It was an ordinary hari in Hell as a young demon walked down the streets of one of the larger cities. This city was actually the capital of one of four different sectors. Each sector was ruled sejak a powerful demon known as a Demon Lord. The Demon Lord of this sector was a Beelzebub, atau lebih commonly known sejak his Friends as Devin. Devin was quite an odd personality and his sector matched that oddness. Devin was known pretty far and wide for his carefree attitude and Cinta of a certain refreshing beverage. In fact it was this very beverage that was being delivered to him right now. The demon had very specific instructions that this package was to reach Devin in perfect conditions. The demon was new at this job because apparently the demon who came before him made a mistake in handling the box and one of the drinks spilled out. Nobody had seen that demon in a while.

The demon made his way through the capital and towards the massive building in the very center. It was actually lebih like a beehive than an actual building and the demon really wished he had chosen a different career path at that moment. Nevertheless, the demon entered the hive carefully and began to make his way to his destination.

Meanwhile, a loud groaning sound could be heard coming from one of the larger rooms followed sejak some quiet speaking. The culprits were a grown man and a younger looking woman. The woman was standing straight and had a very professional appearance to her while the man was groaning and writhing on the ground. His groaning was punctuated every few saat sejak words.

“Ugh! I can’t stand this!” the man groaned. “My head hurts…so much…I need some relief Shira.”

“As I berkata before, sir,” the woman named Shira responded. “The sake is on its way and will be here shortly.”

“That doesn’t help for right now though…” complained the man which was only responded to sejak a sigh from Shira.

“Honestly sir, it is rather sad and amusing that anda are only capable of having a hangover when anda begin going through the withdrawal stages. Most beings function perfectly fine with hangovers yet here anda are, Demon Lord to the entire sector, on your back and fussing like a child.”

“You’re so mean, Shira…” the man, who was indeed Devin the Demon Lord, responded. “All I’m asking for is a little kindness…”

“If I were kind, I would cut anda off cold turkey instead of enabling you.”

“You know, I’m not the only one with a drinking habit here. How many shots of Devil’s Marrow did anda take last night? I believe we all Lost count somewhere around 23?” Devin said, cracking one eye open to look up at Shira. His expression was now rather amused, as was hers.

“And yet here I am, on both feet and putting up with your crying.”

Their banter would likely have continued if not for a knock on the door behind them. Both of them looked towards the sound and Shira shrugged. “Well it seems your sake has arrived.” She berkata resignedly before calling for the delivery demon to enter. The demon cautiously took a few steps into the room and swallowed at the sight of the two of them. They could probably kill him without moving a muscle.

“What are anda waiting for?!” Devin cried out, jolting the demon out of its thoughts. “Bring me my sake!”

The demon hurried ke hadapan and carefully held out the package for Devin to take. Its eyes widened fearfully when Devin snatched it out of his hands and placed it on the ground so roughly that it must certainly have broken something, however there seemed to be no stopping Devin as his eyes were locked on the precious substance his body had been craving.

“Finally…” Devin berkata with tears in his eyes. “After all these years…”

“It’s been fourteen hours.” Shira berkata with a sigh. “Just open it and have a drink. While you’re at it get me one too.”

Devin nodded and gleefully tore the tape off of the box and opened it. However, the saat he did so, what shot out of the box wasn’t the booze he had dreamt of, but four incredibly thick tentacles that were so large and long that it was physically impossible that such a small box could contain it. When they shot out of the box, the tentacles made direct contact with Devin’s face, sending the all-powerful Demon Lord flying backwards until he came into contact with the dinding and his head smashed straight through it. A noticeable snicker came from Shira as she seemed to be trying to hold back her laughter.

After a few moments in which the demon wondered just what was connected to those tentacles, some quiet mumblings came from the dinding that had Devin’s body sticking out of it. Shira seemed to be able to understand it though as she nodded in agreement.

“No, sir. Those most certainly are not bottles of sake.”

lebih mumbling.

“I believe this package must be meant for someone else. Perhaps there was a mixup.”

Mumble mumble.

“Well if I had to wager a guess, I would think that this is some ingredient to another of Derith’s lovely experiments.”

Angry mumbles.

“Yes, Derith most likely has your sake.”

A continuous mumble came from the dinding as Devin began to alih and slowly pull out his head.

“MMMMMMMMMUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” screamed Devin as his head came back into view and other than a few additional bumps he seemed perfectly fine. The delivery demon, however, was not. The phrase ‘don’t kill the messenger’ doesn’t really exist in Hell and as Devin slowly walked towards him, the demon could only think that he should have become a dentist.