he has a deep connection to the shadows. Derith can create and manipulate darkness with incredible skill. Derith is so in tune with his natural abilities that the things he creates with his abilities are like an extension of his body. Derith is also capable of taking himself, and object atau people he is touching into what is called “Dark World” which, as the name suggests, is a world made entirely out of darkness. While in the Dark World, Derith can recharge and rest safely, though certain other demons have access to this World as well.

Notable Feats of Natural Ability

•    In his battle against Shira, Derith displayed incredible finesse sejak creating an extravagant net of strings made out of darkness.
•    In their battle against Dell and her Golem, Derith managed to use his powers expertly and drag Kaine into the Dark World despite the massive confusion of the battlefield.
•    Derith has shown that he is capable of traveling through shadows which can be used for both battle and transport.


As a demon, Derith has much lebih physical endurance than that of a human, however in comparison to other demons, Derith has not shown many instances of having an exceptional tolerance in that particular area. Darkness demons do not have particularly higher resistances to anything in particular except darkness itself. In terms of emotional endurance, Derith has shown to be highly unstable to the point of his emotions overriding his judgment in certain situations.

Notable Feats of Endurance

•    In his battle against Mei, Derith used his powers to damage his arm to the point of it being unusable. Afterwards, Derith was capable of continuing the fight at a pace to match Mei.

(While Strength, Speed, Intelligence, and the other categories described each skill, experience covers the COMBINED AMOUNT of experience that he has in those categories.)

Derith is an incredibly experienced fighter, philosopher, scientist, and leader. He has hundreds of years of experience in fighting strong opponents like Shira, Devin, Zach, and Hiratori. Before becoming a General, Derith survived many years in his lebih primal and violent state. He has had almost an equal number of years in research, learning all that he can and experimenting to understand anything that eluded him.


Derith’s main weakness sejak far is his weakness to light. Even if his eyes are shielded, light burns his skin to the point that even someone with his endurance finds it hard to fight past. Light is energy and as such, that means Derith has less of a weakness to light and lebih of a weakness to that particular type of energy.

Derith has other weaknesses as well. Before meeting Shiro and Hiratori, Derith was a very violent demon with a pretty low level of intelligence. Derith was a monster who only wanted to fight and when pushed far enough, Derith could very well revert back to that state and while a demon like that is dangerous, it is also very easy to outsmart.

Derith’s last, and possibly his greatest weakness, is his relationship with Shiro and Hiratori. When one of them is threatened, atau even if a threat is implied, Derith’s emotions take over and he focuses almost entirely on protecting them. A skilled fighter, atau even somebody skilled at manipulation, can use this against him to throw Derith off his game.

Signature Move

Due to Derith not having a specific set alih as his signature attack, I will go with his most the attack he uses the most, and that alih is his darkness strings. Derith carefully and expertly manipulates darkness into several thin, deadly strings that, so far, can cut through almost anything. Derith can control dozens of these strings without a problem, but that’s not the extent of it. Derith can create incredibly elaborate traps using thousands of these darkness strings, all while fighting his opponent at his max. Derith usually does not use lebih than five strings per hand and has a tendency to try and immobilize his opponent before moving in for the kill.

Derith’s Transformation
The Thing

keseluruhan Stats: 81+/100

Speed: 10 (Incredible!)
Intelligence: 6 (Slightly Above Average)
Strength: 8 (Great)
Strategy: 8 (Great)
Power: 10 (Incredible!)
Sanity: 2 (Poor)
Skill: 8 (Great)
Natural Abilities: 9 (Nearly Perfect)
Endurance: 10+ (Off The Charts)
Experience: 9 (Nearly Perfect)


Seeing a whole 3 point increase, The Thing has far superior speed to Derith and can alih at speeds that was completely and entirely undetectable to Shira, a powerful general under Devin. This same speed was able to keep up with Devin for a short time before eventually being overpowered.


On the other side of the spectrum, and seeing a whole 3 point DECREASE, is intelligence. While The Thing certainly possesses all the knowledge and battle intellect to fight on par with powerful opponents, this is offset sejak The Thing’s tendency to go for the fastest path to victory, despite how much damage it causes to itself.


Being a long ranged fighter, physical strength is really not a determining factor for The Beast, but it does have a noticeable increase in strength compared to Derith, and was able to use that strength to match Devin’s blows, albeit for only a short time.


Ya I know, it blew off its own arm to win a fight, not really a blinding display of strategical genius, but The Thing does get credit for letting Shira come to him, rather than simply going on an all out assault. If only it did that against Devin.


Do not even have to put much of an explanation for this one, similar to speed, power gets a 3 point boost and is well earned. With one blast from The Thing’s gun, Shira was blown away and never had a chance of surviving. Considering how totally f**ked Derith was getting prior to this development…well let’s just say it fits.


As stated above, Derith was never really the poster boy for sane actions, however, considering just how one track minded and completely risky The Thing is…reducing it sejak half is lebih than justified. After all, it takes some insanity to mutilate your arm and put up with the pain. I mean, that’ll heal, but blowing off your arm completely and being so obsessed with your goal that anda don’t even react to it, ALL to inflict a blow on your enemy?! That’s f**king insane! You’d expect that kind of **** from Kazan. Sheesh.


Okay, so let’s assume that The Thing didn’t just pop out of Derith as if he had been practicing for the last one hundred years. Because he wasn’t. The Thing was buried so deep within Derith that probably only Nerin could bring that thing out easily. The Thing didn’t have time to practice, atau prepare. The Thing popped out, and fought. Fought with all the skill and expertise as if it HAD been training all that time. Because The Thing has all the skill and expertise that Derith had.

Natural Ability

Natural ability was a bit hard for me to determine. After all, we don’t have many appearances and examples to fall back on, but sejak thinking it through, I decided that The Thing likely has all the Natural Ability as Derith, plus maybe a little bit lebih for those Pistol of his.


Have anda ever blown your arm off willingly? Well as anda might expect, it hurts like the dickens. To be able to take that kind of pain, unflinchingly, admittedly means you’re a wackjob, but that’s not all anda are. anda are one sturdy as hell wackjob, especially after taking a beatdown from a Demon Lord and still getting back up to fight. Kudos to anda buddy. While the “+” system isn’t specific, all that means is that in this stat, it has at least an 11.


They share the same body. Any experience that Derith has, The Thing has. Simple as that


Another thing The Thing has over Derith is less weaknesses, though it still retains that weakness to light, albeit on a lessened scale. It has lebih of a resistance to it, but Darkness demons are built in with an inability to stand light. No amount of endurance can get around that.

A sort of new weakness, however, is The Thing’s obsessive mind. The Thing is focused on one thing at all times. Victory. The Thing wants to win and it will do anything and everything to accomplish it, even if it means destroying itself, and Derith in the process. While this has it’s upsides, as seen in The Thing’s debut against Shira, it also can be used against it to outsmart atau outmaneuver it. Both Derith and The Thing have a weakness like this, and it could very well be their downfall.

On the bright side though, The Thing couldn’t give a flying rats @$$ if Hiratori atau Shiro dies, so…no weakness there.

Synchronized Move

The Synchronized alih is a special alih that can be used after a human atau demon have reached a certain level of acceptance and understanding of their other side. (Demonkind for Humans and Humanity for Demons.) The Synchro alih usually can be activated after reaching about 30% synchronization. 50% is needed for the fusion, and a full 100% would be…well let’s leave that for a later time. As Derith has not yet shown his Synchronized Move, it will not be counted in my decision, and Odessa’s Synchronized alih will also not be taken into account.